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Coast Guard Training

Attention Future Captains! http://www.glctraining.com/
Get Your USCG 100-ton Master's License! Take the test with us! 100% Guaranteed! Call 1800-227-8635 for more information, visit us online or email Info@glctraining.com ... Read More

Captain Roy's Training http://www.capt-roys.com/
Capt Roy's provides the best training and materials available to prepare for the United States Coast Guard's Operator of Uninspected Passenger Vessels (Six Pack) to 100 Ton Masters License examination. All course materials meet the Coast Guard requirements listed in CFR 146. ... Read More

Captain's Exam Prep Materials http://members.bellatlantic.net/~edwardsr
Study at home for the captain's exam. OUPV or Master 100 tons. Full line of study materials. Many satisfied students, now licensed captains! Budget priced but top quality. ... Read More

Dyess Maritime Consultants: Dallas/Fort Worth's only USCG License Training http://dyessmaritime.com
The only boater training facility in the Dallas/Fort Worth area that offers USCG 6-pack and Master Mariner training. We are also the only ASA sailing school in the area with an Instructor Evaluator on staff. Therefore, we can certify from basic sailing to off-shore, all-weather instructor. ... Read More

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