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High-End Offshore & Racing Powerboats

Advantage Boats http://www.AdvantageBoats.com
For more than a decade, Advantage has placed the highest priority on quality, value and customer satisfaction. Today our business philosophy remains the same. We're dedicated to being the industry leader when it comes to creating innovative and technologically advanced new models with cutting edge graphics and colors. Our new 40,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Lake Havasu City, Arizona allows us the opputunity to expand upon our goals...better serving our customers with specialized attention and consultation. We build every boat to order, exactly the way you want it equipped and powered. ... Read More

Airborne Marine http://www.airbornemarine.com/
The end result is a product that will withstand the closest scrutiny, from the cleanliness and accessibility of the engine compartment, to the flawless finish which can only be produced by a flawless mold….A product which will withstand the closest inspection by the most discriminating of buyers. ... Read More

American Offshore Powerboats LLC http://www.american-offshore.com/
American OFFSHORE Powerboats LLC are building the fastest offshore performance cat available today.American Offshore Reviews------- Lay UP-------- Pricing List------- Picture Gallery------ ... Read More

Argo Control Boats http://user.sgic.fi/~argo/

Avanti Powerboats Inc. http://www.avantipowerboats.com/
Avanti Powerboats has been manufacturing high performance power boats, under the name "Avanti", for over twenty years. We currently have five different models in our line-up, from 22 feet up to 39 feet in length. An additional two models, 42 feet and 51 feet in length, will be introduced this year, along with a new manufacturing facility to support the additional products. Over the years, our boats have been well proven and widely accepted as one of the top performance boat lines in the marine industry. Avanti has been two time consecutive National High Points Champions in the Factory division of the US Offshore Racing Association.. ... Read More

Baha Marine http://www.bajamarine.com/
Looking forward<br> That's how Baja became the world's No. 1 performance boat manufacturer. And that's how we stay out in front. Since 1971, we've been dedicated to total speed, that instant when your surroundings melt into a blur, when you become the rush. We're just as devoted to providing the stability and control that gives you utter confidence at any speed. <br> Baja performance is total speed under control. Take a look at our 2001 boat models. And never look back. ... Read More

Carrera Boats http://www.carreraboats.com/
18' Caliente /\/\/\ 20' Eclipse/\/\/\/ 20' Eagle/\/\/\/ 202 XR/\/\/\/\/ 202 XR Bowrider/\/\/\/ 20.5 Elite/\/\/\/\/ 20.5 Elite Bowrider/\/\/\/\ 220 Twister/\/\/\/\ 220 Twister Bowrider/\/\/\/\ 235 Viper/\/\/\/\ 235 Viper Bowrider/\/\/\/ 238 Classic/\/\/\/ ... Read More

Carrera Performance Craft http://www.carreraboats.com/index.html
Carrera Boats<br> 1802 W. Pomona Road, Corona, CA 92880<br> Phone: 909-735-7000 • Fax: 909-735-7072 ... Read More

CigaretteRacing http://www.cigaretteracing.com/
While the boat is setting new standards in performance, Cigarette is keenly aware that top-speed is not the sole criteria to judge an offshore powerboat. "We build our boats to go out in the ocean," reiterated vice president of operations Bobby Stotler. "We don’t build boats for speeds out of the water. We build them for performance on the water. That is where you prove yourself." ... Read More

COBRA Powerboats http://www.cobraboats.com/
The Cobra Predator, a 30-foot catamaran with a top speed of more than 83 mph, has been dubbed "the world's fastest fishing boat". While there are probably some good ol’ boys with overpowered bass boats that can also lay claim to that speed title, you'll have to agree that the Cobra is designed for all conditions, including open ocean. In fact. that's exactly where the Cobra got its start. When the company built its first boat, a 30-foot catamaran they dubbed the Cobra Terminator, it promptly won the world championship in the Super Stock offshore racing class. ... Read More

Cougar Boats http://www.cougarboats.com/
Cougar's customer base is made up of a group of very discriminating boat buyers who have done the research involved in the purchase of a custom boat. Our customers have found Cougar quality to be unmatched anywhere in the "custom" boat industry and that many so called "custom shops" are doing nothing more than buying everything associated with the boat from outside suppliers, - from molds, to the spraying of the gel-coat, to the upholstery and trailers. - The result is a boat that may use inferior materials and workmanship depending on the supplier that was used on that particular day. That is when the problem of repair becomes a factor. If the "supplier of the day" is no longer in business, getting a seat repaired, or matching a custom-gel-coat colour, or obtaining a part for your trailer, can become a real nightmare. ... Read More

Cougar Custom Boats http://www.cougarboats.com/
For the reasons mentioned and total quality control over every aspect of the construction of a Cougar Custom Boat, Cougar does everything "in house", from the construction of molds to the spraying of the gel-coat to the hand layup of the hull and deck, upholstery, hardware and trailers. All of this is done by dedicated full-time craftspeople who are also boating enthusiasts. The work is not done by part-time help that are brought in when the shop gets busy. <p> Since 1972 Cougar has been under the same ownership, with the same philosophy of "quality equals value" that continues into today, and this philosophy will continue to be Cougar's in the future. ... Read More

Cutting Edge Offshore http://www.cuttingedgeoffshore.com/
One of the most anticipated new race boats in years is about to be unveiled, the Cutting Edge, brought on by the never ending quest for speed, handling, and quality construction. Not satisfied with any of the current boats available the team set out to build the ultimate stock class, Factory IV, or class 3 boat in the world. In a class where you currently have only three manufacturers, each has their qualities and faults. At Cutting Edge the goal is to take all of that into consideration and build the perfect race hull. ... Read More

Douglas Marine  
Skater 28 Models :Skater 32 Models : Skater 36 Models:Skater 40 Models:Skater 46 Models:New 2001 / 2002 Additions<li> 28 Pleasure I/O</li> <li> 32 "B" Race / Pleasure Quarter Canopies</li> <li> 42 Pleasure </li>: ... Read More

Eliminator Boats - Daytona http://www.eliminatorboat.com/
There’s a reason that the Daytona is the most popular hull design in the history of performance tunnel boating: it has to do with combining the ultimate in stability with the exhilarating sensation of controlled power. For the performance driving enthusiast, the Daytona offers the best of both worlds: exhilarating acceleration and speed, and the same level of room, comfort, and convenience you’ll find in a family vee-bottom. Build your family rocket with a jet-drive, high-performance stern drive package, or high-output outboard (or two or three.) ... Read More

Hustler Power Boats http://www.hustlerpowerboats.com/

Hydra Tech Catamarans http://www.vitinc.com/nn/br/bw/hydra.html
Hydra Tech Catamarans feature a planning hull for higher speed performance. Probably the best looking fishing boat around that developed from the offshore racing circuit and found their way into the fishing market as a result of a large government contract. Hydra Tech was chosen by the U.S. Government as interceptor vessels to patrol our shores as result of their superior hull construction and performance capabilities. Models are available in a 30' and 32' design as either an open fisherman or with a raised deck model complete with queen sized birth and molded head. With normal performance capability of around 60 mph the Hydra Tech will be sure to get out to the fishing grounds ahead of the pack! ... Read More

Initial Marine Corp. (Velocity Powerboats) http://www.velocityboats.com/index2.htm

KoberKat Boats http://www.koberkatboats.com/mainindex.html
The Kober Kats looked like scaled down Formula I Tunnel Boats, and they even share some of the same performance characteristcs with the bigger 140 mph race boats. In fact, Unlimited HydroPlane Ace Chip Hanauer drove the Kober 8 footer recently and commented that if anyone wanted to experience Formula I driving at a reasonable velocity, this boat will certainly fill the bill. (Trailer Boats Magazine July 1985) ... Read More

Kryptonite Performance Boats http://www.kryptoniteboats.com/
Kryptonite Performance Boats burst onto the national racing scene just over 3 years ago with the production of their custom 27 foot hand built step-bottom hull. Averaging about 15 boats per year, We pride ourselves on building a quality product second to none. Although one of the most over-used slogans in the business, Kryptonite Performance Boats firmly believes that when we race, you win. For Kryptonite, offshore racing pays dividends and unlike our rivals, we use the same hull designs and lamination schedules on our race, sport and center console boats. Our finely-tuned lamination schedules are stronger, faster and lighter than anything on the water. We take our designs to the limit so you don't have to. Offshore competition has helped us advance our technology regarding propeller selection, X-dimensions, bolster construction and even helm layout. ... Read More

Manufacturer of Custom Hi Performance Power boats, Flats Boats, Bay boats and more. Call 941-685-9374 for more information. ... Read More

Magnum Marine http://www.magnummarine.com/
Magnum Marine, a Florida based company, whose boats have been described as " powerful, unforgettably powerful ", is one of boating’s truly legendary companies. "There is magic about a Magnum that is hard todefine." (Dag Pike) Magnum is " the finest in a performance offshore craft in existence today " (U.S. Customs Services) ... Read More

Military and Police Harbor Patrol Boats http://www.defenseboats.com
International Powerboats, Inc. (International) has five different models in our line-up, including our most popular, the International 40’ Interceptor series military/patrol boat. Over the years, our boats have been widely accepted as one of the top high-speed military/patrol boat lines in the marine industry. Our military/patrol boats are custom designed, multi-purpose crafts for a variety of applications such as High-speed Intercepting, Surveillance Missions, Anti-Smuggling Operations, Intelligence Missions and Air/Sea Rescue. ... Read More

Nor-Tech Boats http://www.nor-techboats.com/

ocke mannerfelt design http://www.ocke.se/
ocke mannerfelt design focuses on the design and conception of both motor and sailboats of any size and function. However, we occasionally work with industrial and architectural design. Our team includes a naval architect, a mechanical engineer and an industrial designer using the very latest 3D CAD systems. <p> We believe that our involvement in yacht and powerboat designing provides efficiency gains, combining the best possible performance with the least possible energy consumption. Environmental care including surge and wave movements are also some of our core values. ... Read More

Outerlimits Offshore Powerboats http://www.outerlimitspowerboats.com
Outerlimits Offshore Powerboats, builder of the finest high performance pleasure boats, fills a unique niche in the offshore high performance industry by delivering custom, made-to-order powerboats ranging from 39' to 51', for select clientele. The perfect blend of quality, style, and performance, each Outerlimits vessel is a one-of-a-kind work of art. From the luxurious interiors to the exhilarating speeds and precision handling, Outerlimits provides the ultimate in high performance boating. Advanced post-cured epoxy technology combined with sleek and aggressive lines deliver powerboats which are comfortable and spacious inside, assertive and full of attitude outside. Outerlimits is a cutting edge company, building boats that surpass others in design, luxury, and performance. Breathtaking design, lavish appointments, unrelenting quality and staggering triple digit speeds are inherent in all their models which range from the 39' Quattro to the 51' Sport Yacht. For further information on the comple ... Read More

Phantom Boats, LLC http://phantomboats.com/
"Dedicated to Speed and Performance through Innovative Design and Extraordinary Craftsmanship" ... Read More

Platinum Powerboats http://www.raceboats.com/
Platinum is a purveyor of fine offshore power boats, manufactured according to customer specification, in advanced aerospace materials. Platinum's products are engineered by the leading naval architects, and composite engineers, utilizing the most advanced design tools and manufacturing technology. Intelligent design, race proven engineering, state of the art materials and avant garde styling are combined to provide a unique product for the discerning connoisseur. ... Read More

Power Quest Boats http://www.powerquestboats.com/
Powerquest is dedicated to continuous improvement with the use of the latest high-tech materials and manufacturing processes. The product line continues to grow each year with new and evolving models. From our proven stepped hulls to our ergonomically configured helms, Powerquest is constantly pursuing innovative ideas, designs and products. "Good" just won't cut it. We build each boat by hand, one by one, to give you the high level of performance you demand. We've spent thousands of man hours on research, development and testing to give you the best handling boats on the water today. ... Read More

Riva - Italy http://www.rivaboats.com
There is no question that status attracts status, that glamour attracts glamour. The beauty, prestige and superiority of Riva has meant that many Riva boats have been destined to make their way to important clients.<p>Today celebrities, Kings and Emperors, Princes and Sultans, well known businessmen, entrepreneurs and the international jet-set are still unable to resist the glamour of a Riva. ... Read More

Sanger Boats http://www.sangerboats.com/
While others focus only on select elements of a ski boat's towing characteristics, Sanger believes that the true measure of an inboard design lies in its ability to excel across a broad spectrum of performance criteria. <p> That is why our boats not only provide well-shaped wakes for every watersport discipline from barefooting to slalom to wake-boarding, but also deliver higher top speeds, a better rough water ride, crisper handling and greater seating and storage capacity than any inboard on the market. <p> Check the facts: In independent tests, Sanger inboards consistently reach speeds in excess of 50 mph, and have posted some of the fastest acceleration numbers, handling course times and top speeds ever recorded for an inboard towboat. Our V-bottom hulls run comfortably in water conditions that would shut down many "tournament style" inboards, and WaterSk ... Read More

Scorpion Powerboats Oy http://www.scorpionpowerboats.com/

Sonic Boats http://www.sonicusaboats.com/index2.htm
All of Sonic's boats, since 1976 have been created, designed, tested and built under the supervision of J. Ross. He has continually combined an optimal blend of "scalding" top performance, a ride that can only be described as spectacular and up to the minute aesthetics and amenities that actually work in the performance powerboat environment. Our boats are world renown as being top performers... but rock solid. Sonic USA has never had a structural hull failure or integrity warranty claim and all of us at our 80,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Hollywood, Florida have a personal commitment to assure that you will be problem free with your new Sonic USA, and have many years of enjoyable boating. ... Read More

Sonic Powerboats http://www.sonicusaboats.com/index_frames.asp
Sonic USA, Inc. is a privately held Company, which is most proud of it's 25 year history, as the premier builder of individualized performance power boats. The Company is owned by those who envision design and build Sonic USA boats. Like our exciting boats, Sonic USA, Inc. as a Company answers only to our customers and the pride of our Sonic USA team. You will always get straight answers, real people, and NO voicemail. But more importantly, you get the best all around performance on the water... best looks, construction, and the most comfort. ... Read More

Spectre Powerboats http://www.spectrepowerboats.com/
Spectre Powerboats is dedicated to building the most dominating powerboats on the water today. Our race-proven hulls are designed to provide the safest, fastest, most stable ride available. Each boat is custom made-to-order, hand crafted, utilizing the same design, high quality materials, and strict quality assurance that is found in our National and World Champion offshore race boats. ... Read More

Sunsation Products, Inc. http://www.sunsationboats.com/
Now, in the new millennium, the work has started on a much anticipated and exciting new Sunsation, The 40 Innovator. Plans are to unveil this highly awaited boat at the 2001 Sunsation Rally Weekend, interest is high from the masses, so if your looking to be one of the first to own this industry shaking offshore, make your plans now. ... Read More

Sunseeker http://www.sunseeker.com/
The Sunseeker range combines superb design with exceptional performance.<p> From the outrageous Superhawk 34 up to the stately new 105 Yacht (and the new 125 Yacht now on the design board), the race-bred Sunseeker range has evolved to encompass a fleet of boats to suit every individual.<p> ... Read More

Superboats Inc. http://www.superboatonline.com/
What's your high performance powerboating pleasure??? Offshore powerboat racing in the APBA or Super Boat, poker runs, fishing, or water skiing. We have the high performance powerboat, offshore poweboat, poker run, or water ski power boat for you. As a boat builder, most of our power boats are available outboard or stern drive in APBA offshore racing or poker run versions. We also have many construction options to choose from. We can custom build your fiberglass boat to order at the best value for the dollar per horsepower in the industry. ... Read More

Swift Oceanics http://www.swiftoceanics.com/
he aluminum structure is a patented, well proven, all compression loaded aluminum skin system which is the basis of all of the Swift Oceanics, LTD. boats. There are several advantages in this structural approach, which provide cost and performance benefits that can not be matched by competing composite or metal-based systems. Simply put, this results in stronger, lighter, and more fuel-efficient boats. With the addition of a 4-cycle engine that produces 175hp (shared by all of our PWCs except the luxury yachts), the crafts are not only more durable, quieter, fuel-efficient and fast, but environmentally friendly too. ... Read More

Talon Marine http://www.talonmarine.com/
"The Talon 18' is exceptionally fast upstairs but that's only part of its performance appeal. Even with a prop designed to enhance top-end numbers, the acceleration curve from the midrange on is eyewatering. From a standing start we recorded readings of zero to 20 [mph] in three [seconds], zero to 28 [mph] in five [seconds], zero to 47 [mph] in 10 [seconds] and zero to 59 [mph] in 15 [seconds]. The hull is perfectly balanced and planes instantaneously."POWERBOAT magazine, March 1989 ... Read More

Tige Boats http://www.tige.com/homewin.html
The 2100v is probably the most versatile boat offered on the market today! While specifically designed with wakeboarding in mind the 2100v performs almost equally well in the slalom category. Receiving tournament level marks in slalom by the test crew of Waterski Magazine by facilitating slalom passes well into deep shortline slalom. Another area the 2100v out shines the rest is family cruising. This boat is not only comfortable but has excellent all around watersport performance. ... Read More

Trident Custom Boats http://www.tridentboats.com
Trident Custom Boats is the manufacturer of a high end 27' deck boat called "The Revolution". The Revolution is a wood less construction (all composite) resin infused hull. Resin infusion allows for a structure that is 1/3 the weight of an industry standard layup, while being both stronger and stiffer. The Revolution comes standard with a 522 CID Twin Turbocharged, inter-cooled, fuel injected Chevy big block as its power plant. The revolution also comes standard with a new bit of technology called the "DualDrive". DualDrive consists of twin jet pumps powered off of a single engine. It provides twice the CFM of a single jet pump at the same RPM. This gives the revolution very fast 0-60 times and an inperceivable time to plane. The Revolution also features an articulating front ramp, integrated wrap around rear swim step and a completely modular electrical system for easy repair and maintenance. ... Read More

Velocity Powerboats http://www.velocityboats.com/

Warlock Powerboats http://www.ultimatewarlock.com/
Ultimate Warlocks Deep V's hold the preeminent position among powerboats because they offer the exact performance characteristics and standard amenities that performance boat enthusiasts desire. Ultimate Warlock believes that the only way to create a boat that would excel on smooth lakes and foreboding ocean swells was actually develop one based on those conditions. Deep V's are equipped with most options as standard equipment, with stainless steel hardware found all throughout. ... Read More

Wellcraft Boats http://www.wellcraft.com
Wellcraft Marine is known around the world for world-class performance, quality and style. We manufacture fishing boats, sport boats, cruisers and Scarab® high-performance boats. <p> From the 160 Fisherman to the 45 Excalibur, every Wellcraft takes advantage of the latest technologies available. Designed by the best minds in the business, our fishing boats are tough, rugged and very fishable. Our cruisers are as powerful as they are luxurious. Our performance boats wow thrill-seekers, professional racers and movie stars alike while our sport boats offer enthusiasts the highest levels of customer satisfaction. <br> You’ll absolutely love these boats. ... Read More

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