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Adhesives,Resins & Marine Paints

Custom Boat Lettering http://www.signaramaskokie.com/lettering/boats
Design online custom lettering and graphics for your boat or get a set of boat registration numbers, constructed with self-adhesive waterproof vinyl, pre-spaced, masked and ready to apply. ... Read More


American Marine Supply.com  
Quality boat accessories, equipment, and supply. Fiberglass repair supplies, nautical clocks, nautical jewelry, sailboat supplies and much more. ... Read More

ASCOT Paints http://www.united-hellas.com/industry/ascot/marine.html
Times are tough and in order to survive in this market, you must be very competitive. Our philosophy is based on Quality, New Ideas and Direct contact with the consumer. Through our continuous efforts here at ASCOT , we have successfully implemented our goals by utilizing the solid foundation that our business is based upon. ... Read More

Aurora Marine http://www.auroramarine.com/
Aurora Boat Care Products - A lot of different cleaning products, adhesives, and multi-purpose boating products ... Read More

Boat Lettering http://www.aardvark-signs.co.uk/letters.htm
Self Adhesive PVC Vinyl Lettering for your boat. Pre-spaced on quick release application tape. Fonts of your choice. Hard wearing with instructuion sheet supplied for easy installation ... Read More

Bottom Paint Store http://www.BottomPaintStore.com
Bottom paint superstore featuring discounts on boat zincs, Sea Hawk antifoulants, boat paints, marine resins, and other marine coatings. Compare Interlux and Pettit boat paint products. ... Read More

Epoxy.com http://www.epoxy.com/

Fiberglass Coatings Inc. http://fgci.com/

KWIK Super-Fast Marine Paint & Varnish Remover http://www.kleanstrip.com/products/kwik/sfmpvr.html
Looking for a way to remove paint and varnish from synthetic finishes such as Polyurethanes, epoxies and anti-fouling paint? You can't go wrong with KWIK Super-Fast Marine Paint & Varnish Remover. It is an extra thick, fast acting remover that will cling to vertical surfaces and is water washable. For those who want a stripper that can be brushed on without excess running or drips, KWIK Super-Fast Marine Paint & Varnish Remover is an excellent choice! ... Read More

Marine Accessories  
Current Composites is a world-class manufacturer of Silent Running - the best performing and cost effective soundproofing and vibration dampening products. Our liquid-based sound proofing coatings utilize a space-age viscoelastic polymer system that virtually eliminates unwanted sound and vibration problems. The viscoelastic properties of Silent Running liquid-based coatings absorbs the noise and vibration and converts it into low-grade heat, which is dissipated throughout the applied surface. It adheres to any surface and since it’s a liquid, it goes on easy like paint with a brush, roller or spray, and takes up less space and weighs less than existing sound proofing technologies like mats and wraps. Just paint it on and and feel the difference. ... Read More

Mertons http://www.mertons.com/
We specialize in the supply of fiberglass, resins, non-corrosive fasteners,and marine paints and compounds for boat construction and repair. We package these materials to order and ship daily via U.P.S. or common carrier.<p> Our customers are building and repairing all types of craft ranging from strip canoes, kayaks, and rowboats to larger power and sail boats and commercial lobster boats, fishing, and work boats. ... Read More

National Paints Factories Co. http://www.arab.net/meid/nationalpaints.htm
Manufacturers of all types of decorative, industrial, marine, automative, protective and furniture paints. We supply paints to almost all companies who are dealing in paints in U.A.E. and exporting to other countries. We also undertake painting projects on supply and apply basis. ... Read More

National Paints Factories Co. Ltd. http://www.national-paints.com/trans.htm
The association is a world-wide operation of 30 companies manufacturing marine paint, working together, pooling their existense. and National Paints has become a member of this association. <p> A range of over 90 products, varying from conventional to sophisticated high performance marine paint is available and constantly being adapted to the changing demand of the market and the strict legislation as regards pollution and health hazards in various countries(e.g. solvent-free epoxies, water-based paint, long-life antifoulings, highsolids ablative antifoulings, abrasion resistant coatings, low toxic anti-corrosives). ... Read More

NAUTIPro - Professional Boat Care http://www.nautipro.com
NAUTIPro - Professional Boat Care is a new trademark in Premium Yacht Care and Protection. We offer a full range of high quality boat care, such as polish, waxes and a very good Multi-Cleaner. ... Read More

Pettit Marine Paint http://www.pettitpaint.com/
PETTIT manufactures and markets a complete line of high performance marine coatings, wood treatments, and fuel compounds under operating units. <p> The MARINE Group markets a strong coating and compound in the domestic marine industry with the brands PETTIT, WOOLSEY / Z-SPAR. ... Read More

PRP-POR-15 Store http://www.prp-porstore.com
Distributors of POR-15 rust preventive marine coatings and restoration supplies. Cleaners/Degreasers, preps, engine paints, clear coats for your brightwork. Free Catalog. ... Read More

San Diego Marine Hardware http://sdmarinehardware.com/prod01.htm
San Diego Marine Hardware is the major Southern California Marine Paint Distributor for Ameron International. Please click on our 'Ameron Marine Coatings' Link on the Navigation Bar to the left to check out what we carry in stock at our San Diego warehouse! ... Read More

SIGMA COATINGS USA http://www.naval-technology.com/contractors/corrosion/sigma/
Sigma Coatings USA develops, manufactures and distributes specialised paints and coatings for all marine applications. This includes Shop Primers, Antifoulings, Tank Coatings, Decks and Super Structure Paints as well as Decorative Internal Paints. ... Read More

Silent Running SR1000  
Silent Running SR1000 - A high performance, viscoelastic coating used to dampen vibration and reduce unwanted noise. Silent Running can be applied on the hull, stringers, engine beds, bulkheads, ceiling, hatches, engine boxes, bow thruster, generator covers and enclosures. SR1000 is USCG approved (#164.112/74/0) as well as EU approved and Lloyd's Registry approved. Silent Running is a VOC compliant, water based, non-toxic coating. Silent Running can be easily applied using a spray, brush, or roller application. Clean up is quick with water. Silent Running is designed as a "permanent" coating and has excellent adhesion to all metal, fiberglass, and wood. Silent Running can withstand temps. from -30F up to 250F. With typical applications for which Silent Running was designed, we provide a 6-8dBa reduction (roughly 60% of the noise) with the minimum application thickness recommended. ... Read More

Simco Coatings Inc.  
Manufacturer of marine, mil-spec (military), Corps of Engineers Spec. and industrial paints. Paints include zincs, epoxies, urethanes, antifoulants, splash zone and more. Management has over 40 years experience in the paints & coatings industry. Buy direct from the manufacturer. ... Read More

Spartite http://www.spartite.com/
Spartite™ is the modern answer to the ancient problem of mast support and sealing at the partners. Spartite is a pre-measured two part polymer poured into the cavity between the mast and the partners while the mast is in the boat. ... Read More

Star Distributing http://www.star-distributing.com
We feature Smith & Co. line of products featuring <b>Clear Penetrating Epoxy Sealer (CPES)</b>. CPES is the ultimate wood sealer since it is water thin and is compatible with any paint, glue, or caulk. This will allow spongy or decayed wood to hold paint. Full restoration can be acheived when combined with Smith's <b>Fill-It</b>. We carry <b>High Build Epoxy Paint/Primer</b> and adheasive epoxys. All of Smith & Co. products are mixed 1:1 for ease of use and do not blush. <p>We are the North East Distributor for <b>Bristol Finish</b> varnish replacement. Our New England warehouse enables fast (1-3 day) delivery to the east coast. ... Read More

Super Lube http://www.super-lube.com/
Super Lube is a patented, multi-purpose synthetic lubricant, containing SYNCOLON® (PTFE) particles held in suspension. Super Lube lasts longer and outperforms conventional petroleum-based greases and oils. It comes in grease form, a 90-140 weight gear oil and 10W light-weight oil. Packaging includes tubes, grease cartridges, aerosols, bottles, pails, and drums. ... Read More

Teak Guard Marine coatings  
Nanovations Teak Guard has released its new Teak Guard® Marine product. Utilizing the well-developed science of nanotechnology, the product absorbs the most damaging rays of the Sun’s spectrum. The Teak Guard® Marine coating protects your boat’s teak for longer in the harsh solar radiation in Australia and around the world. The coating is the only one of its type to prevent significant graying of the wood. ... Read More

The Composite Store http://www.cstsales.com/
Stocking a full inventory of light weight composite materials available in small quantities for model builders, prototypes, university projects, movie special effects and fiberglass sculptures. Production quantity discounts are also available. ... Read More

The Rot Doctor http://www.rotdoctor.com/boat/Bmain.html
Featuring wood based epoxy resins that are designed to penetrate wood, resist and repair rot in all boat and home applications. ... Read More

Three Lanterns Ship Supply Inc. http://www.threelanterns.com/
Carry Interlux Marine Paints ... Read More

UltraGlozz Superpolish http://www.ultraglozz.com
UltraGlozz Superpolish is the most advanced polish for boats, cars, motorcycles, campers and airplanes. Easy to use and even easier to wipe off. Gives a "clearcoat layer" of chemical glass that lasts up to 18 months. If you sail frequently your boat remains clean during the whole season. Appy UltraGlozz Superpolish once a year and you will experience that your boat becomes nicer and nicer year after year without any future use of rubbing compounds. ... Read More

WEST SYSTEM http://www.westsystem.com/
WEST SYSTEM Brand® epoxy resin and hardeners, dispensers, fillers, additives, reinforcing materials, application tools and instructional publication. Manufactured by Gougeon Brothers Inc.<p> WEST SYSTEM epoxy is a high-quality, two-part epoxy that is easily modified for a wide range of coating and adhesive applications. It is used for construction and repairs requiring superior moisture resistance and high-strength. It bonds to fiberglass, wood, metal, fabrics, and other composite materials, and is especially suited for marine applications. ... Read More

WEST SYSTEM TECHNICAL MANUAL & PRODUCT GUIDE http://www.boater.com/repinfo/westsys/west1.html
Thank you for considering WEST SYSTEM® Brand Epoxy for your building and repair needs. This publication is designed to provide basic procedures for epoxy use and help you become familiar with WEST SYSTEM products. ... Read More

Zuma Boat, Inc - Half Hull Model Builder http://www.halfhull.net
The Builder of the Custom & Production Half Hull Sailboat Models. The production model like MELGES24, optimus, etc.. could be used as the regatta trophy. Contact : Mas at (404) 272-7889 or email: zumaboat@mindspring.com for more information. ... Read More

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