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Safety Apparatus

ANCHOR BUDDY anchor weights-New Zealand http://www.anchorbuddy.co.nz
For extra security at anchor and less risk of dragging anchors. A proven anchoring system used by Fishermen and Sailors for generations, an anchor weight almost doubles the holding power of the anchor. Great for high windage vessels or those that sail around their anchor. The Anchor Buddy reduces swing considerably, dampens all sudden actions on the vessel at anchor.It alters the angle of pull on the anchor and helps the anchor dig in. It keeps maximum chain and the shank of the anchor on the seabed. 3 Models for all chain (right up to 1/2inch chain) or rope anchoring systems. Suits all pleasure craft 16 to 60plus feet. We safely post anywhere in the world! ... Read More

Marine Medical Systems - First Aid Supplies for Boats http://www.marinemedical.com
<b>TRAINING</b><br> <li>Marine Medical Systems has the best components for on-board medical preparedness.<p> <li> We conduct Safety Training Courses including OSHA-mandated as well as occupation-specific training (i.e. CPR, First Aid, Bloodborne Pathogen Courses)<p> <li> We will work with you to determine specific needs and programs. <p> <li> Our in-depth knowledge of the maritime first-aid, safety and surgical products we offer is passed on to you for familiarity and ease of use and operation<p> <b>PRODUCT</b><br> Marine Medical Systems provides a cost-effective solution to maritime safety.<p> <li> Medical/pharmaceutical and safety items from over 200 manufacturers carried <li> Licensed Pharmacy/Pharmaceutical Wholesaler <li> Medi-First First Aid Distributor <li> Licensed Medical Surgical Provider <li> Speci ... Read More

Para-Anchor by Fiorentino http://www.ParaAnchor.com/
Established in 1958, Fiorentino is the exclusive manufacturer of the New Offshore Anchor with Para-Ring™, Coastal Anchor with Para-Buckle™, and the Fast-PAK™ Stowage System. Fiorentino's latest breakthrough in advanced para-anchor technology comes from extensive experience and a significant investment in research and development. Fiorentino anchors are engineered by real-life offshore experts. Produced with exceptional quality, each para-anchor is meticulously manufactured and inspected by our master rigger before every shipment. Fiorentino delivers the type of performance and reliability that you would expect from your offshore and coastal survival equipment... ... Read More

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