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Boat Detailing - Online Course http://mysite.verizon.net/canna
Now you can update your boat detailing skills while you learn how-to clean, polish and wax your boat just like a professional. Online Boat Detailing Courses allow you to complete your studies anytime, anywhere. The classes, developed by Frank Canna, Mirror Finish Detailing, Williamstown, NJ are designed for busy people, including students and working professionals who have limited access to traditional classroom activities. These courses offer you the opportunity to learn the 'do-it-yourself' approach to boat detailing. For Course Descriptions, Registration Forms and more, E-Mail Mr. Canna at: canna@verizon.net Visit the website at: http://mysite.verizon.net/canna ... Read More

Kite Boarding http://www.sunseekertours.com/KiteBoarding.htm
Kiteboarding Asia - Hua Hin Kiteboarding Center - Courses <br><br> Our IKO recognised kiteboarding center uses the most up to date equipment and accessories. We are continually adapting our lesson plans to meet the latest teaching methods and IKO changes. Our lesson plans are also adapted to the learning style and ability of each student. <br><br> At KBA Hua Hin we recommend that beginners take our 3-day course, as kiteboarding accidents can and do occur but are generally the result of rider inexperience, negligence and lack of kite knowledge. With our 3 days course we teach new riders all the necessary skills, knowledge and experience to kiteboard in a responsible and competent manner. We feel that this 3-day course offers the required time needed to achieve this goal. <br><br> <a href="http://www.sunseekertours.com">Hua Hin</a> <a href="http://www.sunseekertours.com/Cha_Am.htm">Cha Am</a> <a href="http://ww ... Read More

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