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Security Services

Database of Stolen Boats http://www.stolenboats.org.uk
A joint venture between the UK police and the UK Marine insurance industry has developed a free, searchable database of all stolen boats, trailers, outboard engines and other related equipment. ... Read More

All Points Marine Services  
With over 25 years of experience, All Points Marine Services offers an extensive array of marine surveying services for the Gulf south. ... Read More

BilgeMonitor Video Engine Room , Bilge Alarm, & Boat Alarm http://www.bilgemonitor.com
Marine Marketing Releases Its Fourth Revolutionary Boat Alarm Product in 8 Months...BilgeMonitor Bilge Alarm & Engine Room Monitoring System. In keeping with its tradition of providing unique and quality boat alarm products, Marine Marketing announces the release of its latest product, BilgeMonitor. BilgeMonitor Bilge Alarm & Engine Room Monitoring is the first aftermarket marine product developed to provide the average boater with the capability of monitoring his vessel’s bilge and engine room with InfraRed Cameras and Helm Mounted Color Video Display while the boat is underway. The dangerous necessity of stopping a vessel while underway at sea to open and enter the engine room to investigate noises, helm mounted bilge activity warning lights, etc. is virtually eliminated through the use of BilgeMonitor. The sensitive sensors provide the valuable advance warning of a potentially flooding engine room that can result in providing precious time to correct intruding water before the vess ... Read More

Boat CCTV http://www.iris-marine.com
Iris Marine Surveillance are based in Southampton UK and specialise in the design and installation of CCTV solutions for private and commercial shipping. We are constantly creating new exciting products designed to improve boat security and passenger safety. Our DockingCS docking camera system is being supplied all over the world to aid pleasure boaters manovre in difficult situations. ... Read More

Boat Trailer Anti-Theft Devices http://www.boattrailerlocks.com
BoatTrailerLocks.com is a supplier and manufacturer of the NEW Swing-Away Tongue Locking Systerm and the supplier of a variety of trailer locks and coupler locks. We are located in Cypress, Southern California. ... Read More

Canvas SnapAlarm Boat Alarm System http://www.canvassnapalarm.com
Marine Marketing Releases another Revolutionary Boat Alarm System – Canvas Snap Alarm System Tierra Verde, FL – March 12, 2004 – On the heels of the overwhelmingly successful release of VoiceAlarm Marine Security System (http://www.voicealarm.com) last August, Marine Marketing began development of a quality boat alarm system to serve the needs of smaller vessel owners. With an understanding that VoiceAlarm was designed for, and appealed to, vessels over 26 feet in length, Marine Marketing developed Canvas Snap Alarm for the other 80% of registered vessels which are under 26 feet in length and typically trailered boats. Over twenty years of developing and bringing quality marine products and services to the global marketplace brought recognition to Marine Marketing that there was a complete absence of a marine security alarm system developed to meet the exclusive needs of the trailerable boating community. Existing alarm systems sold purporting to be “marine alarm systems̶ ... Read More

GPS Locater & Notification System for Boat Alarms http://www.voicealarm.com/options.html
In the continuance of our devotion to the VoiceAlarm product line and to maintain marketplace superiority Marine Marketing developed the GPS Locater & Notification System to provide yacht owners with a full functioned, no monthly charge, covert product for recovery of a stolen vessel and notification of all VoiceAlarm (http://www.voicealarm.com) boat alarm and Canvas SnapAlarm (http://www.canvassnapalarm.com) events. Simply locate the small NEMA4X sealed enclosure in any hidden location in your cabin and plug it into your VoiceAlarm system. The internal GPS and communications antenna will see the satellites through many layers of fiberglass, wood, and glass to provide constant location information from any telephone or Internet connected computer in the world. The internal SLA battery will maintain communications even if a thief were to cut all the wires and disconnect the ship's battery. Additionally, this product will verbally report and identify all VoiceAlarm alarm events to any three telephone nu ... Read More

Interactive Voice Response http://www.call-center-tech.com/interactive-voice-response.htm
<h1><a href="http://www.call-center-tech.com/interactive-voice-response.htm">Interactive Voice Response</a></h1> Database Systems Corp. is a leading provider of <a href="http://www.custom-ivr.com/interactive-voice-response.htm">interactive voice response</a> technology including phone systems, ivr development services and outsourcing services at our secure data center located in Phoenix, AZ. <p> <a href="http://www.call-center-tech.com/Interactive-voice-response.htm">Interactive voice response</a> is a computer telephony integration function that allows an individual (usually a caller) to interact with a computer phone system to obtain information or to conduct a transaction by phone. This technology allows organizations to operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in conducting business or informational operations. <p> <h3>Advanced Custom IVR Solutions</h3> Database Systems Corp. (DSC) provides the fol ... Read More

Internet Privacy Software http://www.logclean.com
LogCleaner 5.8 is Delete History Software, which allows users to clean PC as well as to delete browser history. LogCleaner enables users to clean disk effectively, so you can completely erase tracks on your computer ... Read More

Marine Lenders Services http://www.marinelendersservices.com
Offering a broad spectrum of services to marine lending institutions and attorneys. Since 1979, we have handled over 900 boats with vessel values ranging from $1,000 to $10,000,000. We have successfully completed projects in geographic locations ranging from Alaska to Mexico and the South Pacific with vessels sized from 16’ to 400’ from pleasure boats to freighters ... Read More

Online Tools for Boat Security http://www.boatfax.com
International register of vessels and boating equipment with free HIN validator and other tools and resources to protect you from boat theft. ... Read More

Trailer Coupler lock http://www.TrailerGator.com
Tag Art Global, LLC, makers of the Trailer Gator, has created a brand leader in trailer protection.We pride ourselves as an innovator in this field. In 2005, theTag Art Global, LLC management team saw a disturbing trend developing across the nation that included boat trailer theft and various other trailer theft. Thieves typically defeat the the trailer owner's inferior lock with ease.The strategy was to make a locking device that was virtually indestructible, affordable and easy to install. That strategy, along with the growing market of trailers throughout the United States, provided a need and desire to get into trailer coupler locking device manufacturing. Trailer Gator is considered the vanguard of trailer protection. ... Read More

VoiceAlarm Marine Security System http://www.voicealarm.com
The Only Marine Alarm System That Won't Be Ignored! Features Alarm Notification in owners recorded voice via Cellular AutoDialer with up to 8 phone numbers, 1.2Ghz Radio Notification System with Audio and Video, and powerful 240 watt on-board Speaker System. Designed specifically for marine use, this product is NOT a converted home or car alarm. Every imaginable option is available to protect your boat including; intrusion, high bilge water, low ships battery, shore power failure, infrared video monitoring with alarm event recording, pressure sensitive mats, photoelectric beam sensors, and more. For more information: info@voicealarm.com ... Read More

Windows Data Recovery  
Professional Windows Data Recovery Software is best Windows Partition Recovery tool to recover & fix deleted or corrupted FAT & NTFS files from formatted or corrupted Windows FAT & NTFS Partition. Quick Recover your Data by using Windows File Recovery too ... Read More

Windows File Recovery http://www.data-recovery-software.in/fat-ntfs.html
Undelete Windows File Recovery software is professional Windows Partition Recovery tool to fix & restore deleted FAT & NTFS files from Windows FAT & NTFS Partition. Quick Recover undelete Windows Partition by using our advanced Windows File Recovery tool. ... Read More

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