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1 New Site for Power Cat Enthusiasts http://www.powercating.com
Powercating.com is dedicated to the promotion of power catamarans of all breeds. The goal of the site is to increase awareness among the boating public, to encourage collaboration and research among manufacturers, and to provide a meeting and communication resource for owners. Remember - Two Hulls are Better Than One! ... Read More

AIRBORNE MARINE http://www.airbornemarine.com/
A product that will withstand the closest scrutiny, from the cleanliness and accessibility of the engine compartment, to the flawless finish which can only be produced by a flawless mold….A product which will withstand the closest inspection by the most discriminating of buyers. ... Read More

Alowplast Ltda. http://www.alwoplast.cl/
Our objective is to produce the very finest custom built catamarans from 35-80 ft that deliver exceptional performance, robust durability, lower maintenance and superior standards of finish and fit-out. ... Read More

Americat Marine http://www.americatmarine.com/
Americat Marine is a company dedicated to building the safest, most efficient catamarans on the market today. Our hull design synthesizes desirable aspects of both monohull and existing catamaran technologies to create a stable, responsive ride at any speed. ... Read More

Atlantis Yachts Inc. http://www.atlantisyachts.com/
Atlantis Yachts is dedicated to producing the finest quality boats, both power and sail, for the most discerning international customers. <p> Our boats are the result of a blend between tradition and advanced technology, beauty and design, style and quality. <p> We welcome you to discover the features of our boats, our philosophy, our craftsmanship, and the people that make Atlantis Yachts unique. ... Read More

Aussie Catamarans Corp. America http://www.aussiecat.com/
The major design features peculiar to an AussieCat include: 1. A full-length wave breaker providing a comfortable, stable ride at any speed and enabling the AussieCat to remain on a plane longer than any other catamaran in the market place. The wave breaker increases the cushioning effect experienced in the catamaran configuration, eliminating jarring and thumping when under way in a sea. 2. The high-speed planing hull achieved by directional reverse planing strakes enables a AussieCat to rise out of the water onto the plane with maximum efficiency. This is so successful that a AussieCat will go from a standing start, fully loaded and with both engines down, and pull onto a plane with only one engine operational. This efficiency reduces the power requirement, therefore reducing fuel consumption and overall weight. ... Read More

Awesome Power Boats http://www.awesomepowerboats.net/
Our lineup of boats this year is smooth, sleek and beautiful. Experience the feeling that can come only with our unique patented design. Each boat has a bulkhead storage compartment, Full instrumentation by Faria, a padded rear sundeck, Side by Side helm with console, am/fm stereo w/4 speakers, and so many more standard features that others call options. We also have a complete list of options available, to make your selection a custom extension of your unique personal taste. ... Read More

Carri Craft Catamaran http://www.vitinc.com/nn/br/bw/carri.html
The Carri Craft Catamaran is already familiar to many in the boating community. Carri Craft is the most value priced cruising cat on the market today, with models available from 43' to 60'. These cruising cats offer the ultimate in cruising pleasure and comfort. They also have the traditional advantages of a cat with an extremely stable platform, soft ride and exceptional fuel economy. Carri Craft made hundreds of boats in the late 60's and early 70's with many famous owners choosing Carri Craft because of the enormous living space and other advantages. Carri Craft returned to the market by introducing an improved hull design in 1992 after repurchasing the rights from the company who had acquired her in the 70's. ... Read More

Cat Sass Catamarans http://www.catsassboats.com/

Catamaran Coaches Inc.  
Catamaran Coaches is a manufacturer of Custom Catamarans, Trimarans, Fish/Dive Boats, Tour Boats, Six Pack Boats, work barges, Party Boats and more! Contact us at 941-685-9374 Follow Catamaran Coaches boat builds on Facebook! ... Read More

C-Dory Inc. http://www.c-dory.com/
C-Dory 16' Angler & Cruiser <br> C-Dory 22' Cruiser<br> Tom Cat 24' ... Read More

Cougar Catamaran http://www.cougarcatamarans.com.au/

Cougar Powerboats http://www.cougar-powerboats.com/
Cougar has recognised and exploited the technical advantages of high strength, light weight structures to maximise performance on the water and chose to originally to prove its designs in the field of offshore powerboat racing, a sport in which the Cougar name has become linked with outstanding success and where is boats have succeeded at the highest level. Cougar's strengths have been in innovation and experimentation and one of the company's greatest assets has been its willingness to prove its design concepts. Cougar has made good use of the lessons learnt in offshore competition to develop a new breed of commercial designs with superior performance and handling. ... Read More

Endeavour Catamaran Corporation http://www.boatshow.com/Endeavour.html
Endeavour has long been known for manufacturing quality offshore cruising sailboats that meet the changing requirements of today's yachting market. This recognition has made us a leader in the Cruising Catamaran market. <br>Forseeing the growing interest in cruising catamarans, Endeavour is also the exclusive manufacturer of the Manta 42 and Conser 47. These yachts are designed for minimal maintenance as well as ease and comfort in handling. ... Read More

Glacier Bay Catamarans http://www.glacierbaycats.com/
GLACIER BAY CATAMARANS sets the standard for all others. The GLACIER BAY conviction to excellence is a simple one, design and build the boat in absolutely the finest way possible, with the highest quality materials available the first time, period. At GLACIER BAY the conviction to this goal is held in high esteem by its employees, its management and its ownership. This ideal is then additionally passed on, to challenge our suppliers to constantly meet or beat our high level of committment in their products. This is the basis by which Glacier Bay conducts business. ... Read More

GOLD COAST YACHTS http://www.goldcoastyachts.com/
The Gold Coast Yachts series of motorsailors combine the proven sailing attributes of Gold Coast Yachts catamarans with a displacement hull form modified to carry big horsepower. The result is vessels capable of sailing and motoring in the 15-22 knot range while carrying full payloads. ... Read More

Hardglass Marine http://www.hardglass.co.za/
The Orion 22 is a versatile cat, easily adaptable for diving, marlin fishing, centre consols or leisure cruising. The result of cutting-edge design technology, the Orion 22 is an attractive cat that handles as beautifully as she looks. ... Read More

Hawaiian SeaCat http://www.hawaiiancats.com/
Built with quality in mind and the best parts and hardware available, the 22' Hawaiian SeaCat and the 34' ManaCat just may "sink" your current boat. Years of experience are behind each catamaran built. Moses introduced and built the first all fiberglass Radons in Hawaii, most of which are still in operation. Moses and Hart are so sure of the quality and construction of the Hawaiian SeaCat boats that a full five year structural hull warranty (two year cosmetic) is provided with every Hawaiian SeaCat. ... Read More

High speed futuristic catamaran ELLIPS http://www.paritetboat.com/ellips.shtml
Discover ultra fast catamaran with futuristic design! Length: 8.5 m (28 ft) Capacity: 6 passengers + skipper Hull: aluminium alloy Max speed: 65 knots New cruise version now available: two separate double berth cabins with air conditioning and WC/Shower room ... Read More

High Torque Marine http://www.hightorquemarine.com/
HTM offers two models of the SR-24 depending on you taste and needs. The closed bow offers a spacious cuddy cabin with the amenities of home. It can provide overnight accomodations as well as being you lake rod during the daylight hours. The Open bow version could be useful for those that have family plans or like to party in groups. Both versions come with a full list of Standard Features with many options to choose from to customize you new HTM to your execting specifications. ... Read More

HYDRA TECH CATAMARANS http://www.vitinc.com/nn/br/bw/hydra.html
Hydra Tech Catamarans feature a planning hull for higher speed performance. Probably the best looking fishing boat around that developed from the offshore racing circuit and found their way into the fishing market as a result of a large government contract. Hydra Tech was chosen by the U.S. Government as interceptor vessels to patrol our shores as result of their superior hull construction and performance capabilities. Models are available in a 30' and 32' design as either an open fisherman or with a raised deck model complete with queen sized birth and molded head. ... Read More

HydroCat Power Catamarans http://www.vitinc.com/nn/br/bw/hydro.html
There's a new boat on the horizon. One that will let you venture out into weather that would keep most monohulls back at port. It's the new, high-performance HydroCat 300 Series Power Catamaran. Her eye-catching design features a 30' length and 10' beam making her the longest and widest catamaran in her class. This boat offers a sleek, stylish look without compromising dependable rough water performance or comfort. ... Read More

Hydrofield Catamarans http://www.hydrofield.com/
With all the different brands of boat available why would you chose a Hydrofield over the others? The answer? Performance! At Hydrofield performance is made up of Safety, Stability, Strength and Economy. The first three characteristics are interdependent and all of them are dependant on the quality of design & construction. ... Read More

Hydrolift Sportboats http://boat.no/hydrolift/adm/Engelsk/index.htm
"20 YEARS OF RACING EXPERIENCE GIVES US A TECHNOLOGICAL STEP AHEAD"<br> Race and pleasure monohulls and catamarans. ... Read More

Leader Catamarans http://www.vitinc.com/nn/br/bw/leader.html
Leader boats are designed for the serious fisherman, using only the best materials for a quality, long-lasting fishing machine. Our five year hull warranty assures our integrity. Performance, fuel economy, comfort and sea-worthiness in all water conditions are incorporated in every Leader boat. ... Read More

Leisure Cat Power Catamarans http://www.leisurecat.com.au/
The LeisureCat range was designed as a high-speed planing catamaran capable of delivering a comfortable and stable ride in adverse weather conditions. The hull shape is totally innovative, coupling a full-length wavebreaker and reverse chine planing strakes to deliver a cat that carries an exceptional payload, is easily driven, and provides a safe and stable ride in all conditions. ... Read More

M2 Motoryachts http://www.m2motoryachts.com
Builder of the finest power catamarans in the world. Our mission is to bring you the best experience possible with the highest level of expertise and experience the market has to offer. We manufacturer our line of Sport Cats and Motor Yachts which offer superior ride quality in all conditions as well as a 25% improvment in fuel consumption. All this in a world class luxury and comfort. Our Sport Cats range of boats (21’,35',45’, and 60') provides something for every taste with a wide range of variations and options. Our boats are all hand laid using qulaity materials including carbon, Kevlar and knitted E glass insuring the highest level of structural integrity ads well as performances ... Read More

Mantaray Cats http://www.mantaraycats.com/
The Manta Ray Catamaran hull is based on offshore racing designs. The key is its long narrow planing surfaces which act just like water skis. They are on the bottom of each sponson located midway between each chine and center line. Full length lifting strakes on each sponson lets you jump this cat on plane instantly and really fly. A full-length wavebreaker provides a comfortable, stable ride at any speed enabling the Manta Ray to remain on a plane longer than any other catamaran in the market. ... Read More

Nautic Marine http://www.nautic.co.nz/
Specialising in timber construction and representing one of the world's top designers, Arch McTainsh, a former student of the Westlawn School of Yacht Design, Connecticut, USA, has established himself as a designer of distinctive wide bodied planing launches with the attributes of an easily driven, sea kindly hull. Powerboats incorporating classic style and elegance with luxuriously appointed, spacious interiors. ... Read More

Oceana Cats http://www.luauboats.com/
Scuba diving, skiing, fishing,... the Oceana 25 is always ready to transport you to the most secluded beaches. Also easy to transport by road, this four-wheel drive of the sea allows you to get more than a simple powerboat! Her main feature is her ability to bring you to new shores with elegance and pleasure and to bring you back safely. ... Read More

Paritet company http://www.paritetboat.com
Paritet company is manufacturer of speed catamarans and glassbottom boats. Out last project is catamaran ELLIPS. Look it at www.paritetboat.com ... Read More

Pedigree Cats, Inc. Catamaran http://www.pedigreecats.com/
We specialize in building custom, luxurious multihulls; power catamarans, sail catamarans and trimarans, with many amenities included as standard features. We offer more than 30 different catamaran models ranging from 46' to 136' and we offer top designers for our customers to work with in designing their ultimate catamaran. The catamaran hulls are constructed using Airex foam core, E-glass, Kevlar, carbon fiber, vinylester or epoxy resins with an Imron® exteriors. ... Read More

Port Isaac Powerboats http://www.fastboat.u-net.com/
40ft Sport Fishing Convertible or Cruiser : 40ft Dive Charter boat. 40ft Trawler ... Read More

Sea Speed Design High performance Aluminium Catamarans  
Sea Speed Design designs aluminium catamarans for the charter and ferry industry. Current contracts include designing crew boats for international use and coastal craft off the Australian coast. ... Read More

Seagull Boats Incorporated http://www.seagullboats.com/
The ultimate versatile angler. If you like to fish for everything from trout to tuna, this boat will not only handle it, it will also outperform the competition. ... Read More

Tarquin Traders http://www.tarquin-boats.com/
Twenty years in evolution, we believe the latest range of Tarquin Traders to be the finest cruising motoryachts in the world. With our broader range and unique semi-custom build processes, there is a Trader waiting to be built to broaden your cruising horizons. ... Read More

Tradesure Marine http://www.aventure-catamaran.com/
We are selling and designing oneof the most creative engine powered catamarans specially crafted for leisure cruising, wealso provide a charter version of the yacht for rental purposes, as wellas our popular and succesful fast ferry catamarans. Tim Jordaan of Tradesure Marine, Europe, has successfully collaboratedwith experienced designers Wright and Lavranos, and builder Neville Solley,of New Zealand, in creating these successful motorised catamarans, ... Read More

Tran Sport Boats http://www.texassaltwaterfishing.com/transportboats/
Shallow water center console fishing boats. Tran Sport Boats are used by many Texas saltwater fishing guides, as well as Texas Parks & Wildlife Department. Fiberglass tunnel design allows shallow running for bay or surf fishing ... Read More

Venturer Catamarans http://www.venturer.com.au/index.htm
Venturer Catamarans are built by Seawind Catamarans, known for their successful sailing multihull fleet including the Seawind 1000, Seawind 1200 and Seawind Resort range. The entire range including the Seawind range are produced from a large and impressive 60,000sq foot factory in Bellambi, in northern Wollongong. Guided by a highly qualified management team the company has established a reputation for being a pioneer in the development of some of the worlds best semi displacement high speed catamarans. Now, having established a position of prominence in the local market, Venturer Catamarans has taken its impressive range of luxury catamarans to the world. Design ... Read More

Wheelchair Accessible Trimaran by Catamaran Coaches  
Catamaran Coaches is a manufacturer of Custom Catamarans, Trimarans, Wheelchair accessible boats, Party Boats, Work Barges, Fish/Dive boats and more. Check out our website or follow our boat builds on facebook! ... Read More

World Class Catamarans http://www.worldclasscatamarans.com/
Be prepared to move light years ahead into an exciting new era of boating. World Class Catamarans, manufactured by catamaran leader WCC Group, Inc. has revolutionized the power catamaran industry.<br> Experience the offshore capabilities and smooth ride like you never thought possible. Get behind the helm... kick in the throttles... and prepare for the best ride under the sun!! ... Read More

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