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Life Rafts

Avon Inflatables http://www.avonmarine.com/
Avon have designed and built the world's premier brand of HAND BUILT, high quality inflatable marine products since 1959...... yes, we are celebrating our 40th Anniversary in 1999. During this time, the name of AVON has become synonymous with the best in inflatable boating and life saving and our pedigree and heritage is legendary. We have long been established and recognised as one of the leaders of our industry. ... Read More

DBC Marine Safety Systems Ltd. http://www.dbcmarine.com/
Approved Liferafts Commercial Liferafts Yachting Liferafts Reversible Liferafts Approved Platforms Marine Evacuation Chute Systems Evacuation Slide Systems Safety Equipment Accessories Approved Service Stations AIR-SEA Safety Services ... Read More

Givens Marine Survival http://www.givensliferafts.com/
The Givens Buoy Life Raft has been tested and re-tested by both the U.S. Coast Guard and the U.S. Navy, every time proving itself as the most stable life raft available. The Givens Buoy Raft will not capsize, even under the incredible stresses of hurricane force winds and 35 foot seas (see testimonials for survivors accounts). It's the only life raft to have brought survivors through the eye of a hurricane and back! 190 knot winds and 35 foot seas could not capsize this amazing piece of life saving technology, a feat our competitors could never claim. Our premium-quality life raft is the safest place to be when there's an emergency at sea! Givens Marine Survival manufactures Givens Buoy Life Rafts for all types of vessels and all budgets - We even offer a financing plan! Capacities range from 4-20 persons for U.S. Coast Guard/SOLAS 83 approved, and yachting rafts. Additional survival equipment, and optional accessories are also available. ... Read More

Switlik Life Rafts http://www.switlik.com/
Rescue Pod <br> USCG APPROVED CLR6 MK II Life Raft MD-1 Life Raft<br> USSG APPROVED SOLAS 6 Person MK II Life Raft MD-2 Life Raft<br> USSG APPROVED SOLAS 8, 10, 15, 20 & 25 Person MK II Life Rafts <br> Search & Rescue Life Rafts ... Read More

WINSLOW http://www.winslowliferaft.com/marine/home.htm
When all is said and done, however, WINSLOW Super Light Life Rafts are built with only one thing in mind . . . to save your LIFE! <br> WINSLOW Super Light Life Rafts do not compromise strength for light weight and compact dimensions. They weigh 45 to 60 percent less than the competition because we use the highest quality advanced specification materials for life raft components to ensure the lightest weight, strongest life raft possible. All WINSLOW Super Light life rafts are constructed entirely of U.S. Coast Guard Mil - C Spec 17415E 16AA Neoprene and/or TSO-C70a Technical Service Specification for Life Raft Materials. You cannot acquire a stronger life raft, even at double the weight. ... Read More

Zodiac http://www.zodiac.fr/eng/index.htm
Master the elements of air and water using a truly innovative approach has been the Zodiac® motto since 1896. Serenely tracking across time and space, the Zodiac planet is third millennium bound with the same conquering spirit that drove its founders , the pioneers of aviation and the inventors of the inflatable boat. ... Read More

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