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Angler's Craft Boat Builders http://www.anglers-craft.com/
The Blue Dun Fly Fishing Skiff is a traditional design; but is mildly evolutionary with regard to her level of finish, use of modern building materials and construction techniques. Her hull lines are based on classic Oyster Skiffs built long ago on Staten Island, in New York. Many were built there until about 1910, and were later used on the lower Cheasapeake Bay where they were known as Yankee Skiffs. ... Read More

Aransas Style Wooden Skiffs and Plans http://www.coastaloutfitter.com/Aransas%20Skiffs.html
I make some of the best looking boats you'll ever see,, not like these boats that are popped out of a mold every hour. These skiffs are hand built one by one which makes them very unique, Best of all you can design it any way you like. Check out our website for full details. ... Read More

Beacon Boats, Inc. http://www.beaconboats.com/
Beacon Boats, Inc., located in Bristol, Rhode Island, combines traditional styling with quality materials and craftsmanship to manufacture a small boat that you will enjoy for many years to come. <p> We appreciate the importance of owning a reliable boat that is well-built, easy to travel with and easy to store. At Beacon Boats, we pride ourselves on having satisfied customers who use our popular tenders in a variety of activities: sailing; fishing; skin- diving and other water recreation. Choose Beacon Boats, and choose quality, selection and affordability. ... Read More

Beavertail Skiffs  
Fisher Beavertail Manufacturing builds some of the finest light tackle skiffs in the world, they do this through advanced vacum bag infusion processes and high tech composite materials. These skiffs will pole in less than 4 " of water and get up on step in less than a 1'. They weigh a mere 500lbs at 17.9ft. The Beavertail Skiff has tunnel like performance without the shortcummings that tunnels come with. This skiff will outperfom any skiff on the market when it comes to poling, draft, stability, fit and finish and a dry ride. Call us at 1-800-413-0020 for a wet test in your area. ... Read More

Carolina Skiff http://www.carolinaskiff.com
Carolina Skiff was developed in 1983 to meet the needs and demands of the commercial fishermen who work the shallow bays of the Carolina coast. ... Read More

Don Hill River Boats http://www.dhdriftboats.com/index4.html
Enjoy the great fishing rivers of the Northwest in a McKenzie River Drift Boat from FISH-RITE. The quality of a FISH-RITE aluminum boat puts it ahead as one of the leaders in the aluminum boat industry. The finest in materials, matched with experienced craftsmen and innovative design, assures you a fine finished product. ... Read More

Growler Boat Works http://www.GrowlerBoatWorks.com/
Many Growler fiberglass boats are cruising or fishing along the Pacific Coast from Washington to the Bering Sea. We have many tested molds for fiberglass rowboats, skiffs, dories, or larger fishing boats. We will help you create a boat to fit your special needs. ... Read More

Hewes Manufacturing Company, Inc. http://www.hewes.com/
No matter what your experience, no matter what type of fishing you do, Hewes has a model that will suit your needs perfectly. Hewes offers The Bonefishers for anglers that spend a majority of their time poling in skinny water and Redfishers for anglers looking for an all-around skiff that's wider, more stable and has extra features and comfort. The choice is yours, so go with the best shallow water skiffs on the market ... Read More

High Desert Boatworks http://www.wileywales.com/boatworks.html
Boatman and Passenger alike have described them as an 'organic, un-insulated feeling on the water'. 'Intimate and animated' say others. No matter what terms you use to describe them, there is a definite 'Spirit of Dory Place', common thread that runs through all of us who've been bitten by the 'bug'. ... Read More

Inshore Power Boats http://www.inshorepowerboats.com
Skiffs for all types of shallow water fishing. We manufacture skiffs for the casual user to full blown poling skiffs. All of our skiffs are 100% composite. ... Read More

Melonseed Skiffs http://www.melonseed.com/
The Melonseed Skiff is an extraordinarily beautiful reproduction of a nineteenth century American workboat, that has reemerged a century later as one of the premier boats in the daysailor category.<p> Upon first glance she will immediately steal your heart. Although that's not unusual with traditional boats, upon further investigation of these pages you will learn that beyond her visual beauty lies a small craft superbly adapted to the demands of the modern sailor. The Melonseed is an absolutely splendid performer. She sails in anything from a mere zephyr to a howling breeze. Her simple and efficient sprit rig stows right in the boat and sets up in mere minutes. Trailoring is effortless, launching simple and quick. Rowing performance is delightful. ... Read More

MITZI SKIFFS http://www.mitziskiffs.com/
Flats boats for the shallow water enthusiast <br> Mitzi Skiffs was born with the belief you don't have to spend a fortune to have a great shallow water skiff. And thats exactly what we do, build great shallow water skiffs. We started with the premise keep it simple, light, quiet and shallow, but most of all do it and keep it affordable... thats exactly what we did ... Read More

Shallow Water Skiffs http://www.shallowwaterskiffs.com
Shallow Water Poling Skiffs for the serious inshore angler. From Tom Mitzlaff, founder of Mitzi Skiffs, and Inshore Power Boats ... Read More

SHIPOKE Boatworks http://www.twotree.net/shipoke/
There's a particular thrill when an experienced fisherman boards a Shipoke skiff for the first time. It's the realization that this is the boat you've been waiting for, custom-built for all your fishing needs. The Shipoke's exceptional design provides for outstanding stability and shallow water running. The front bow chines give you a dry ride best appreciated by taking an early morning run in any other flats boat. The wide gunwales and large deck provide the paths you need to move where your fish is moving, and the fit and finish of the roomy cockpit will keep all your equipment, from your rods to your bait, ready for action! The Shipoke also has roomy dry storage and a convenient built-in cooler. ... Read More

Sundance Skiffs http://www.sundanceboats.com/
Our goal is to build the kind of boat we like to use, an economical and practical fishing boat for the coastal fisherman. What we build for in any of our three series of skiffs are shallow draft, easy going boats. We want our skiffs to be low maintenance boats that provide a smooth, dry ride without requiring lots of power. We want skiffs that are safe. ... Read More

Tolman Skiffs http://www.mochamadness.com/skiff/
Renn Tolman is a boat builder in Homer, Alaska. His skiffs are the definition of form following function in a beauty-filled way. Crafted from epoxy saturated marine plywood, they are light for their size, strong, and a joy to see on the water. ... Read More

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