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BilgeMonitor Video Engine Room , Bilge Alarm, & Boat Alarm




Marine Marketing Releases Its Fourth Revolutionary Boat Alarm Product in 8 Months...BilgeMonitor Bilge Alarm & Engine Room Monitoring System.

In keeping with its tradition of providing unique and quality boat alarm products, Marine Marketing announces the release of its latest product, BilgeMonitor. BilgeMonitor Bilge Alarm & Engine Room Monitoring is the first aftermarket marine product developed to provide the average boater with the capability of monitoring his vessel’s bilge and engine room with InfraRed Cameras and Helm Mounted Color Video Display while the boat is underway.

The dangerous necessity of stopping a vessel while underway at sea to open and enter the engine room to investigate noises, helm mounted bilge activity warning lights, etc. is virtually eliminated through the use of BilgeMonitor. The sensitive sensors provide the valuable advance warning of a potentially flooding engine room that can result in providing precious time to correct intruding water before the vessel is lost.

Through the use of unique Water Spray Sensors strategically located in the boat’s engine room and a non-mechanical High Bilge Water Level Sensor, BilgeMonitor will provide a 107db alarm for any water intrusion from failed water hoses or fittings in the boat’s engine room. Upon hearing the alarm siren, or whenever desired to simply “check the engine room”, the vessel captain simply activates the InfraRed Camera(s) in the engine room by a small helm mounted control panel and can view the engine room and bilge area on a 5.6” Flat Panel Color Display mounted at the helm. If the vessel is equipped with a 10” Furuno Nav-Net Display the video can be seen on it eliminating the need for another display panel.

With a range of up to 35 feet the Waterproof Color InfraRed Camera(s) can provide wide-angle, clear video of the engine room and bilge areas in total darkness. An unlimited number of the small Water Spray Sensors can be installed to provide 360 degree protection. These sensors are so sensitive that sneezing on them will activate the alarm, but high humidity will not do so. Installation is typically fast and easy using normal marine materials provided by Marine Marketing. BilgeMonitor can be adapted to serve the needs of any size or configuration of vessel through the use of Marine Marketing’s System Design Services.

BilgeMonitor (www.bilgemonitor.com) is a natural progression in the quality marine alarm and boat security products manufactured by Marine Marketing. VoiceAlarm (www.voicealarm.com) and Canvas SnapAlarm (www.canvassnapalarm.com) are the best selling marine alarm systems in the world. BilgeMonitor is available, starting with systems as low as $199.95, from over 130 VoiceAlarm dealers in 49 countries.

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