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Canvas SnapAlarm Boat Alarm System




Marine Marketing Releases another Revolutionary Boat Alarm System – Canvas Snap Alarm System

Tierra Verde, FL – March 12, 2004 – On the heels of the overwhelmingly successful release of VoiceAlarm Marine Security System (http://www.voicealarm.com) last August, Marine Marketing began development of a quality boat alarm system to serve the needs of smaller vessel owners. With an understanding that VoiceAlarm was designed for, and appealed to, vessels over 26 feet in length, Marine Marketing developed Canvas Snap Alarm for the other 80% of registered vessels which are under 26 feet in length and typically trailered boats.

Over twenty years of developing and bringing quality marine products and services to the global marketplace brought recognition to Marine Marketing that there was a complete absence of a marine security alarm system developed to meet the exclusive needs of the trailerable boating community. Existing alarm systems sold purporting to be “marine alarm systems” were typically nothing more car alarms utilizing sensors for activation that were prone to a high rate of false alarms. Marine Marketing recognized there was not a widespread use of these “marine alarm systems” due to high failure rates and frequent false alarms. A marine environment rendered these systems useless, or of little value or reliability.

The Canvas Snap Alarm was designed utilizing the same quality of materials, same forethought to the avoidance of false alarms, and the same simplicity of installation that was used in the development of VoiceAlarm for larger vessels. Each Canvas Snap Alarm System is shipped with all materials required for installation by the inexperienced boat owner in under two hours. Installation instructions are clear, concise, and written in plain English. The only necessary items for installation not provided by Marine Marketing are common hand tools (plier and screwdriver), a drill, and an electrical crimping tool.

The heart of the Canvas Snap Alarm System is a solid-state, completely sealed and corrosion proof, processor driven, “snap sensor”. These sensors are installed in the place of existing male canvas snaps on the owner’s boat. When the system is armed, the removal of the corresponding female snap, found on the canvas, from the sensor (unsnapping the canvas) results in the activation of the alarm and the sounding of an ear-piercing 107db compact siren. The internal processor allows for arm and disarm delays and limits the siren running time to 90 seconds before the system resets awaiting another intrusion attempt. Current draw of the armed Canvas Snap Alarm System is less than 5ma which means that the average trailerable boat’s battery would sustain the system for more than a year without draining the battery.

Optional equipment and accessories offered include; arming and disarming the system remotely via Radio Frequency Transmitter (KeyFob type) and Receiver with optional range to 1,500 feet, Marine Strobe Lights to attract more attention to attempted intrusions, and a low-cost, no monthly fee, GPS Locating System and Notification System.

Marine Marketing developed the GPS Locating/Notification System to fill a void in the marketplace for a low-cost system that would allow easy and fast recovery of a stolen vessel along with instant notification via telephone, fax, and e-mail of alarm events and/or the movement of the vessels from a predefined geographic area. This system allows for the location of any boat via Internet connected computers, where you can see the actual location of the boat on a map or in degrees of longitude and latitude. The boat can also be located using any telephone in the world. The system also monitors the boat’s battery condition and notifies of low battery conditions. Any number of sensors can be connected to the GPS Locating/Notification System which will allow monitoring of any condition desired on the boat. Additionally, this system can remotely (via telephone or Internet connected computer) control any devices on the boat such as deactivating the ignition or controlling on-board lights. The Marine Marketing GPS Locating/Notification System retails for $599.95 and has only a $24 per year service charge if it is used only for alarm event notification and location after, or during a theft.

Distribution of the Canvas Snap Alarm System will be through Marine Marketing distributors and dealers in 28 world-wide countries. Distributors, dealers, and boat manufacturers are daily being added to those representing VoiceAlarm and Canvas Snap Alarm. Retail sales have, by far, exceeded expectations and have been fueled by Marine Marketing’s aggressive display advertising in national and regional marine publications. The magazine advertisements and Internet advertising are designed to direct interested persons to the Canvas Snap Alarm and VoiceAlarm websites where they will find a wealth of information to assist a boat owner in selecting his acceptable level of vessel security protection from this unparalleled product line.

For more information on the quality marine boat alarm systems of Marine Marketing see http://www.voicealarm.com and http://www.canvassnapalarm.com or contact Marine Marketing at info@voicealarm.com or at 727-864-9350.

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