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Marine Phone & Television Items

Alan Spicer Marine Telecom http://www.marinetelecom.net
Marine - Sail and Motor Yacht - Communications, Computer, Onboard Networks, Voice Telephone, and Internet Sales and Services Marine Cellular Internet - Marine WiFi Internet (Systems) Marine Livewire Service Selector / Access Controller Cost Savings on Marine Internet and Telephone Services - Diversity in multiple Internet and Telephone Connections. See also http://www.marinetelecom.net/Ericsson _W35/ and http://www.wifiyacht.net ... Read More

BoatAntenna.com http://www.boatantenna.com/
We Sell Only the Finest Marine Antennas Made. Your Antenna Is Your Lifeline. Choose Wisely. ... Read More

Flagship Sentry http://www.flagshipsentry.com/
Manufacturer of marine and recreational vehicle security alarm and monitoring systems, and closed circuit television systems. ... Read More


Naval Electronics, Inc. http://www.naval.com/
<b>MARINE TV ANTENNA</b> Systems for Navy, Merchant Shipping, Work Boats and Fine Yachts. ... Read More

Outfitter Satellite Inc. http://www.phonetraders.com/
Outfitter Satellite is an equipment and service provider with one of the world's largest inventories of satellite phones for immediate purchase or rental. Outfitter also buys and sells used satellite equipment. Rush delivery and friendly expert advice are always available. <p> Outfitter is an Official Supplier of satellite phones, solar recharging equipment, and GPS technology to NBC's adventure series "The Pretender", the Boreal Expedition 2000, the ProViva Everest Ski Expedition, and River Magazine. To learn more about our company and our clients, click here. ... Read More

SeaTel Inc. http://www.seatel.com/
SeaTel specializes in Marine Stabilized Antenna Systems for Satellite Communications (two-way communications) and Satellite Television-at-Sea (DBS/DTH, TV-at-Sea) and Weather Satellite Tracking (WeSat Weather-at-Sea). ... Read More

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