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ANCHOR BUDDY & Trade : anchor weights http://www.anchorbuddy.co.nz/index.html
If you worry whether the anchor is holding when it starts to blow and you are out cruising... use this proven anchoring system to almost double the holding power and feel secure when it blows. <p>An Anchor Buddy anchor weight holds the chain and the shank of the anchor on the seabed. It changes the angle of pull on the anchor, making it horizontal,which helps it dig in, rather than vertical, which raises the shank and is one of the reasons an anchor drags. <p> Almost double the holding power of your anchor in less than a minute Tame your boat at anchor and feel safe when it blows ... Read More

ANCHOR BUDDY ® http://www.anchorbuddy.com/
THE ANCHOR ROPE THAT: STRETCHES! <br> It's Like Having A Rubber Band On The Back Of Your Boat ... Read More

Anchor Marine Products, LLC http://dreamwater.com/biz/anchor/
The "Get-A-Way Anchor" <br> You have just discovered the greatest Invention in Anchors Ever! ... Read More

Anne's Anchors http://www.annesanchors.com/
Anne's Anchors - manufacturers of USA made, all steel mushroom boat anchors. Permanent moorings for mud, sand, and combinations thereof. ... Read More

Dor-Mor http://www.imcon.com/dormor/
The Dor-Mor Pyramid Mooring Anchor rapidly penetrates the bottom due to the high point loading of its compact size and shape. Our product achieves approximately 10 times its dry weight in holding power once it has penetrated the bottom and is completely covered with bottom material. The large surface area of the pyramid shape has a high suction effect which increases the deeper it sets. ... Read More

FOB BREST http://www.fob-france.com/eng/welcome.htm
With the help of Mr Guy Royer, new anchors were concepted and developped with a big success in France and in Europe. Hundred thousands of anchors have been produced by our works during all these years.<br> Some years ago The Foblight was created : a lightweight anchor with 3 times weight in less than a standard anchor and the same holding power. <br> Initially located in St-Brieuc, FORGES ET LAMINOIRS DE BRETAGNE were involved in the production of steel bars. They started this production of anchors from their own stee in the 60’s.<br> FOB BREST followed up to Forges et Laminoirs de Bretagne in 1984 and they went on with the anchor’s production ... Read More

Fortress Marine Anchors http://www.fortressanchors.com/
In test after test, from coast to coast, and around the world, no anchor in history has been called "The World's Best Anchor" by more boaters and respected marine experts than Fortress...and for good reason. Years of research and development, high-tech materials and manufacturing, and thousands of real world tests are your assurance of performance, quality and value. ... Read More

NoTeco Inc., Bulwagga Marine Anchor http://www.noteco.com/anchor.htm
Exceptional holding power to weight ratio. Retractable shank for easy retrieval. Complete satisfation guaranteed! ... Read More

Para-Tech Engineering http://www.seaanchor.com/
Sea Anchors Boat Brakes™ DELTA® Drogue<br> Survival gear for cruising and commercial boats<br> A PARA-TECH® Sea Anchor should be your first line of defense when facing heavy weather. ... Read More

TideSlide Mooring Systems http://tideslide.com/
TideSlide Mooring Systems are the easiest, most reliable tidal tie-off available. TideSlides are 316 Stainless Steel and will provide years of trouble-free service. TideSlides are economical and low cost. ... Read More

Tie Down Engineering, Inc. http://www.tiedown.com/marinem.html
The Super Hooker anchor is a good choice for your anchoring needs. The lightweight, hot dipped galvanized SUPER HOOKER anchor has strong, wide flukes that penetrate quickly and firmly for maximum holding power. The fully welded crown configuration provides the right angles for ultimate holding power and secure penetration. The SUPER HOOKER stows flat and can be used with most fluke type anchor storage systems. ... Read More

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