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GPS Locater & Notification System for Boat Alarms




In the continuance of our devotion to the VoiceAlarm product line and to maintain marketplace superiority Marine Marketing developed the GPS Locater & Notification System to provide yacht owners with a full functioned, no monthly charge, covert product for recovery of a stolen vessel and notification of all VoiceAlarm (http://www.voicealarm.com) boat alarm and Canvas SnapAlarm (http://www.canvassnapalarm.com) events. Simply locate the small NEMA4X sealed enclosure in any hidden location in your cabin and plug it into your VoiceAlarm system. The internal GPS and communications antenna will see the satellites through many layers of fiberglass, wood, and glass to provide constant location information from any telephone or Internet connected computer in the world. The internal SLA battery will maintain communications even if a thief were to cut all the wires and disconnect the ship's battery. Additionally, this product will verbally report and identify all VoiceAlarm alarm events to any three telephone numbers and via fax and e-mail. The GPS Locater Tracker & Notification System provides virtually all of the features and benefits of our Cellular AutoDialer and our Low Ship's Battery Sensor for a savings of $630.00 and NO MONTHLY FEE if the system is used only for alarm events or theft recovery (that don't occur more than once a month). Features are unlimited!! Easily set up a "safe" range in feet, or meters. If you boat moves out a circle of that preset distance you will be immediately notified. Can control many on-board devices or provide notification for many additional sensors. In keeping with our tradition of quality this product carries a 3 year warranty.

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