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Specialty Boats (everything else)

Bumper Boats, Inc. http://www.kiddiebumperboats.com/
Kiddie Bumper Boats have been entertaining children between 1 1/2 to 9 years old, in 40 countries for over 50 years. This easily maneuvered kiddie boat is: <ul> <li>extremely stable <li> powered by a 12-volt motor <li> connected to a flexible <li>cable system <li>runs up to eight hours on a <li> charge with our maintenance-free battery ... Read More

Catamaran Coaches Custom Dive/Fishing Boats  
Catamaran Coaches manufactures Custom Dive/Fishing Boats. Dive Platform on back for easy on/off, Live Well, Rod Holders, Shallow Draft, Fast!, and we customize it to YOUR specifications. This is no ordinary boat. Stable, smooth on rough water, and highly functional. Check out our Facebook page for the most current photos or call us at 941-896-4904 ... Read More

Classic Sailboats http://www.classicsailboats.co.uk
Classic Sailboats are based in North Wales and are primarily builders and restorers of classic wooden sailing boats. Current work includes a new Dublin Bay Waterwag, a new Shannon OD, rebuilds of three Seabird half raters and a new Trearddur Bay 14ft Myth. We also undertake larger projects, the last being a total restoration of "Marian Maid", a Knud Reimers 8 metre. This project used computer aided lofting techniques to restore the original shape to the yacht which had sagged a great deal over the years. Once the shape was determined, the yacht was completely disassembled and rebuilt to the new owners specification. Telephone / Fax 01248 679112, or visit the website! ... Read More

Dabbie Products http://www.webpro.co.za/clients/dabbie/
There are now six basic products in the range - The DUCKMASTER and RIVERMASTER also come in various lengths depending on the number of people it is to carry. ... Read More

Dive Boats by Catamaran Coaches Inc  
Catamaran Coaches is a manufacturer of custom Dive Boats, Fishing Boats, Party Barges, Tour Boats and more. These boats are fast, stable and one of the most versatle boats you can buy. The heavy duty fiberglass pontoons are completely hand laid and custom built for your paticular needs. Check out our facebook for more information or call us at 941-685-9374. ... Read More

Escape Sailboat Company http://www.escapesail.com/
Contrary to popular belief, sailing is not an expensive, difficult sport reserved for blue-bloods and trust fund recipients. If you've ever watched a small, high performance sailboat ripping across the water and said "That looks like fun but....<br> "....sailboats are too expensive."<br> <p> We want to let you know that Escape sailboats start at just $799. Even our biggest, fastest sailboat, the award-winning Rumba, costs less than $2,500 and can be shipped to you anywhere in the continental United States! ... Read More

Ferroboats http://www.ferroboats.com/
The Italians called the method of construction Ferro-cemento. The New Zealanders and Canadians who pioneered the method for amateur construction called it Ferro-cement, often referred to as "concrete", which is a misnomer. It is the cheapest and easiest form of construction for boats over 25 ft. Apart from strip-plank composite construction, it is the only viable material for large round-bilge boats within the amateur capability, without the requirements of special tools or a weather-proof building. ... Read More

Fish/Dive Boats By Catamaran Coaches Inc.  
Catamaran Coaches manufactures Custom Fish/Dive Catamarans and Trimarans. Our boats are very shallow draft to access the shallowest fishing holes. We can outfit your boat according to your specifications. Check out our facebook page for the latest pictures and information or call us at 941-685-9374. ... Read More

Flats Boat by Catamaran Coaches  
Catamaran Coaches manufactures the most versatile boats available. They are fast,stable and totally customized to your needs. Follow us on Facebook for our current boat builds or for more information or call 941-896-4904 ... Read More

Glass bottom boat with unique design http://www.paritetboat.com
Discover unique glass bottom boats with modern design, extra low fuel consumption, high speed, excellent seaworthiness in rough sea and large bottom glass. These glass bottom boats are ideal solution to coral reef excursion business and coastal underwater sightseeing tours. Enroll for a watertest today! ... Read More

Green River Industries : Toteboat http://greenriverco.com/
The ToteBoat™ is a new type of recreational product. Designed to be used on a sedan, it is a product for the family or friends who want to spend quality time together. The ToteBoat™ makes getting there easy, and once your are there, much more fun. The ToteBoat™ is a car carrier that will handily contain your camping gear on top of the car. The ToteBoat™ weighs under 70 lbs but will accommodate up to 100 lbs of gear depending on your roof rack. That means that your tent, sleeping bags, cooking pots, pans, dinnerwhare and such, will ride on the roof instead of the back seat and trunk. Now you have room for the wife and kids in the same car. ... Read More

HermCo Outboard Transom Brackets  
Manufacturer Of All Fiberglass Outboard Transom Brackets Single or twin outboard bracket manufacturing, sales, and installation. Molded fiberglass construction with max floatation design, high density foam core transom, and durable gelcoat finish. Custom hull extensions and max floatation single bracket also available. Transom repair and custom modification / Custom fiberglass fabrication / Gelcoat and fiberglass repair / Fuel tank replacement / Hardware installation / Wiring / Electronics installation / Outboard motor rigging / Rub rail replacement / Rebuilds ... Read More

Hydro-Bikes http://www.hydrobikes.com/
Hydro-Bikes Inc. aims to become the world's leading supplier of environmentally sound, user-friendly water recreation products for leisure, fitness and competive sports. Through engineering excellence, we provide products of the highest quality and safety. <p> The Company was incorporated in 1990 with the first three years dedicated to engineering and product design. Production and sales of Hydro-Bikes products were initiated in 1993. Since then the Hydro-Bikes Explorer® has generated strong interest across the U.S. and in 46 countries. ... Read More

Hydrobikes Ontario http://www.hydrobikesontario.com
Hydrobikes Ontario is a leading provider of Hydrobikes and the all new Hydrokayaks to the worldwide marketplace. Our mission is to deliver superior quality service and value to our customers. We ship our product worldwide and guaranteed 3 day delivery is available. We also carry a selection of pre enjoyed units as a lower cost option. We hope to have you as a customer soon! ... Read More

Imagineering Pty Ltd - Pedalsteamer http://www.users.bigpond.com/imagineers/
Congratulations! You have found the source of the ultimate in pedal powered water craft. Whether you are a commercial hire operator, or intending to tour local waterways in an environmentally friendly manner, this is the boat for you! Designed and built in Melbourne, Australia, this craft is propeller driven via a purpose built, high efficiency gearbox designed for many years of reliable service. All construction materials are salt water compatible. ... Read More

MW Boats http://www.mwboats.com
MW Boats is a supplier of quality used fishing and recreational boats in the UK and Ireland. We can also supply brand new boats to order. ... Read More

New Wave Boat Co. Inc. http://www.electricdeckboats.com
We are a dealer for the ELDEBO electric deck boat (that costs about a $1.00 a day to run) very low maintenance.Also we are the southeast distributors for HYDROBIKES the personal watercraft that puts a whole new spin on water recreation........ ... Read More

OUTDOOR ADVENTURE PRODUCTS http://www.powrtube.com/
Motorized Float Tubes, Pontoons and Accessories<br> Innovative And High Quality Products That Make Float Tubing Easier and More Enjoyable. ... Read More

Ozone Leg Powered Watercraft http://www.ozone-watercraft.com/
Hyper 1 the Ultimate Touring Kayak. From Top to Bottom you can see the lines that makes this the FASTEST Kayak on the water!! <p> A touring kayak hull that can run with competition rowing shells and racing kayaks is unheard of. The Hyper 1 is showing it's speed by proving itself in racing events. The Race Results page lists the recent races that our watercraft have entered. <p> We have a Product that can get you on the water. The Hyper 1 with it's sleek lines made with gel coated fiberglass or kevlar. We have Polyethylene hulls (canoe or kayak) with our propeller propulsion system installed delivered to your door. As well as a Conversion Kit that you can install to convert your kayak or canoe with our propulsion system. ... Read More

Pavati Custom Boats- We build them all  
PAVATI Boats of southern Oregon USA specializes in building standard and custom made to order Aluminum boats. Fishing, Fun, work- they have models to serve your needs. PAVATI boats are engineered, lofted, and cut out by computer to match your specs. Quality and workmanship are unsurpassed. We invite you to try one for yourself and see the difference. Call 1-800-866-5269 for a free test or a free quote. www.pavatiboats.com ... Read More

Pilot Cutters UK http://www.pilotcutters.co.uk/
Pilot Cutters built in GRP in Falmouth, Cornwall, UK. Traditional gaff rigged sailing with lower maintenance and insurance costs. Vessels available in various stages of completion. ... Read More

ProCharter - The Workboat People http://www.procharter.co.uk
Nestled on the bank of the River Camel, just down stream from the famous Wool Bridge in Wadebridge, Cornwall, lies a famous boat manufacturer - ProCharter.With three large sheds, plus numerous smaller workshops, your fibreglass angling or charter boat will be constructed with the care and dedication you would expect. Image descriptionYou are welcome to visit the yard at anytime, to view the fishing boat's we have in stock, or under construction, or to discuss the ideal boat we can build for you. ... Read More

Radio Controlled Yachts http://powerup.com.au/~vcowell/index.htm

Sea-Doo Watercraft http://www.sea-doo.com/usa/sportboats/sb_home.htm
As the world leader in transportation, Bombardier is committed to bringing quality products to the recreational markets. As the leader in watersports fun, Bombardier makers of Sea-Doo® watercraft and Sport Boats is committed to providing good clean fun on the water. With our acclaimed manufacturing processes and eye-catching colors and design, Sea-Doo is setting the standard by which all other manufacturers are measured. ... Read More

Seal Boats USA http://www.sealboatsusa.com
SEAL Boats are tough, rugged, durable, virtually unsinkable and practically indestructible. SEAL Boats are Coast Guard approved, self-bailing, and the all-welded aluminum construction requires almost no maintenance. ... Read More

Skirts for Air-cushion Vehicles/ Hovercrafts http://www.rushstar.com/Aircushion
Forget about the rubber, Neoprene and vinyl skirts of the last century! Rubber and Neoprene got high friction for tires thus slows ACV’s down for 60 years and Vinyl is neither UV protected nor tear stopping equipped. At RushStar the skirt is reinforced with Kevlar, Coated with Teflon for the Lowest coefficient of friction, We supply segments for Scat Type and Fingers for Canair type, Plus Custom Skirt Service. RushStar.com supplies the toughStar the Toughest Skirt fabric on earth for most demanding situations (our own RushStar Custom formula). RushStar.com Supplies Dr.Rushwan thread, 2 times tougher than Kevlar and of-course far tougher than steel! RushStar.com Supplies RushStar Teflon Coat to protect your existing Skirt against friction. RushStar offer the Hovercraft testing service; Mass/payload, Air-cushion Stability, Coast Guard rules compatibility, Porous surface hovering and Dynamic Air/Skirt Pressure critical Speed. ... Read More

Strongest boats in the world http://www.strongestboats.com
Samboats - South America Boat Company, South America & Caribbean, more than 60 different models from 8 to 21ft. Low prices, directly from the factory. Indestructible, safe, comfortable, light, durable and environment friendly boats. Boats for all purposes. Build to withstand everything. Please visit our site for all information and the lowest prices. Also Dealers and Distributors wanted. ... Read More

Swallow boats - Kit boats http://www.swallowboats.com
Kit boats: Swallowboats design manufacture beautiful traditional style wooden kit boats for home completion. Please visit our website (www.swallowboats.com) for more information. ... Read More

Swamp Ghost Boats, Inc. http://www.swampghostboats.com
The Swamp Ghost is the strongest built one man boat in the world. Built out of .080 aluminum, our one man boats are made to last a lifetime. Whether fishing for bream in the backwater or duck hunting in the swamp, you'll never feel safer in another one man boat. With its welded construction, solid flotation and the 11' 3" long by 30" wide size, there is plenty of room to hold you and your gear yet only draw 2" of draft. The swamp ghost one man boat is still manageable on land weighing at less than 100lbs! ... Read More

The Creek Company, Ltd. http://www.creekcompany.com/craft.html
The original open-front float tube. Easy entry, lounge chair comfort and superior performance. Classic doughnut style design with all the features of the most expensive float tubes, at a great price. The ODC 816 is the most advanced personal fishing craft ever, providing the ultimate in performance, durability and portability. The SUBTM 714 Sport Utility Boat does everything a pontoon boat does, at a float tube type of price. OWNERS MAY UPGRADE ... Read More

The Duck Boat Company http://lincoln.midcoast.com/~buehnerc/
For the true waterfowler, there's nothing more important than the freedom of movement, to be where the birds want to be...and to be there safely and comfortably. That's the promise at the heart of The Duck Boat - the concept behind its design and development - and it has evolved to offer you and your companions convenience, functionality and responsiveness to changing conditions without compromising safety. If you're serious about waterfowling, this is the boat you've been waiting for! ... Read More

WaterWheeler http://www.llboats.com/WW.html
WaterWheeler pedal boats have proven to be America’s favorites for over 21 years because of their stylish lines, beautiful colors, and rugged durability. All WaterWheelers share the same high quality components and engineering. <p> Who uses WaterWheeler pedal boats? People of all ages find pedal boating to be a fun and relaxing boating experience. Kids love the excitement of being able to operate the boat on their own. ... Read More

Wheelchair Accessible Trimaran by Catamaran Coaches  
Custom Wheelchair Accessible Trimarans by Catamaran Coaches. For more information call 941-685-9374 Check us out on Facebook! ... Read More

ZeMar - Narrowboat http://www.zetekpower.com/vehicles/narroboat.html
Type of vessel: canal narrowboat<br> Operation: To be moored in central London at Little Venice Basin, she will be used principally as a demonstration boat. Half of the interior will be given over to a conference suit with full audio-visual facilities. She will be equipped to a very high standard to cater for hospitality and entertainment. Corporate hire will be offered to selected clients. ... Read More

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