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Marine Satellite Services

Alan Spicer Telecom http://telecom.dyndns.biz
Marine and Motor Yacht Computer, Networking, Satellite Internet, Wireless Coastal Internet, and General Computer Contracting Services. Coast Internet Service - out to 30 miles Blue Sea Satellite Service Internet Appliance for Satellite and other Internet Connection Control Prevent those satellite overages from leaving the Satellite Internet online by mistake! Computer repairs, replacements, upgrades, peripherals... ... Read More

Applied Satellite Technology http://www.satcomms.com/
Applied Satellite Technology (AST) is the leading supplier of satellite phones in the UK and Singapore. R+D facilities mean constant striving for better solutions and specific applications such as a range of unique smartcard satellite payphones and solar power packages. The range extends from handheld 'satellite cellphones' to 64kb dial up systems. As an independent Service provider (SP) we are able to provide the best combination of price and performance to meet individual requirements. We are not tied to a specific manufacturer or supplier. ... Read More

Globalstar http://www.globalstar.com
Globalstar is a consortium of leading international telecommunications companies originally established in 1991 to deliver satellite telephony services through a network of exclusive service providers. <p> The Globalstar system is designed to provide high quality satellite-based telephony services to a broad range of users: <br> <li> Cellular users who roam outside of coverage areas </li> <li> People who work in remote areas where terrestrial systems do not exist </li> <li> Residents of under-served markets who can use Globalstar's fixed-site phones to satisfy their needs for basic telephony </li> <li> International travelers who need to keep in constant touch </li> ... Read More

Iridium Satellite LLC http://allnetdevices.com/wireless/news/2001/03/29/iridium_returns.html
March 29, 2001<br> Iridium Satellite LLC, the reborn version of the ill-fated satellite telephone service, said Wednesday that it has re-launched voice service and that it will add Internet connectivity in June.<p> The service uses a net of 66 satellites to provide voice service from anywhere in the world, but it's initial roll-out was spectacularly unsuccessful. The original company, which had a similar-sounding name, sold its assets to the new owners who will focus on industrial customers with diverse, remote locations such as the maritime, aviation and mining industries. <p> "Our current operational structure enables the delivery of cost-effective, user-friendly voice and data services, ... Read More

Maritime Mobile Service Network http://www2.acan.net/~mmsn/mmsn.htm
The Maritime Mobile Service Network was founded over 30 years ago by KB5YX Chaplain A.W. Robertson USN ret. The first net met in January 1968. Its original purpose was to "serve those who serve" in the United States military during the Vietnam crisis. Since that time, the network has grown considerably in hours of operation and services provided. The network consists of a dedicated group of Radio Amateurs who unselfishly volunteer their time, equipment and efforts to serve and assist those in need of communications from foreign countries and the high seas.<br> The primary purpose of the net is for handling legal third party traffic from maritime mobiles, both pleasure and commercial and overseas deployed military personnel. ... Read More

Quest Telecom http://www.questele.com/html/
Quest Telecom's domestic business interest is to bring regional satellite telephone communication services (voice, fax, PC data, tracking and environmental earth sensing) to isolated and off-shore areas not now served by the public telephone and cellular networks. Possible users of such systems are trucking, construction, logging and air and emergency service operations. State Agencies (police, warden, forestry and marine and disaster recovery service), pipe line construction, utility and commercial marine and fishing operations are other potential users. Telephone service for yachts and commercial sportsmen's camps and lodges beyond telephone poles and cellular range also benefit from this technology. ... Read More

Satellite Phones, Broadband Internet services  
Mackay is an authorized distributor for Inmarsat, Globalstar, Iridium and Thuraya satellite equipment and services. When it comes to one-stop, worldwide Satellite Communications equipment and airtime services, the name to know is Mackay Communications. For over 100 years Mackay has been a turnkey provider of communication solutions, offering equipment and airtime service for marine, offshore and land-mobile industries. We can assist you with our wide selection of satellite equipment, airtime options and administrative services offering Inmarsat, Iridium, VSAT, Globalstar and Thuraya airtime service and equipment. - Airtime Packages tailored to your application - Licensing registration requirements - GMDSS contracts for high seas vessels - Accounting Authority Services - Radio Maintenance Contracts - ITU Publications - Satellite Equipment purchase and Commissioning ... Read More

Sky and satellite TV for Yachts  
We make viewing Sky Digital in your yacht easy. Simple service customized for yachts and superyachts. ... Read More

Stratos http://www.stratos.ca/splash_frame.cfm?js=1&flash=1&cookie=1
Stratos is a multi-network international telecommunications service provider offering customers in remote locations voice and data solutions from a range of newly emerging and established technologies. Stratos provides a comprehensive array of communication services to land and marine customers in addition to VSAT satellite solutions offered through Nova-Net Communications. ... Read More

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