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Models & Miniatures

Timothy M Sullivan Model Yachts http://www.sullboat.com
Custom handcrafted model yachts, from pond boat to museum quality. ... Read More

750mm Model Yacht Association http://www.home.aone.net.au/cybernautics/750.html
The 750mm model yacht class began in 1986 in Sydney Australia. What was conceived as a one off race event grew into a monthly race series.<p>750 designers have experimented with wing masts, multiple rudders, una rigs and wing top rigs. This experimentation, which is the basis of the class, continues today.<br> Currently, the only venue for regular 750 regattas is Queenscliff Lagoon, Pittwater road, Queescliff, NSW Australia. Racing at this venue is usually held on the second Sunday of each month. The organisational style of the 750mm Model Yacht Association is 'very casual'. ... Read More

Across The Pond http://people.ne.mediaone.net/acrossthepond/index.htm
Click on "Web Catalog" to to visit our spectacular Ship Model Kit pages from world famous import and domestic manufacturers of various scales, styles & materials, including RC models and other accessories. ... Read More

Admiral - model makers company http://www.admiralmodel.com/
Handcraft scale models of vessels and ships, floating structures, boats and yachts. ... Read More

Advanced Models & Gifts http://advancedmodelsgifts.com.au/
Building Wooden Ship Models : Frequently Asked Questions/ Answers(FAQ)<br>Australian mail order company specialising in Artesania Latina & Billing Boats kits ... Read More

AFP Models http://www.afp.zip.com.au/models.html
All our products are made by modellers experienced in building 1/72 scale warship models. (You can see some of their models in the picture gallery and on the Task Force 72 Web Site). We are anxious to build this catalogue so if you know of any product other modellers might be interested in, either your own or someone else's, then please do tell us about it so we can tell the world about it. Or perhaps you cant find something anywhere, then let us know and we'll see if we can get it for you. ... Read More

ALNAVCO http://www.alnavco.com/
Alnavco has been serving armour and naval model collectors and wargamers since 1965 under the same management. We are proud of the reputation we've established for fair and honest dealings with out customers. This is undoubtedly the reason that so much of our business is repeat business. ... Read More

Alterscale http://www.alterscale.com/
COLOR BROCHURES are available on the Evinrude, Johnson, Mercury and Mariners (Mercs & Mariners are Sold Out). Alterscale Miniature Outboards (1:9 scale, approx 7 and 7 1/2 inches tall): See the 1:24th scale boats; click on the boats to go to the 1:24th scale boat page. ... Read More

AVEOX Brushless Motors http://www.aveox.com/
We have been providing high performance brushless DC Permanent Magnet brushless motor servo solutions to the remote-control hobbyist as well as the industrial Motion Control user for over 5 years. Our products have won world championship, set international records and set new standards for excellence in industrial applications. Browse our WEB Site for the exciting details! This site contains information on Brushless DC motors for model airplanes, model cars, model boats, and model helicopters. ... Read More


Bob Harder's Models http://www.members.tripod.com/bobsite/model_boats.htm
I have built model kits since I was a kid. Mostly plastic, and was always in awe of the fine wooden ship models in museums. I never thought I would have the time or ability to do a "real wooden ship" model. When I got brave enough to try, I bought the Le Hussard, which was to be a beginners kit. I was sure I had lost all control of my senses when I opened that box full of little sticks. My wife whole heartedly agreed. By the time I had it finished I was hooked. I couldn't wait to try another. I completed it and started thinking about building a true plank on frame from scratch. I decided to do the whale boat as my last step before the "big project". It requires a lot more patience than either of the first two, so I thought it would be good training. ... Read More

Buzz's BoatYard http://www.buzzboats.com/
The Toy Boat Enthusiast's Playground! ... Read More

C. R. Ducks http://www.angelfire.com/nc2/CROBXDUCKS/history.html
<b>DECORATIVE WOODEN BOATS (NATURALLY WEATHERED) </b> Charlie Reber has been creating natural carved decoys and marine yard ornaments for most of his life. A native to The Outer Banks, Charlie has devoted many hours to creating wonderful birds which he has shown and sold at many craft shows, including the Annual Wildlife Show held in Va Bch, Va. & The Hatteress Lighthouse Craft Show, NC. ... Read More

Captain's Models http://www.captainsmodels.com/
First photos of our prototype model of the Grand Banks® 49 Motor Yacht Production is now well underway on these fine models which have been in the design & tooling stage for over three years. Like all of Captain's Models,...." worth waiting for !" Model with transom/davit mounted dinghy, is 46 inches overall @ 1/16 scale. ... Read More

Carr Sails http://www.carrsails.com/
Maker of Model Yacht Sails ////31 Years of Experience ... Read More

Chez SuperGégé  

Civil War Ironclad Kits in Wood or Paper http://hometown.aol.com/wfmarabknt/

Classic Model Ships http://www.classic-ships.com
Our Classic Ship models have all the details that will amaze you the moment you see them. Just look at them and you will highly appreciate not only the skills but also the time that our master craftsmen spend on each of these models. Recommended by many experts, it an excellent idea to put the ships in our high quality display cases, not only will they increase their value but protect them from the elements. ... Read More

Classic Ship Collection http://www.classic-ship.de/
The quality-standard in fine shipmodels for collectors Handmade Handpainted All metal Scale 1:1250 ... Read More

Creative Park http://www.creativepark.com
Wonderful ship miniatures and other works of art. ... Read More

Curator of Navy Ship Models http://www.dt.navy.mil/cnsm/
The U.S. Department of the Navy Ship Model Program collects, preserves, interprets, and displays scale models in federal museums and offices and in state and local public educational museums and facilities. Depicting the rich tradition, historical heritage, and technological development of the United States Navy from earliest times to the present, the Department of the Navy Ship Model Collection is recognized as a precious national treasure. ... Read More

David Bridge's Model Yachts and Boats http://www.bridgeboats.fut.net/

Derby Marine http://www.online-hobbies.co.uk/system/onlinehobbies.html
<b>Planking Techniques </b> We now have the book Planking Techniques for Model Ship Builders in stock. So if you want learn all the tips and tricks of planking a wooden period ship model then this is the book for you.<p> We have put the most popular kits for the less experienced modeller together on one page. Just click on the Beginners Kits link ... Read More

Dreadnought Project http://www.dreadnoughtproject.org/
We have hundreds of ships to model before the mission is met, but at the moment, only two models have been started ... Read More

Eduard E. Wilke http://www.historical-ships.de/index.html
Materials for the hull and the wooden carvings: Lindenwood with double sheathing outside, and single sheathing inside. Approximately 12.000 - 32.000 wooden nails and rivets are used depending on the size of the model. <p> The Interiors are completely finished and the cabins are all lit. The canons are cast in bronze and mounted on gun-carriages. All details are absolutely authentic. The rigs are made from hemp and the sails are dyed. Rigs and sails are completely functioning.<p> All wooden carvings and decorations are treated with 23 carat gold-leaf. The models are aged according to their era and are available as hanging or standing models. <p> ... Read More

European RC Modeling Page http://www.rconline.net/main/
Here you can find reports and reviews covering all facettes of R/C Modeling. Make use of others' knowledge...and share yours by posting it here here! ... Read More

Fine Art Models http://www.fineartmodels.com/
Welcome to the Fine Art Models web site. Here you may find more than 2,600 images that showcase our models in detail plus news, background information, references and links. ... Read More

FXModels http://www.fxmodels.com/
We pride ourselves on delivering models that meet or exceed the expectations of our clients. We use materials and technology that fit the budget of our clients' needs but are no strangers to advanced technologies. Often, we are asked to do our own research to accomplish projects. Our huge network of resources allows us to carry out work efficiently. Further, and perhaps foremost, we do NOT believe in delays, have never missed a deadline, and never blown a budget. ... Read More

GK's Model Centre  

The handicraftpro is the wooden handiwork model stores online such as the world wooden ship and Thai boat models, we have to select the quality products with suitable price for retail and wholesale.Our website have registered The e-commerce business trademark by Department of business development in Ayutthaya province Thailand as Register no. 714 000 300 0010. ... Read More

Ketner's Nautical Novelties http://www.vicon.net/~elcid/ketner.html
Home of Wooden, Hand-crafted, Model Ships-in-Bottles<br> ... Read More

L. Wiedling Ship Models in 1:1250 Scale http://www.wiedling.de/main.html
L. Wiedling deals with a wide range of 1:1250 ships and accessories carrying most of the famous brands. Being a collector myself, I serve the enthusiasts since over 30 years. ... Read More

Langton Miniatures http://www.rodlangton.com/
Our models cover different periods in history, some are also in different scales. They are sold in kit form, ideal for both wargamers and modellers. To navigate our site, please select the period you are interested in. Once there, the menu bar will show all related topics. For example, the menu in the Napoleonic link offers naval models as well as naval wargame rules, buildings & dockside and general information related to that period. ... Read More

Leavitt Shipyard http://www.shops-online.com/leavitt/
Leavitt Shipyard was established in 1980 by Robert C. Leavitt and Grisel M. Leavitt. The shipyard is dedicated to the construction of museum quality ship models, for museums, collectors or simply the admirer of the beauty of ships in mind. The shipyard's area of expertise is American clipper ships (fast merchant vessels) and sail packet ships (immigrant passenger vessels). <p> The models are scratch-built which is to say everything from the hull to the flags flying at the masthead, are hand crafted. The materials used are the finest available, meeting current museum requirements. The final product is a historically accurate, finely built miniature of a full sized vessel. ... Read More

LineArtWorks - Prints, Posters, T-shirts, Custom Lineart http://lineartworks.com
Want a personalized poster of your boat, car, or other object? Specializing in boats and cars, I create lineart using photos and other images as a source. My lineart serves well for logos, stationery, business cards, coloring books, watercolor projects, etc. If you need high quality lineart for your project, please contact me. See my online store for a selection of boat-related posters and prints using stock lineart. Several new designs are added each week. Items are professionally manufactured with 30 day guarantee. ... Read More

Lone Star Models http://www.lonestarmodels.com/
Lone Star Modelsâ features a wide variety of modelling services. From our own line of kits to other manufacturers kits. We build per your specifications or build displays for your office. Look around and let us know what you need for your next model project. ... Read More

Lumber Yard http://www.dlumberyard.com/
The Lumber Yard is an ongoing collection of domestic, imported, exotic and rare woods suitable for fine model building. The wood offered is only a small portion of what The Lumber Yard carries in inventory. There are over 70,000 species of wood in the world. We are always on the lookout for different types of wood suitable for model work. This ever changing inventory provides the model builder with the opportunity to work with a variety of woods. ... Read More

Marcle Models http://www.marcle.clara.net/
We stock a large range of high quality scale model card kits for you to build. Our main business is by mail order although we are also represented at various shows and exhibitions in the UK - maybe we shall see you at one. ... Read More

Marine et Modélisme d'Arsenal http://perso.wanadoo.fr/gerard.delacroix/
Museam of Traditonal Models. (French) ... Read More

Maristany http://www.maristany.com/101a.htm
Five generations linked to the sea, with nine ancestors having been sea captains, leads us to transmit naval craftsmanship as a reminder of a glorious era in sailing. With their blue and white flag flying at the highest point of the foremast, Maristany tall ships sailed the seas for over thirty years. Inspired by the maritime traditions our ancestry, we have been building since 1979 ship models and other articles for decoration of nautical interiors, gift and collectors.<p> We demand ourselves the highest quality so that our models are a true replic ... Read More

Maritime Replicas America http://www.maritimereplicas.com/
Maritime Replicas America is an all American company that is registered in the state of Florida. From the beginning it was pre eminent that we MUST build the BEST ship models in the world today, and we endeavor to emulate the legendary British model builders Bassett Lowke who were so revered and respected for their highest of standards and accuracy in the early years of this Century but alas, they are no more in the larger ship model production. ... Read More

Model Expo Inc. http://www.modelexpo-online.com/profiles/index.htm
Model Expo Inc. is the largest hobby supply company in the United States, dedicated largely to those who enjoy the art of model shipbuilding. We just celebrated our 26th anniversary and are proud to bring this ancient craft to you. <p> Regardless of whether you're a first time builder, or an experienced pro, you'll find a kit that will bring you countless hours of enjoyment. We import kits from around the world and we manufacture our own kits under the Model Shipways banner. We carry a full line of paints and fittings, as well as books and tools designed to help and inform you on every aspect of shipmodeling. You can order a video ship catalog complete with our latest sale catalog for only $5 (refundable with your first ship order). ... Read More

Model Ships Of Frank Newbury  
Model ships I built from scratch, Mayflower, Endeavour and much more... ... Read More

Models and Miniatures http://communities.msn.com/ModelsandMiniatures/homepage
Architectural Models to Doll House furniture, R/C Model Ships to Anime resin kits. Projects I have built for clients and for fun. ... Read More


Portland Model Power Boat Association http://www.rdrop.com/users/jimw/pmpba/pmpba.html
The home of quality live steam and electric ship modeling ... Read More

Queen's Own Scale Model Combat Warships http://www.nwlink.com/~pfleming/
This site details the Hobby of 1/72nd scale Model warship combat. With members in Washington, Oregon and California, and beyond. This club is very helpful and is willing to help the novice builder constuct scratch built model warships. Specializing in scale "Combat" models armed with co2 powered air guns. ... Read More

Revell-Monogram http://www.revell-monogram.com/
Revell-Monogram has been awarded Toy Cars & Models 2000 Readers' Award for Best Model Kit Manufacturer. We are very proud of the product that we put on the market and we appreciate the feedback our consumers give us each and every day. Thanks again all! ... Read More

Scale Reproductions - World Class Model Makers http://www.2scale.com
Scale Reproductions, builder of thousands of one of a kind custom maritime models for over 25 years. We have built every type boat, ship, or offshore rig. Go to our web site to view our work, you'll not be disappointed. We pride ourselves in providing quality, on time models to the world's shipyards and boat owners. If you have been to any maritime trade show, you have probably seen our models. We're proud to say at the many trade shows that we attend, "We build the little ones!". We have attended the WorkBoat Show in New Orleans for the past 20 years, and have seen our models frequently displayed there during that time. One year we brought an 8 foot model of the new Ronald Reagan aircraft carrier, we called it "World's Ultimate Work Boat!". We are currently working on a 12 foot version of the same carrier for the Pensacola Navel Musuem. Come to our web site at www.2scale.com and see our work. We would love to work with you on building YOUR model. ... Read More

Seaways' Ships in Scale http://www.seaways.com/
"The Information Seaway" is the home port for Seaways' Ships in Scale magazine, the leading workshop and research magazine for the ship modeler. It is also Seaways Publishing's cyberspace center for our shipmodeling education and information system. In both the magazine and on the Web, we explore all levels of modeling experience, all types of ships, all kinds of models, all historical eras and all construction materials. ... Read More

Seaworthy Small Ships http://azinet.com/seaw.html
Inspired by years of experience with thousands of beginning model boat builders, Seaworthy Small Ships has developed a unique fleet of working wooden pond models. These models capture the traditional good looks and charm of famous classic boat types using a blend of quality materials, simple construction and proven performance. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced modeler you will find these kits rewarding, entertaining and fun! ... Read More

Shearwater Boats http://www.shearwater-boats.com/
If you would like a detailed model of your favorite classic boat so that it can have a place of honor in your home or office, or if you're a looking for a very special gift, a beautifully handcrafted model may be exactly what you've been searching for. Current projects include a six foot long model of a whitehall pulling boat for a client in California. If you have a boat in mind we can build it. If you would prefer to have the capability of operating your model boat, we specialize in equipping our models with remote control and sail, electric motors or steam engines. ... Read More

ship models http://schooneryacht.com
ship model builing and restoration by captain neal parker of rockland maine. he is also known for his complete restoration of the 67-foot alden schooner wendameen. website contains infor mation on capt. parkers models as well as the history of his famous alden schooner. ... Read More

Ship Models by Terry Goodwin http://www.geocities.com/gtgsailor/
Models of HMS Warrior of 1781- Oliver Cromwell - USS Lofberg (DD759) and others. ... Read More

Simplicity Boats http://members.nbci.com/simpleboats/modelmaking.html
Even with all the modern 3D modeling available from the various boat design software out there - the time comes when there is no substitute for holding a model in your hand and studying it from every angle. What follows are some simple tricks to making the transition from two dimensions to three a bit smoother. I start with a cardstock model and then go to a balsa wood one. ... Read More

Skytrex Ltd. http://www.skytrex.com/
Skytrex Ltd - Producing Quality Models For Over 25 Years. Worldwide delivery by UPS<br>All models are made from metal. <br>..A full range of model rowing boats ... Read More

Small World Models http://www.geocities.com/smallworldmodels/
We are a small start-up company that has developed a line model kits to be marketed to Scale Ship Modeler's interested in making radio controlled models with a high standard of detail, but who lack the time or expertise to build from scratch. Our kits will feature a high degree of prefabrication, with working features installed and ready to go -from rudder and speed control to more advanced working fittings in later models. ... Read More

Softley & Page Silversmiths http://www.softleyandpage.com/
We specialise in nautical reproductions which are intricately worked, individually created, artistic masterpieces of maritime history. We offer a discreet personal service, from the first day of commissioning to the final presentation. <p> Please browse through our Web Site, look at our work and learn about our craft. We welcome any interest you may have. ... Read More

Spotwood Studio / Nautic-Art http://www.nauticart.com/
My primary objective as an artist, is to provide clients with heirloom quality, one-of-a-kind artwork, in the form of scale model replicas. Sailboats, yachts and motor yachts can be replicated as full hull display models, basic or detailed half hull models. <p> I have added pictures of a 3/8" scale model of a 106 foot Burger motor yacht to the Boat Models page. Pictures of the Cheoy Lee Clipper 33 half hull have been posted to the "Half Hulls" page. Pictures of a 3/8 inch scale J105 model have been added to the "Boat Models" page as well as a 1/2 inch scale display model of a Cal 33 . ... Read More

Steel Navy http://www.steelnavy.com/

Steel, Chapman & Hutchinson http://www.ModelSailingShips.com/
Steel, Chapman & Hutchinson Ltd. started from the base of a professional model makers company: Philip Roberts Models. At Philip Roberts Models, we build new product and engineering prototypes as well as display models. Precision and quality of appearance are our hallmarks. In 1997, we built a 1:2 scale model of the GOES weather satellite that can now be seen in the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum in Washington D.C. <p>Steel, Chapman & Hutchinson Ltd. started from the base of a professional model makers company: Philip Roberts Models. At Philip Roberts Models, we build new product and engineering prototypes as well as display models. Precision and quality of appearance are our hal ... Read More

Testors http://www.testors.com/
For nearly 70 years, hobbyists have trusted Testor for the finest collection of hobby finishing materials,including paints, cements, tools, and plastic model kits. The extensive Testor Product Line includes QuickBuilder! andSnap Together kits for the novice, and fully detailed kits with all the component parts an accomplished modeler expects. ... Read More

Texas RC Sailing http://www.sailingtexas.com/crclaser.html
Texas RC Sailing sells the incredible ready to sail RC Laser. See the website for details and pictures of this radio control sailboat in action! ... Read More

Thaiboatmodels http://www.thaiboatmodels.com
Welcome to the boat models world. This is the right shopping place where you can find out something special for yourself, friends or anyone you love. We provide a models of unique thai boat with thai arts called "Rong-Rak-Pid-Thong", the painting method with gold, that you can not find them at the present time with a good quality and reasonable price. ... Read More

The Gallery of Miniature Shops and Shipmodels http://perso.wanadoo.fr/modelisme.loisirs/

The Great Schooner Model Society http://www.pittelli.com/schooner/
A distinctive R/C model sailing society on the Chesapeake Bay dedicated to the building and operation of multi-masted sailboats. Most of our members have built historic sailing vessels and we meet regularly to sail together at various places throughout the Chesapeake Bay area. The Society is always looking for new members who enjoy building and racing multi-masted ships, as well as new places to present our models. We encourage the active participation of children of all ages at all of our events. ... Read More

The Liberty Shipyard http://www.capecod.net/shipmodel/libship.html
Tom Cole, owner of The Liberty Shipyard, builds custom scale ship models for his clients. A former shipbuilder and loftsman at Bath Iron Works in Bath, Maine, Tom brings over twenty years of ship modeling experience to his craft. His passion for ships is rooted in family tradition. Both his father and grandfather were captains (masters) in the Merchant Marines before, during and after WWII. ... Read More

The River's Touch http://www.riverstouch.com/
The River's Touch is Dedicated to the Quiet Wakes of Wood on Water, Eddies of drift boat evolution, And the Rediscovery, Re-creation and Presentation of the Original Drift Boats that have been Lost or Misplaced. This site will interest Wood Drift Boat Fanciers, Wannabe Owners and Builders, Modelers, Collectors, Fly Fishermen, Historians, Conservators of River Environments, River Recreationists and People with an Eye for Quality. ... Read More

The Small Craft Shop http://hometown.aol.com/rduvall798/index.htm
All of my boats are unique in the world of model boat building so you won't find any of these boats offered anywhere else. All of my boats are built completely from scratch, that is to say, they are not built from kits. I build each boat to the highest standards of quality I'm capable of, striving to make each model better than the last. During the construction, I incorporate construction details similar to that of the "real" boat and where appropriate, I try to use the same woods that were used in the original construction. ... Read More

Tom's Modelworks http://www.tomsmodelworks.com/
Resin Kits : Brass Detailing Sets<p>/350 USS West Virginia by Chris Preston as presented to West Virginia Survivor Richard Fiske ... Read More

Wooden Boat Models http://www.tjsequineappraisers.com/wobomo.html
We carry Wooden Boat Models from Old-Modern Handicrafts. Old-Modern Handicrafts is a leading factory in manufacturing high quality wooden model ships. 100% hand built from scratch using “plank on frame” method Made of finest wood like Rosewood, Mahogany, Teak and other exotic tropical wood Models include Boats, Canoes, Fishing Boats, Speed Boats, Tall Ships, Yachts. We also have Display Cases. ... Read More

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