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Mechanical & Restoration Schools

Pacific Marine Institute http://www.bellhaven.com/pacificmarinjeinst.htm
At Pacific Marine Institute you can learn the theory and hands on skills to be able to carry out mechanical inspections and/or repairs. The classes can be geared for the novice or shade tree mechanic who wants to work on their own marine equipment up to the professional who wants to broaden their skill base. <br> Courses are offered in: 1. Basic Mechanical 2. Marine Engines 3. Basic Electricity 4. Advanced Electricity 5. Maine Refrigeration 6. Marine Engine and Mechanical Survey 7. Class Fee's 8. Long Range Crusing ... Read More

The International Yacht Restoration School  
The International Yacht Restoration School was founded as a not-for-profit educational institution in Newport, Rhode Island in 1993. Students and audiences include full-time apprentices, students from local schools, attendees of a variety of lectures and workshops, and the general public, who are welcome to visit the school year-round. IYRS is committed to remaining open to the public, and providing access to our waterfront. We are dedicated to preserving and continuing an important local tradition of fine nautical craftsmanship. We believe ... Read More

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