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Drift & River Boats

Boulder Boat Works, Inc.  
Manufacturers of the Lightest, Best Handling Drift Boats on the River. Our Fusion Extrusion Polymer Hulls are at least 25% Lighter than any Dory in its Class, yet uncomparably Stronger and more Damage Resistant. Standard and Custom interiors available. ... Read More

Cameron Boats http://www.cameronboats.com/
An Affordable Alternative to float tubes, rafts, rowing cats and oversized riverboats for the river fisherman. ... Read More

ClackaCraft http://www.clacka.com/
The Magnum Drift Boat was another ClackaCraft innovation during the pre jet sled days. It is common knowledge that drift boats only go 8-9 mph no matter what size motor is powering it. Due to the shape of the hull, the nose points to the sky. ClackaCraft did several modifications that together allowed a drift boat to scoot along at about 23mph with a 15hp motor and a propeller guard surrounding the propeller to protect it from rock damage. Disbelief was the general reaction when seasoned drift boaters were told of the Magnum Drift Boat. Then disbelief was replaced with shock and amazement when the product was unveiled along with a video at a sports show. Ten to 15 people huddled around the television screen to watch this drift boat. ... Read More

FishCraft Aluminum & Pontoon Drift Boats http://www.fishcraft.com
Drift boats by builders of aluminum and inflatable, high-hull safe stable pontoon boats, rafts and catarafts for bait and fly fishing, and white water rafting under our brands SuperCat, FishCraft Cat, and Drifter II. Our aluminum boats include trailers and we offer custom trailers for inflatable boats and rafts. Will deliver anywhere in the US and Canada. ... Read More

FISH-RITE Aluminum Drift Boats http://www.dhdriftboats.com/advHtml/alum.html
Enjoy the great fishing rivers of the Northwest in a McKenzie River Drift Boat from FISH-RITE. The quality of a FISH-RITE aluminum boat puts it ahead as one of the leaders in the aluminum boat industry. The finest in materials, matched with experienced craftsmen and innovative design, assures you a fine finished product. ... Read More

Greg Tatman Wooden Boats Inc. http://gregboats.com/
These days our business is mainly boat kits. We often have a new boat or two on hand or a used boat or two as well. Click those links at the top of this page to check out those options. All of us at the shop are glad to talk to you about any of our boats. E-mail us or just give us a call at (541) 746-5287. Or fax us a note at our fax line: (541) 744-2190. ... Read More

High Desert Boatworks http://www.wileywales.com/briggs.html
So, just what is it about these dories? Martin Litton (the guy who first introduced them to river running in the Grand Canyon) says "those who have to ask will never know." <p> And, yes, maybe it is a little difficult to describe them in adequate terms, but to put the feeling metaphorically, those who appreciate the difference of homegrown tomatoes, micro-brew beer, or dancing barefoot, might understand just a little of what the Dory "spark" is. <p> Boatman and Passenger alike have described them as an 'organic, un-insulated feeling on the water'. 'Intimate and animated' say others. No matter what terms you use to describe them, there is a definite 'Spirit of Dory Place', common thread that runs through all of us who've been bitten by the 'bug'. ... Read More

Hog Island Boat Works  
Manufacture of the World's only roto-molded 16 foot high density polyethylene drift boat. We make our boats using two types of high density polyethylene, and use a technologically advanced manufacturing process similar to the way modern kayaks and canoes are built. The result is our boats are virtually indestructable (tough enough to drop from a fork lift),very quiet, very stable, and very easy to row. Our open deck configuration is very friendly to fishermen, and easy to customize on the fly. All our boat accessories are fastened to our hull using stainless steel metal to metal connections. If you want a boat that really slides on the water, is super easy to stall out, and does not hook, then check us out. (970) 870-1660 Float and Be Happy! ... Read More

Hyde Drift Boat http://www.hydeboats.com/
Welcome to Hyde Drift Boats, Outfitters and Fly Shop! As you probably know, Hyde is the maker of the world's finest flat-bottomed fishing crafts, constructed out of top quality materials at our boat building facility in Idaho Falls, Idaho. ... Read More

Hydrotech Marine, Inc. http://www.pacnwmall.com/htmarine/drift.htm
nnouncing the "Hydro-Glide", the ultimate in quality and performance for the serious drift boat fisherman. The "Hydro-Glide" is the culmination of years of experience, building, and testing drift boats in the Pacific Northwest. The "Hydro-Glide" is a unique, proven design that is easy to row, wide, stable and very dry! The "Hydro-Glide" is built from the finest materials available today. As with all other Hydrotech Marine products, this boat is built to endure the rigors of daily use, private or commercial, in the rivers and canyons of the rugged Pacific Northwest. We are so confident of the constuction the &quo ... Read More

Inflatable Drift Boats http://www.inflatabledriftboats.com/
Looking for the ultimate in inflatable drift boats? Your search is over so look no further. Our custom drift boats offer all the best features in a light weight, portable, inflatable, boat. We started with the world's toughest self bailing white water raft . . . <p><b>Maravia</B><p> . . . We then added the features of our favorite hard boats and the smoothest anchor system you will ever see. We have brought together the most versatile, inflatable, drift boats and custom fishing frames available anywhere. ... Read More

Koffler Boats, Inc http://www.kofflerboats.com/driftboats.html
The drift boat comes in several sizes with many different options available. It is designed to withstand the hardest use under the most grueling conditions. 6061-T6, one of the strongest weldable aluminum alloys available, is used in both the side and bottom. Custom designed extrusions, along with continuous welds on the inside, are used so that no exterior welds are necessary. This is the strongest, easiest to row and most convenient boat of its type on the market today. ... Read More

Lifetimer http://www.lifetimer.bc.ca/Drifts.htm
Lifetimer's 14' and 16' Drift boats are one of the newest rages in our recreational product line. This design is sporty yet one of the sturdiest and safest drift boats on the market. Lifetimer drift boats are made built from 5052 H32 Marine Grade aluminum (.084 sides and .100 bottom) and all fittings, rails & seats are either welded or riveted to the hull. ... Read More

McKENZIE RIVER DRIFT BOATS http://www.mckenzieriverdriftboat.com/
The highest performance at the lowest cost because you can build it yourself. We combine traditional white water drift boat design with the newest computer controlled machining and fabrication software to create boat kits made from the finest materials. Then we offer you email support and the accessories you need to insure your finished boat looks great and rows like a dream. A wood drift boat is quiet and warm. By using today's epoxies and polyurethane finishes they are easy to maintain and a joy to use. ... Read More

NORTH WOODS CANOE COMPANY LTD - Drift boats http://www.northwoodscanoe.com/
NORTH WOODS CANOE COMPANY LTD. manufactures and supplies quality canoes, kayaks, accessories and outdoor equipment. Our staff are experienced paddlers and outdoors people familiar with your particular needs. We specialize in supplying goods for outfitters, guides, rental companies, camps and youth groups, as well as the discerning individual. ... Read More

Ro Drift Boats  
Ro Drift Boats manufactures and sells the strongest, lightest, best rowing drift boats and skiffs available. ... Read More

Schofield Custom Designs http://www.schofieldcustomdesigns.com
Custom handcrafted mahogany boats using the best techniques avaiable and specific to your needs. ... Read More

StealthCraft Drift Boats, http://www.branson.net/llresort/stealth/
n the canoe world, all of the performance companies off a variety of versions of their best hull designs, which vary in weight (and hence price) to suit the specific needs of each paddler. In the drift boat world, the major companies have decided that all fishermen have the exact same needs, so no choices are given. <p> Let's have a reality check -- we aren't all running Hell's Canyon on the Snake River each day, but we ae all loading, unloading, dragging, trailoring and, most importantly, rowing these boats around all day. For us normal anglers, we have designed the CarbonStealth series. ... Read More

StreamTech Inflatable Drift Boats http://www.streamtechboats.com
Inflatable Drift boats with all the features of hard boats and a unique hull design that is the most maneuverable in the business. These boats are tough, loaded with features, light weight and they drive like a porsche in the roughest of water. Check them out, they are the best you can buy! ... Read More

Strongest boats in the world http://strongestboats.com
Samboats - South America Boat Company, South America & Caribbean, more than 60 different models from 8 to 21ft. Low prices, directly from the factory. Indestructible, safe, comfortable, light, durable and environment friendly boats. Boats for all purposes. Build to withstand everything. Please visit our site for all information and the lowest prices. Also Dealers and Distributors wanted. ... Read More

Willie's Drift Boats http://www.willieboats.com/drift/driftboats.html
A Willie Drift Boat is more than just another drift boat, It is a piece of history. Back in 1971 when he was a guide on the Rogue River, To get an all welded aluminum McKenzie drift boat made the way he wanted, Willie designed and built the worlds first one. <p> Today he continues to set the standards of the industry, with boats that are unsurpassed in design, workmanship, and the highest quality standards available. And he is still building them one at a time. <b>Willie's Drift Boats</b> <p>Willie's Drift Boats are unsurpassed in workmanship and high quality standards. When the production of a boat is limited, the attention to detail isn't. <p> <b>WILD WILLIE <*)}}}})>{ </b><br> mailto: willie@willieboats.com <br> <a href="http://www.willieboats.c ... Read More

Wood Watercraft http://users.power-net.net/~woodboat/
Beautiful, durable wood drift boats. Used and abused by guides. ... Read More

Woodrow, Inc http://www.riverstouch.com
Ray's river dories are custom-built to order, with painstaking attention to detail. Each component is carefully selected for its specific function and we use the finest materials available. For details about our boats and other aspects of what we offer please click on your area interest below -- ... Read More

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