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Passage Maker Marine Quality Long Range Cruisers




Passage Maker Marine designs and builds luxury motor yachts
that are capable of extended periods living aboard or long
distance cruising in safety and comfort. They are designed
to be handled by a cruising couple or with minimal crew.
Starting with a Steve Seaton designed self-righting, steel,
double bottom hull, these yachts are constructed and
equipped on a custom and semi-custom basis to meet the
client's individual requirements. All models feature wide
beams and a low center of gravity for better stability and
comfort in a seaway. This also provides the additional
volume necessary for luxurious interior accommodations that
one would normally expect to find only in a much larger vessel.

Passage Maker Marine Yachts are structurally designed and
constructed to meet or exceed Lloyd's Register requirements.
Multiple structural and watertight bulkheads are
incorporated into the design of each vessel to produce an
extremely strong and safe hull structure. All electrical and
mechanical systems also meet or exceed Lloyd's requirements
for yachts and all main systems are designed with redundancy
and serviceability as a prime considerations.

Interiors are custom designed for practicality, maximum
space utilization and to meet the owner's requirements. Only
top quality materials are used in conjunction with "Old
World" craftsmanship to produce luxurious interior
accommodations that match your living and cruising styles.
Exteriors are designed for practicality, good space
utilization and low maintenance.

If you are seriously thinking about living aboard or
extended cruising and are looking for a strong, quality no
non-sense motor vessel that will provide you with years of
safe, reliable operation, give us a call and see how we can
build a yacht together that will meet your personal

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