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Sailing Rules & Regulations

International Marine Signal Flags
The following flags are international signals used by ships at sea. They can be used to spellout short messages, or more commonly, used individually or in combination they have special meanings. Strung end to end and hung bow to stern from the rigging they are used to dress the ship for ceremonmial and festive occaisions. ... Read More

RacingRules.com - Art Engals Racing Rules for Sailing http://www.racingrules.org/
"I have compiled all the resources on the Internet that deal with the Racing Rules for Sailing (RRS) as well as other selected materials. " ... Read More

RulesMaster Pro 4 http://www.rulesmaster.com/
RulesMaster Pro 4 is a comprehensive, highly interactive learning guide to the COLREGS (the International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea), U.S. Navigation Rules (Nav Rules) and Canadian modifications suitable for recreational or professional mariners. Narrated learning guides, practice tools and searchable rulebook make Pro the easy way to learn or practice. Website freebies include Pop Quiz, Flashcards Trial, Screensaver. ... Read More

RulesMaster Racing 2012 http://www.rulesmaster.com/
RulesMaster Racing 2012 is a comprehensive, highly interactive software learning guide to the Racing Rules of Sailing for 2009-2012 suitable for all ages and levels of experience. Narrated learning guides, quizzes, and searchable rulebook make Racing the easy way to learn or practice. See what's new in the RRS 2009-2012 and download the Time to the Mark Calculator showing the new 3-length Zone. ... Read More

Sailboat Racing Scoring Programs http://www.ussailing.org/racemgt/Scoring_Programs/

Semaphore Flag Signalling System
The Semaphore flag signaling system is an alphabet signalling system based on the waving of a pair of hand-held flags in a particular pattern. ... Read More

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