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American Sail Inc http://sailingsource.com/americansail/
American Sail Inc is one of the leading manufacturers of small sailboats and dinghies ranging from 8 to 15 feet. Products include daysailors, catamarans, boardboats, and dinghies with or without sails. At American Sail the strongest emphasis is put on quality. Every boat in our product line is constructed of hand-laid fiberglass with positive foam flotation. Anodized mast systems, stainless steel hardware, and American made sails are standard features throughout the product line. In addition, all cleats and deck hardware are backed with aluminum plates in place of the commonly used wood. ... Read More

Beacon Boats, Inc. http://www.beaconboats.com/
Beacon Boats, Inc., located in Bristol, Rhode Island, combines traditional styling with quality materials and craftsmanship to manufacture a small boat that you will enjoy for many years to come. <p> We appreciate the importance of owning a reliable boat that is well-built, easy to travel with and easy to store. At Beacon Boats, we pride ourselves on having satisfied customers who use our popular tenders in a variety of activities: sailing; fishing; skin- diving and other water recreation. Choose Beacon Boats, and choose quality, selection and affordability. ... Read More

Bloodaxe Boats http://www.bloodaxeboats.co.uk/
Builder of lightweight racing dinghies and high performance foils. ... Read More

Bluewater Baby - the Ultimate Yacht Tender  
Designed from the keel up to be the Ultimate Yacht Tender - the 11 ft Bluewater Baby has light weight state-of-the-art all composite fiberglass construction. ... Read More

Cape Cod Frosty http://members.aol.com/ccfrosty/index.htm
Slower than a speeding bullet, smaller than an Optimist, able to float a person bigger than she is... No, this is not a boat for juniors, in fact, only experienced sailors need apply. But if you like to race, and can't seem to give it up for the winter, this 6'4" LOA boat may be just the ticket, because the Cape Cod Frosty is debatably the most fun racing dinghy in existance. ... Read More

CastleCraft http://www.castlecraft.com/
Snark Sailboats, MichiCraft Canoes, Sportspal Canoes, American Eagle Canoes & Kayaks, Tinker Inflatable Sailboats & RIB, Meyers Fishing Boats, Trailex Trailers, Seitech and Wheel a Weigh Dollies & Carts. Shipped Direct to You. ... Read More

Classic Sailboats http://www.classicsailboats.co.uk
Classic Sailboats are based in North Wales and are primarily builders and restorers of classic wooden sailing boats. Current work includes a new Dublin Bay Waterwag, a new Shannon OD, rebuilds of three Seabird half raters and a new Trearddur Bay 14ft Myth. We also undertake larger projects, the last being a total restoration of "Marian Maid", a Knud Reimers 8 metre. This project used computer aided lofting techniques to restore the original shape to the yacht which had sagged a great deal over the years. Once the shape was determined, the yacht was completely disassembled and rebuilt to the new owners specification. Telephone / Fax 01248 679112, or visit the website! ... Read More

Crystal Bay Boats - The Ultimate, 100% Fiberglass Yacht Tender in the World  
Crystal Bay Yacht Tenders are the ultimate yacht tender in the world. They are constructed entirely of 100% fiberglass composite materials (no wood) and are coast guard certified for the highest safety standards. A closed cell flotation system is built into the tender and they are unsinkable. There is a molded stringer system for smooth performance and durability. Crystal Bay Yacht Tenders have yacht quality, stainless steel hardware, detailed diamond non-skid on all flooring, decks and gunnel areas and there is a 10 year manufacturers warranty on hull, deck and stringer system. Our tenders resemble an inflatable but will never sink, rip or deflate. Our sizes are 8'10", 10'10" and a 12'6". Options include center console, engines package, custom colors, cushions package, teak, bimini top and much more. Visit us at www.crystalbayboats.com. Email: info@crystalbayboats.com, phone (352) 528-3336. ... Read More

Driftwood Boats http://www.theboatbuilder.ca/
A one-man shop in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia building lapstrake style wooden boats. His <a href="http://www.theboatbuilder.ca/traditional_dinghy.html">dinghies </a> have won awards in boat shows in Nova Scotia. All his boats are custom made and build for the individual customer. You can see pictures of his <a href="http://www.theboatbuilder.ca/boat_building_awards_2005.html">award winning dinghy</a> on <a href="http://www.theboatbuilder.ca/boat_builder.html">Tom Fidgen's</a> site. <a href="http://www.theboatbuilder.ca/boat_builder.html">Tom Fidgen</a> also builds <a href="http://www.theboatbuilder.ca/double_paddle_canoe.html">double paddle canoes</a>, <a href="http://www.theboatbuilder.ca/whitehall_style_skiff.html"> Whitehall style skiffs</a>, <a href="http://www.theboatbuilder.ca/wooden_canoe.html">wooden canoes</a>, and <a href="http://www.th ... Read More

Edey & Duff, Ltd http://www.edeyandduff.com/
I love my Fatty Knees." That's what more than 1,000 Fatty Knees owners have to say about boating's most stable and distinctive rowing and sailing dinghy. From the design of Lyle Hess and the craftsmanship of Edey & Duff, Fatty Knees features rigid, lightweight fiberglass lapstrake construction, wide beam, gentle sheer and teak trim. She's easy to row, has plenty of room for passengers and gear, simple to sail and most importantly, safe. ... Read More

Fastacraft http://www.fastacraft.com
Manufacturers of carbon fibre rudders and centreboards for racing dinghies. Custom foils from computer operated router to any sectional shape or profile. Molded carbon fibre hydrofoil section suitable for sail or human powered boats. ... Read More

FRP Dinghie type of Boat  
We introduce oruselves as a leading manufacturer of FRP boats in our region. we have developed a mold to build dinghie type of boat. pl. contact us for more detial. ... Read More

Gig Harbor Boat Works, Inc. http://www.ghboats.com/
Gig Harbor Boat Works is the builder of a unique line of custom rowing and sailing boats. Our boats are modern reproductions of small craft used during the last century of working sail when people earned their living using only wind and oar.<p> Our updated versions are built using lightweight fiberglass composite construction and may be customized to suit each customers needs be it yacht tender or recreational watercraft. In deference to modern needs, all of our boats will accommodate the use of small outboard motors. We have seven different models ranging in ... Read More

Guck, Inc. http://www.guckinc.com/
Guck, Inc was formed in 1994 by Lars Guck and has become the definitive high performance dinghy repair and construction shop in the North East. If you are looking for quality work performed by top level sailors who understand your concerns, then Guck, Inc. is your shop. Our combined racing experience at the top level worldwide means that you do not have to worry about the end result, and you do not have to wonder about who is actually doing the work. We are not a fairing factory, we are a small shop that gives each project the same level of attention and care. We will make your boat as good as the boats that we bring out to the course! ... Read More

Jay's RV & Marine http://www.usinflatable.com
Your one stop shop for BRIG inflatable boats and other rv & marine products. ... Read More

Johannsen Boat Works - Trinka http://trinka.com/pg1_2.htm
Keeps you and your gear dry when the others are getting drenched! <br> Admired and envied by the most particular and demanding seaman! <br> Holds up to the rugged cruising service that destroys most toy dinks! <br> Gets up to 15 feet per stroke! <br> <br> Looks like the fine boat she is...not a basement bargain or jelly bean! <br> Can carry four adults plus luggage or ... two full-size bikes, two adults and a couple hundred pounds of groceries or gear! ... Read More

Novurania, Inc http://www.novurania.com./
Novurania, Inc. has been setting standards in design and production of yacht tenders since 1980. Our passion for detail and unique, technologically advanced design has made NOVURANIA the recognized leader in the yachting industry the world over. Now, this same passion for detail is being applied to the production of a brand new boat, the 38' Europa 1200. ... Read More

O'Hurleys' Wooden Boats http://www.ohurleysboats.com/Dinghys.htm
<b>Custom Creations </b>Currently, we manufacture two models of dinghies. Both are cedar strip/epoxy with varnish finishes. They come complete with spoon oars, bronze locks, and dock lines.These designs of H.I. Chapelle are proven as being sturdy and functional for both pleasure rowing and a yacht tender. ... Read More

Porta-Bote's ® http://www.porta-bote.com/
Over 25 years in production - Over 40,000 boats in use Worldwide! <br> Easily Fits Atop A Car Like A Surfboard. Even Attaches To The Side Or Top Of An RV! <p> Porta-Boat Ends Trailering Forever!...Perfect Car Top Boat & RV "Dinghy"! <br> Great Duck Boat &Yacht Tender, Too! ... Read More

Rich Passage Minto Sailing Dinghy http://www.richpassage.com
Rich Passage Boats of Port Orchard WA has brought the popular 9'1" Minto sailing dinghy, once produced by Ranger Boats of Kent WA, back into production. The Rich Passage Minto has a 48 square foot Bermuda main with spruce mast and boom. Like the Ranger Minto, the Rich Passage Minto has a lapstrake fiberglass hull, teak gunwales, floatation cells under each of the three teak seats, and can be rowed from both the mid and bow seat positions. Inquiries can be made to minto@richpassage.com ... Read More

Strongest boats in the world http://strongestboats.com
Samboats - South America Boat Company, South America & Caribbean, more than 60 different models from 8 to 21ft. Low prices, directly from the factory. Indestructible, safe, comfortable, light, durable and environment friendly boats. Boats for all purposes. Build to withstand everything. Please visit our site for all information and the lowest prices. Also Dealers and Distributors wanted. ... Read More

Topaz Sailing Systems  
The Topaz Sailing System is the most versatile sailboat dingy ever made. Because it is one hull with an upgradeable rig, it is actually three boats-in-one. Fast, cool and fun, this awesome design provides the perfect combination of simplicity and thrills for the new generation of sailors. go to www.topazsailing.com or call 410-286-2960 today to schedule a demo sail. ... Read More

Woodwind Boats http://www.woodwindboats.co.uk/
Woodwind Boats are builders of fine classic wooden clinker sailing dinghies and sailing canoes as well as wooden kit boats and canadian canoes. The classical range of Oboe dinghies and Piccollo victorian sailing canoes are built in mahogany marine plywood and fitted out in solid mahogany and oak with the strength and beauty of copper riveted oak ribs. ... Read More

Yeilding International http://www.thefrontpage.com/marine/boats/yeilding/welcome.html
The Versatile Inflatable Dinghy, SAIL IT, ROW IT, ..POWER IT SURVIVE.., And....at The End of The Day.... ....STOW IT.... ... Read More

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