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Algonquin Outfitters http://www.algonquinoutfitters.net
Algonquin Outfitters is a Directory of Resources for your trip to Algonquin Park, Ontario, Canada. Regards, Mr. Awapik ... Read More

Baidarka Boats http://www.execpc.com/~bboats/
We offer many brands of Folding, Fiberglass & Plastic sea kayaks, lots of gear, and good solid advice -- based on 22 years experience -- to help with your selection. ... Read More

Benner Boat Company, Custom Kayaks http://www.bennerboat.com
At Benner Boat, we specialize in handcrafting wooden sea kayaks using traditional Aleutian techniques. We custom build every kayak to fit your body and paddling style. Our individual artistic styles and designs ensure our custom kayaks fit you. Custom - Individual - Traditional ... Read More

We are a China manufacturer of carbon/ kevlar/Aramid /glass/basalt fiber product(such as fabric,sleeve,sheet,tape,belt.....),we improt raw material from Japan and USA to make this product for customers . we have our own factory in Yixing ,belongs to WuXi city and we have alrealy established a great deal of win-win business partners in Europe. If you have interest ,please conatct us. ADDRESS:84 Gaocheng Road Private development Zone Heqiao Town Yixing City JiangSu Province China TELEPHONE:+86-510-87818878 FAX: +86-510-87818878 MOBILE:+86 (0)15852689112 Email:huahengcf@gmail.com MSN: nanfang090300230@live.cn skyp:sunbun7 ... Read More

Caretta Kayaks, Inc http://www.carettakayaks.com/
aretta Kayaks manufacturers and sells luxury wooden kayaks. We specialize in touring kayaks built using traditional woodstrip methods. Our company was born of the desire to add the art, romance and beauty of wooden boats to the world of sea kayaking. Caretta's innovative and unique designs reflect years of paddling the beautiful Georgia Coast, and other wild areas of the Southeast. <p> We believe there is no finer way to explore and enjoy paddling than in a handcrafted woodstrip boat. We also offer a selection of paddling accessories and wooden paddles. ... Read More

Chesapeake Light Craft, LLC http://www.clcboats.com/
Chesapeake Light Craft designs and manufactures the world's most popular kayak kits and plans. We also make kits for performance rowing craft and for sailboats. Over 7,000 CLC boats have been completed by amateur builders all over the world, many of whom had no previous woodworking experience. We sell boatbuilding materials, okoume plywood, tools, MAS epoxy, paint and varnish, paddling and rowing gear, books, and lots of other neat stuff. ... Read More

Custom Kayaks http://www.customkayaks.com/
Custom kayaks hand built to order. Wood and fiberglass construction. Many models and sizes available. From open flatwater lake kayaks to high volume expedition sea kayaks. Standard 16" expedition models starting at $1400 ready to paddle. Price quotes available upon request. Many options available to customize your kayak including watertight hatches and bulkheads, rudders, deck mounted compass, deck rigging, custom paint and varnish. Everything is hand crafted. 8 to 12 weeks for delivery from construction start. Free local delivery. Other delivery options to be negotiated. Will begin construction for as little as $650 deposit for materials. Kayaks are constructed from plans and materials procured from the leader in wooden kayak construction. These kayaks are stronger, lighter, less expensive and more beautiful than their commercially produced plastic or fiberglass counterparts. ... Read More

Dimension Kayaks http://www.dimensionkayaks.com
Since 1975, Plastiques LPA Ltd. has been producing high quality kayaks. The Dimension line has just the right kayak for you. From traditional kayaks to to sit on tops that provide a new Dimension in comfort and stability. Experience a Dimension kayak today and become one with water.... ... Read More

Eddyline Kayaks http://www.eddyline.com/
Tom Derrer began building whitewater kayaks back in the days when, if you wanted to paddle, you had to build your own. He formed Eddyline kayaks in 1971 in Boulder, Colorado. In 1974 he moved Eddyline to the Puget Sound area of Washington and continued to paddle and compete in whitewater while building kayaks designed by Werner Furrer. There, he became interested in sea kayaking and soon began designing for himself. His "Orca" design still stands as a benchmark in the industry as will his innovative "Falcon", and most recently the "Night Hawk". He pioneered vacuum bagging and the use of the extruded seaming technique. His designs blend performance, stability and aesthetics. This is a difficult and rarely achieved balance, yet it's something that Eddyline customers have come to expect. ... Read More

Eddyline Kayaks http://eddyline.com/
It is our goal to provide you with the information needed to make an informed decision regarding kayak or paddle selection, and a complete users guide after purchase. If you do not see what you need here, please send us an email. ... Read More

Excedo Boats  
We are an Argentinean Boat Manufacturer Company that exports WORLDWIDE Pleasure/Fisher Power Boats, Cabin Boats, Pleasure/Fisher/Tender Rigid Inflatable Boats, Cruiser/Daysailer/Dinghy Sailboats, Recreational Kayaks & Canoes. ... Read More

Feathercraft Folding Kayaks Ltd. http://www.Feathercraft.com/
The origin of the skin kayak can be traced back over 5000 years. Originally constructed of driftwood, whalebone and sealskin, these kayaks were an integral element of hunting and survival. The kayak was created and designed to the body-size and shape of the paddler; for specific hunting needs, and to particular environmental and regional conditions. Since that time, there have been many changes and innovations to this unique craft. The primary focus for today's kayak is leisure, sport, travel, and adventure. Since 1980, Feathercraft has established itself as the premier folding skin kayak for today, and well into the future. ... Read More

Heritage Kayaks http://www.heritagekayaks.com/
Heritage Kayaks have been professionally designed with specific models intended primarily for recreational use, for touring, or for extended touring. These kayaks may be used on coastal ocean waters, lakes and rivers and, in the hands of qualfied paddlers, for downriver runs through moderate rapids. We encourage you to think carefully about the type of paddling you plan to do most often before selecting your kayak. ... Read More

Inflatable and folding boats and kayaks http://www.baidarka.biz
Inflatable and folding boats, kayaks, and catamarans for the most affordable prices averaging $400. ... Read More

Inflatable Boats and Kayaks Guide http://www.web-enterprise.co.nz/inflatables/about.html
Read about the advantages Inflatable Boats and Kayaks have over wooden dinghies. ... Read More

Islander Kayaks http://www.islanderkayaks.com/islander/index.html

Klepper Folding Kayaks http://www.klepper.com/
From the Arctic to the Tropics unfold your adventure in minutes into an ocean-going sailboat or kayak. Seek new horizons and discover the world in a small boat under your own power. The Folding Kayak Idea In 1907 a tailor from Rosenheim in Bavaria had a simple idea. Johann Klepper wanted to built a foldable kayak that he could take wherever his heart desired.The world-class Klepper Aerius Kayaks Series is the result of 90 years of relentless research and development. Choose from 4 models: ... Read More

Necky Kayaks http://www.necky.com/design909/index.html

Northwest Kayaks http://www.nwkayaks.com/
Our vision at Northwest Kayaks is simple. We start with nature, add a hull design that compliments the wind and waves, use materials that defy gravity itself ... Read More

Ocean Kayak http://www.oceankayak.com/
"To bring at least 1% of the earth's population closer to the ocean."<br> In 1971, that was Tim Niemier's goal when he introduced the world's first sit-on-top kayak. Since then, Tim's designs have brought people not only closer to oceans, but to water of all types. <p> At first, Ocean Kayaks were a kind of hollowed-out surfboard that could carry diving gear to distant, hard-to-reach spots. In the next 30 years, Ocean Kayak developed sit-on-tops for fishing, diving, surfing, river running, touring, and fitness. &l ... Read More

Paddle Shack Inc. http://www.paddleshack.net
Canada's Wholesale Resource for Canoe & Kayak Sales. 1-800-337-1006. ... Read More

Perception Kayaks http://www.kayaker.com/perception/index_flashchoice.html
A wonderful company with a lot of products! ... Read More

Polyform Sea Kayaks http://www.polyform.fr/home.html

Pygmy Boats Inc. http://www.pygmyboats.com/
Pygmy Boats Inc. of Port Townsend, Washington is the largest and oldest manufacturer of precision precut plywood kayak kits in North America. Started in 1986 by boat designer and software engineer, John Lockwood, Pygmy Boats produced North America's first computer designed sea kayaks. In 13 years we have expanded our line to include 13 sea kayak models and our rowing skiff, the Wineglass Wherry. Whether a paddler is 5 or 65, novice or advanced in technique, we have a craft to suit your needs. ... Read More

Raven Studios http://www.ravenstudios.ca
Contemporary wood-strip watercraft-what wet dreams are made of. When you are looking for EXCELLENCE and will accept nothing less, choose Raven Studios. The sky is the limit- let Raven transform your dreams into reality. At Raven Studios you can have a custom Kayak constructed in the model of your choice from the plans of any designer that suites you in styles from the conservative to the elaborate. Feel free to contact Raven to discuss your dreams and making them reality. ... Read More

Redfish Custom Kayak & Canoe Company http://www.RedfishKayak.com/
Redfish Custom Kayak & Canoe Co. specializes in designing and building wood strip sea kayaks and canoes. We can furnish you with a finished kayak or, if you are a home builder and would like to try your hand at building your own boat, we can supply you with the plans you will need to get you on your way.We would like to note that every sale of a Redfish kayak, canoe, paddle, or building plan is dedicated to helping reestablish and sustain the salmon runs of the Pacific Northwest. ... Read More

San Javier Kayak http://www.woodenkayak.com/
Building is simple when you use the Stitch-and-Glue method. You need only the most basic tools, (a hand plane, drill, palm sander and jig saw). The kayak parts are made of tough 4mm okoume plywood which you "sew" together with wire. Fiberglass tape is then placed over the seams for strength and the wood is impregnated with epoxy (to provide water proofing and additional strength). You will complete the trademark San Javier hull with a layer of fiberglass cloth and special "graphite" coating. Finished off with a good marine varnish, you are ready to paddle the most beautiful Stitch-and-Glue kayak available. ... Read More

Shearwater Boats http://www.shearwater-boats.com/kayaks.html
<b>Double kayaks, Custom kayaks,Single Kayaks</b> ... Read More

TRIAK http://www.teamtriak.com/
The unique design of the TRIAK is like no other boat on the water, amazingly practical for sailing and kayaking enthusiasts alike. Take it out for an afternoon across the bay or multi-day camping expedition out to the islands. With a sailing rig that delivers speed and excitement one minute yet can be collapsed for a quick changeover to paddling the next, you'll have fun no matter what the conditions. The TRIAKs paddling capabilities are on par with that of traditional sea kayaks, yet it is so stable you can stand up or lean over. Easy and comfortable sailing excursions or thrilling rides in the surf are yours to choose from the cockpit of this world class sailing kayak. ... Read More

Trinity Bay Kayaks http://www.trinitybaykayaks.com/
Rated for a load of 450 pounds, the Critter 2's large cockpit will accept two adults and their gear, and it's perfect for entry-level paddlers who are looking for a kayak with stability, comfort, and good paddling performance. The round/channeled hull not only provides excellent stability but also adds stiffness to the hull and delivers great tracking. foam flotation in the ends adds a level of security. Seats are large and comfortable, and include a seat back for additional comfort and control. ... Read More

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