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Batteries & Power Supply

Advanced Battery Systems http://www.absbattery.com/marine_and_commercial_batteries.htm
Marine and Commercial Batteries :Wet Flooded Batteries : Gell/ Absorbed Glass Mat ... Read More

Ample Power http://www.amplepower.com/
We provide the most effective battery management equipment in existence for owner operated systems in boats, motorcoaches, and remote sites. And we are the primary source of information you need to enjoy electricity unplugged from the public utility. ... Read More

Bogart Engineering http://www.bogartengineering.com/
The TriMetric battery monitors are designed to assist in battery care, conservation and system maintenance of battery powered systems that use storage batteries with system voltage from 12-48 volts. They provide the user with information on battery "volts", "amps" and "amp-hours" and the newest version also provides "battery percent full" information, based on measuring the amp-hours removed from the battery system. Reliability, accuracy and simplicity are key product objectives. ... Read More

ELECTROVENT http://www.systranlinks.com/systran/cgi
Our wind mills are provided with a speed regulator mechanics preventing the propeller from packing by high winds. Moreover one integrated electronic regulator the state of the batteries checks continuously and compensates at once that a demand for energy is perceived by the batteries. It is the ideal source of energy alternative for the entertaining needs. You can even use a wind mill to charge the batteries of the electric outboard motors. These wind mills assembled starting from an alternator of car remanufactured are a pledge of durability and endurance. From 15 or 30 amps, according to your personal needs, you will have required necessary alternative energy, here is your guarantee of reliability. ... Read More

RV Power Products http://www.rvpowerproducts.com/
We strive to bring reliable, advanced technology products to consumers. Our patent pending MPPT controllers allow you to get the most out of your solar system. No need to waste available power when our Solar Boost products will provide you that extra charge! ... Read More

Wagner Products http://www.wagnerproducts.com/index.html
We manufacture the best replacement alternators available for Mercruiser, OMC and many other inboards and stern drive applications. We have sold thousands of our alternator conversions kits which eliminate the water-cooled regulator/stator found on 470 Series Mercruiser sterndrives. Our new alternator-mounted battery isolator will give you two-battery reliability without the hassle of a confusing battery switch. ... Read More

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