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Rowing Shells

Alden Rowing Shells http://www.rowalden.com/
We are proud to supply America's Favorite Rowing Shells™. Founded in 1971, we have manufactured and sold over 25,000 boats worldwide. Alden Rowing Shells has thirteen styles of siding-seat boats - four recreational models, five competitive models, and four traditional styles. We also manufacture five styles of oars and offer a complete line of gear and accessories. <p> We have the ambition and technology to be the world leader in sliding-seat rowing. Our proactive programs and products reflect caring and respect for the world family of Alden, our teammates, our customers, and those who provide services to Alden. ... Read More

Edon Recreational Rowing Boats http://www.virginiarowing.com
Sliding seat recreational rowing boats. The most affordable on the market. Come complete with pontoons for cold water rowing and learning. Light, Robust, Fast and Fun, Edon recreational rowing boats. ... Read More

Little River Marine http://www.littlerivermarine.com/
Quality rowing shells and dories manufactured by Little River Marine. We have been in business since 1977, building a range of recreational and competitive rowing shells. ... Read More

Six-Sixteen Dragon Boats Ltd. http://members.aol.com/Canada616/
North America's leading fibreglass dragon boat manufacturer (since 1989) Official equipment supplier to the Canadian International Dragon Boat Festival ... Read More

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