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Rowing Links

Adirondack Rowing http://www.adirondackrowing.com/
Since 1971, we have offered only the best shells, from all the best companies, all in one place for you to compare. <p> We have found in our many years of business that the sliding seat Guideboats and Wherries out perform most open water shells in performance & versatility. We also surpass other companies in catering to families and their interest in rowing. ... Read More

Advanced Rowning Specialist http://www.chaparral-racing.com/motorcycle-helmets
The specialists that can help you get what you need out of rowing a boat. ... Read More

Art of Rowing http://www.artofrowing.com
The Art of Rowing offers a large selection of artwork that captures the muscle and spirit of the sport of rowing. Art prints, rowing posters, note cards, mugs, bumper stickers, gifts. Images which rowers identify with. ... Read More

Art Prints Rowing & Sculling by Gordon Haas http://www.gordonhaas.com/haasprints.php?category=Rowing_and_Sculling&ref=Donna
Gordon Haas, an American Impressionist, specializing in Rowing and Sculling scenes, landscapes of Bucks County PA, Italy and France. Original Oils and Limited Edition Giclee Prints. Artist-owned gallery and working studio. ... Read More

Ausrowtec http://www.ausrowtec.com.au/
AUSROWTEC has invested in additional personnel, new plant, equipment and strategic location in order to meet the challenges ahead of us and provide our customers with the best possible equipment at competitive pricing. An ongoing program of research and development is in place aimed at upgrading our manufacturing processes, production facilities, general skills and marketing effectiveness. These plans are constantly under review, enabling AUSROWTEC to take its rightful place in the market. ... Read More

Aviroute http://www.savoieonline.fr/aviroute/
Row Training Bike! ... Read More

Aylings http://www.aylings.co.uk/
The Ultimate in Racing Boat Technology<br> Sculling Boats:Olympian Racing Boats:Champion Racing Boats:Aylings Kobra Kayaks:Aylings Skiffs:Aylings Rowboats ... Read More

Boathouse Custom Team Outerwear http://www.boathouse.com/
Boathouse garments are designed to serve your team faithfully under hellish training conditions. However, should you experience any problems with the quality of our workmanship or materials, we will repair or replace your garments. Boathouse designs outerwear to meet your team's needs in any sport and any climate. ... Read More

Boatkits 4 U  
We take the guess work out of building your own boat with our boatkits. We have rowing shells, rowboats, sailboats, small engine craft, small craft of superb design and simple but complete instructions to assist even the first time builder as well as the accomplished. All you do is supply the labor to enjoy the satisfaction of accomplishment and have fun. ... Read More

BRACA-SPORT http://www.braca-sport.com
Apart from oars and sculls BRACA-SPORT are extremely proud of being the manufacturers of world class flat water kayak racing and canoe paddles. Without question BRACA-SPORT's paddles are the market leader and most successful paddle currently available.The success of these paddles is reflected by the number of gold medals won by leading world sportsmen at Olympic Games and World Championships. ... Read More

Braca-Sport http://www.braca-sport.com/
"BRACA­SPORT" oars and sculls have been designed by using the latest composite engineering technology combined with practical input and feedback from some of the worlds leading oarsmen and oarswomen. All are constructed from three separate component parts: the blade, the shaft and the handle. After those have been bonded together and checked, the sleeve and button are fitted and the balance and finally the pitch is set. Completed products are then given their final quality inspection, entered into a computer data base and passed for packing and shipment. ... Read More

Carl Douglas Racing Shells http://www.carldouglas.co.uk/
Carl Douglas Racing Shells are the finest you will ever meet and the most advanced construction and hull forms of any racing boat. Our high-tech moulded wood composite shells have become the standard by which others are judged, and are prized by the sculler for their quality and durability. <p> Every feature is designed to maximise the life and enhance the performance of our boats. We are committed to a continuing programme of product development and each of our products is designed precisely for its purpose and race tested. ... Read More

Cat Boat Company http://www.geocities.com/catboatco/

Chesapeake Rowing http://www.scanit.com/row/
Chesapeake Rowing specializes in RECREATIONAL and FITNESS rowing. We provide personalized training; safety equipment; instructional books and videos; car-top carriers; boat dollies; the lightest and strongest oars; and much more. In fact, we offer all of the most popular items of interest to those who love and enjoy recreational and fitness rowing. Above all, we place the highest importance on customer care and satisfaction. ... Read More

Croker Oars http://www.crokeroars.com/
At Croker Oars our quality products are based upon not only the latest technologies, but from a long history of association and activity in the sport of rowing. The Croker history extends back more than 30 years with hands on experience in competition sculling, rowing and surf boat crewing. Continued first hand testing and design modifications helped push the wooden oar to the limits of its capabilities. The demands of the sporting world however require better than the best. Where there is only the smallest margin between glory and the runners up, the quality of the "tools of trade" need to be the best that can be. ... Read More

Dirigo U.S.A. http://www.dirigousa.com/
harles Dibble, owner of Dirigo Boats, holds graduate degrees in Design Engineering and Business Administration. His proven success with the design and development of racing shells and his accomplishments in the rowing shell business is reflected in the evolution of the design of Dirigo Boats. Racing Shells over the years. Charles has the reputation of building absolutely the best product possible. ... Read More

Dreissigacker Oars
From the beginning, one of the key features of Dreissigacker Oars has been our component system of construction. This has allowed us to offer a wide range of specifications using a small number of standard parts, each of which is manufactured in optimal fashion. It has also allowed us to make improvements in oar design without making our older oars completely obsolete because improvements in individual components such as blade, sleeve or handle can be retrofitted. The ability to change parts is also useful when repairing damaged oars. ... Read More

Durham Boat Company http://www.durhamboat.com/
Durham Boat Company, Inc. was formed in 1981 to supply high performance, high quality rowing and sculling equipment and related sculling instruction for easy entry into the sport of rowing. Our convenient location on the water allows a customer to "try the product before they buy" and the DBC Sculling School provides high quality instruction. <p> From the beginning our philosophy has been to assist the consumer in making an informed decision as to what level to enter the sport and type of equipment to buy. We try to explain the features of various types of equipment available and to answer all questions such as: How to rig a boat; what length oar and blade shape should be used; what type of training program to employ; how to best utilize the training devices available; etc. From beginners to elites, the Durham Boat Company staff can offer valuable advice and instruction. ... Read More

Edon Recreational Rowing Boats http://www.virginiarowing.com
Sliding seat recreational rowing boats. The most affordable on the market. Come complete with pontoons for cold water rowing and learning. Light, Robust, Fast and Fun, Edon recreational rowing boats. ... Read More

Filipini Boats http://www.filippiboats.it/eng/index.htm
They are built with epoxy resin, kevlar cloths and carbon fibres and have honeycomb sandwich structure. The seat position is built in carbon/termino. All molded ribs in carbon fibres. Boats are standard equpped with light alloy scull riggers with 3 tubes and backstay and light alloy sweep riggers with 4 tubes and backstay. On request boats can be equipped with tubular carbon riggers or light ally wing riggers. These boats, 8+ exclusive, are equipped with strokecoach. ... Read More

Filippi Boats http://www.filippiboats.it/
The overwhelming olympic campaign is not behind their own back yet but Lido and David Filippi look ahead by carrying on the plan of development of a boat's park already fed. In fact the new year has begun by launching of a new coxless four/quadruple (hull n°F28)and by the Spring 2001 of a brand new 8+ mould for athletes from 85 to 100 kg.First of all the quad.<br> 4-/X hull N°28<p> It's a new shell (F28) for coxless/quadruple destined to senior women and light weight men.The average weight of the crew is to be considered beetween 60 and 80 kilos .The lenght of the boat is mt.12,66 and the width at the waterline is cm.43,5. ... Read More

Harris Racing Boats http://www.harrisracing.co.uk/
Lightness, speed, strength and beauty are qualities for which our range of small boats is well known, even though the volume produced is relatively small. We don't mass produce; our discerning customers know they can depend on us to treat their new boat with all the respect and individual attention it deserves. Other major boatbuilders too have put their trust in us by commissioning master moulds for world beating boats from singles to eights. They've used them to produce Olympic Gold and World Championship winning hulls for the likes of Redgrave and Pinsent. ... Read More

Hudson Boat Works http://www.hudsonboatworks.com
For 2001 we completely redesigned the above the water shape of the singles. Our singles now feature a one piece top with a very aerodynamic shape designed to cheat the wind in both head and cross wind conditions. The new shape and construction also increases overall stiffness. Since we continue to have great success with our hull shapes, below the water line remains the same as with 2000 models. View on the left features our new wing prototype. ... Read More

Inflatable Canoe http://inflatablecanoe.org
Inflatable canoes and Kayaks. Reviews, products and paddles. ... Read More

JL Racing http://www.jlracing.com/
As a company we are committed to value and service. As a family we stand behind the integrity of our company. What this means to you is that we understand the importance of creating and maintaining team relationships. Ask any of the teams we work with. Ask about our communication, deliveries, and service. And ask about our products. You could talk to rowing and kayak coaches from the world level to club level. Talk to athletes from Olympic windsailing and canoe. Talk to cyclists, skiers, and track athletes. Ask them about JL products for training, lifting, running, and racing. ... Read More

Mossbay Rowing http://www.mossbay.net
Whether you're a Seattlite or visiting from out of town, Moss Bay provides easy-going, affordable opportunities for all to enjoy, rowing, kayaking, and sailing. ... Read More

Niagara Rowing School Inc. http://www.allaboutrowing.on.ca/
So, you want to.... Learn how to row <li> Become a faster rower (sweep or sculling) <li> Switch from sweep to sculling <li> Switch from sculling to sweep &nbspTune up for a big race (club to national trials) <li> Become a more effective coach <li> Become a really good coxie ... here's your chance! ... Read More

Niagara Rowing School -new web address  
Weekend and Weekday Rowing Programs. All skill levels welcome. Retreat packages at Inn on the Twenty. Located in the heart of wine country, Jordan Ontario Canoes, Kayaks and Bicycles available for rent. Contact us at 905-9441-0038 ... Read More

Oariginals http://www.oariginals.com
Rowing Beyond the Boathouse: Check us out for rowing themed stationery, note pads, Christmas cards, art prints, temporary tattoos, and glassware from the elegant to the whimsical. ... Read More

Ottawa Rowing Club http://www.ottawarowingclub.com
<html> <body> Competitive and Recreational rowing finds its home at the Ottawa Rowing Club. The ORC is Canada's oldest rowing club, founded in 1867. <p>We have two boathouses filled with a fleet of Competitive, Recreational, and Touring boats.</p> <p>Come check us out for your water-recreation needs. Our League nights are very popular.</p> </body> </html> ... Read More

Prime Boats Australia http://www.primeboats.com.au
This is the official homepage of Prime Boats Australia. We are an Australian based company specialising in the manufacture and repair of rowing shells, riggers and trailers. ... Read More

Rowbike-OutdoorTotal Body Fitness http://www.rowbike.com
Rowbike is a bicycle and rowing machine hybrid that is great for cross-training, rehabilitation or general fintess. We offer two-wheeled and four-wheeled models to accommodate all riders! ... Read More

Rowing sloop "Regatta" http://server43.hypermart.net/roeisloepregatta/
Rotterdam Port Authority rowing sloop "Regatta". All about the history of the rowing team, the old and the newbuild sloop "Regatta" and it has been illustrated with several pictures. The site is still under construction but will be enhanced in the coming time. There's also a list of links to slooprowing and other relevant sites. ... Read More

Southampton Coalporters Rowing Club http://www.coalporters.org
Coalporters is a predominantly Coastal Rowing club located on the river Itchen in Southampton (UK). ... Read More

Swim Platforms, Dock Bumpers, PWC Dock http://www.dockfloatsltd.com
Dock Floats Ltd. offers advanced dock building and maintenance materials. They also offer quality dock building materials including swim platforms, swim rafts, aluminum dock ladders, dock wheels, hydrohoist boat lifts etc. ... Read More

Talk Rowing http://www.talkrowing.co.uk
Eat Rowing, Breathe Rowing, Sleep Rowing- TALK ROWING! ... Read More

Water Sports, Kayaks, pedal boats, towables and more. http://www.dockaccents.com
Dock accessories and water sport toys are unique and affordable at Dock Accents. Great selection of water toys: water trampolines, slides, pedal boats, kayaks, water bikes, inflatable towables and Powerski Jetboards! Visit our on-line store today or call us @ 1-888-219-0112 for more information! ... Read More

West End Rowing Club  
West End is one of New Zealand most sucessful rowing clubs. Located at Saunders reserve in Avondale, West End offers a superb environment to learn the sport with great plant and an excellent training facility. The West End Rowing Club has a proud history of achievement producing top class competitors and administrators. ... Read More

Wholesale Canoes, Kayaks, Pedal Boats http://www.sportboatsdirect.com/wholesale_boats
Sportboatsdirect.com specializes in selling boats wholesale to camps,resorts,rental businesses, universities, governmental agencies, amusementparks, outfitters, and for export. We sell wholesale kayaks, wholesale canoes, wholesale paddle boats, wholesale pedal boats, wholesale inflatable kayaks, wholesale fishing boats and wholesale water toys. <BR> <BR> To get more information on our wholesale boat program click on this link <a href="http://www.sportboatsdirect.com/wholesale_boats">Wholesale Boats</a> ... Read More

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