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Sailboat Specific Parts

1 Custom 58' Painted Aluminum Sailboat Mast http://classified.nauticexpo.com/small-ads-used-boat-classifieds/custom-mast-58-painted-aluminum-sailboat-mast-65516.html
Used 58' painted aluminum mast. Very Good Condition. Size: 10" by 6" oval section with 3/16" wall thickness. Includes masthead & sheave rollers, and attachment fittings (for the spreaders). Year of the mast is unknown, but was professionally reconditioned in 2009. Asking $3,500 USD (or Best Offer). Please note that loading & shipping costs are NOT included in the price, which must be paid for by the buyer. To See Pictures Go To: http://classified.nauticexpo.com/small-ads-used-boat-classifieds/custom- mast-58-painted-aluminum-sailboat-mast-65516.html ... Read More

125' Petit Jean 2003 Rotating Carbon Epoxy Mast  
We are marketing above mast for an insurance company. It is located in Sydney, Australia. Contact me for more info and pictures. The basic info is: Original specs on the mast were: SAILS & RIGGING MAST: Rotating Carbon Epoxy Mast, Height 38.00m (125 feet), 4/5th Rigging SAILS 1 x Mainsail of 300 sq.m 1 x Self-tacking stay sail of 100 sq.m 1 x Genoa of 185 sq.m 1 x Spinnaker of 500 sq.m Actual Condition: It is reported but not confirmed that: The mast was built for a 105' high sea cruising catamaran. When the mast was being lifted the lifting strop slipped over the tang that it was supposed to be under and the weight caused a cowling piece, just above the tang, to be crushed. The damage appeared to be only cosmetic. however, the insurance company paid to have the cowling piece repaired. The mast comes complete with stainless steel rigging and fittings (but no winches, boom or sails). It is believed to be in satisfactory condition (no structural damage). It is understood ... Read More

AuctionSail.com Boat Auction - Sailboat Parts for Sale http://www.auctionsail.com/BoatAuction/QAViewAuctions.asp?catID=58
Find new and used Sailboat Parts for Sale online at <h1><a href="http://www.auctionsail.com/BoatAuction/QAViewAuctions.asp?catID=58"> AuctionSail.com Boat Auction - Sailboat Parts for Sale</a></h1> ... Read More

BackStay Cushions by RiggingWraps  
RiggingWraps BackStay cushions are designed to protect boat rigging, while providing comfort and safety. BackStay Cushions protect feet from turn buckles, exposed cable ends and sharp cotter pins. In hot, sun exposed climates, they prevents discomfort from hot cabling. RiggingWraps BackStay cushions superior quality are mold, mildew, tear and fade-resistant. ... Read More

Conrad Blocks http://www.conradblocks.com
Conrad Blocks make traditional wooden shelled blocks for all types of boats. We provide a quality product, based on traditional wisdom and utilizing modern materials. <p>Conrad Blocks are manufactured in Australia using quality materials: <br> <li>marine grade stainless steel (316L) straps, rollers and axles <li>phosphor bronze sheaves <li>hard wearing copper bound jarrah cheeks <li>finished in a soft spar varnish. ... Read More

Dinghy-Tow http://www.dinghy-tow.com/
The concept is simple - tow your dinghy backwards. Dinghy-Tow lifts the stern of the dinghy out of the water using two stainless steel poles and lifting tackle. Towing in this manner leaves only a small part of the bow in the water resulting in low drag, low windage and an unobstructed view. Dinghy-Tow can easily be adjusted to the heeling action of a sailboat in varying sea conditions. The pivoting action of the mechanism allows the dinghy to move with the waves absorbing vertical and lateral motion. While standing in the cockpit, the dinghy, with motor already in place, can quickly be lowered and released. ... Read More

Fawcett Boat Supplies http://www.fawcettboat.com/

Fine Wooden Boat Co. http://www.finewoodenboats.com
We build small fishing skiffs, canoes, and sailboats. In addition we build fine handcrafted replacement rudders, daggerboards and wooden replacement parts for your boat. We build CENTERBOARDS for the following boats: Laser, Sunfish "new style" Sunfish "old style", AMF Puffer, Dolphin Jr, Dolphin Sr, Force 5, Holder 12 and Holder 14. We build RUDDERS for the following boats: Laser, Hobie 16, Glastron Alpha, Guppy 13, Guppy 13 kickup, Sunfish 1971(special), Sunfish "Old Style", Sunfish "New Style", Montgomery 17, Montgomery 15 kickup, Dolphin Jr, Dolphin Sr, Dolphine 17, Force 5, Bayliner 18, Holder 12, Holder 14, American Mutineer and Kickup Sparrow 12. We can also build a custom board or rudder if yours is lost or damaged. Hardware mounting holes are predrilled . See www.finewoodenboats.com for more info. ... Read More

Harken Yacht Equipment http://www.harken.com/

Hood Yacht Spars http://www.marinemart.com/hood.html
IN-MAST FURLING<br> The STOWAY mast from HOOD YACHT SPARS is recognized as the name for in-mast furling and reefing. STOWAY masts are made for yachts from 30ft to over 150ft and operate easily and smoothly. They allow you to handle the mainsail from the safety of the cockpit or pilot house. STOWAY masts have been proven for their reliability with over 20 years of successful history and over 2000 masts produced. ... Read More

IdaSailor Marine Rudders http://www.idasailor.com/catalog/default.php
High quality steering products for your trailerable sailboats. From rudders to tillers, if you are in need of steering products visit our website. ... Read More

JCD Universal Racing Parts http://www.jcdcustomraceparts.com/
Highly Rated Tiller Extensions, The Original JCD Universal, Innovative Sailboat Parts and Hardware, JCD Mast Blocks... ... Read More

Melges Performance Sailboats http://melges.com/express.html
Melges Performance Sailboats - Parts Page ... Read More

Rondal http://www.rondal.com/
Rondal's leading position in the marine industry was first gained in the field of masts and booms. Having concentrated on and achieved first class honours on racing yachts, Rondal began to focus their expertise towards luxury cruising yachts during the 1980's. <p> Now, with the knowledge and experience gained over the last 30 years, the Rondal name has become synonymous with the design, engineering and manufacturing, not only of custom built mast packages, but also of hydraulic furling gear, hydraulic winches, deck hardware, and hatches for yachts of 60 ft and over. ... Read More

CATALINA 22' OR MOST 22' SAILBOATS ASYMMETRICAL CRUISING SPINNAKER Like New !!! Flew it twice, works great, but crew wasn't willing. Tri-colors- Red, White and Blue Spinnaker Turtle Bag Dousing Sock - Chute Scoop Tack shackle and swivel block Sheet and Guy Lines - white with green ticking.w/ snap shackle Features Include: * Cloth Weight: .75 ounce * Radial corner patches * Color coded luff and leech tapes * Luff Measurement: 26 feet * Leech Measurement: 23.5 feet * Foot Measurement: 13.5 feet * Square Footage: 305 feet Original Retail with all the gear is over $1000 More pictures available. ... Read More

Sunfish Sailboat Parts http://www.yankeeboat.com/sunfish_sailboat_parts.htm
For Rudders and Tillers Bailer Sunfish Sailboat Parts, you have come to the right place! We have what you are looking for! For easy navigation, click on the part you need and it will jump you to more information and the opportunity to purchase your part online. ... Read More

Sunfish Sailboat Parts & Accessories http://www.mysunfishsailboat.com
The Sunfish Sailboat is the top selling sailboat in the world. The key advantage to a Sunfish sailboat is in its simplicity, its lateen sail and its simple two line rigging makes it an ease to set up and be in the water in no time. Adding the final touches to your used sunfish sailboat? We have the top selling sunfish sailboat parts and accessories: http://www.mysunfishsailboat.com/main/category/sunfish- sailboat-parts/accessories ... Read More

Used Sailboats, sailing gear, parts, and nautical equipment for sale. http://www.usedsailboatgear.com
Find deals on used sailboats, sailing gear, parts, and equipment, and items often associated with sailing. ... Read More

Used Sailboats, sailing gear, parts, and nautical equipment for sale. http://www.usedsailboatgear.com
Find deals on used sailboats, sailing gear, parts, and equipment, and items often associated with sailing. ... Read More

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