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Rigging & Ropes

AeroRig® http://www.aerorig.com/
<li>Winner RYA Award for Innovation <li>Winner DAME Award for Engineering <li>Excellence and Innovation <li>British Design Council Millennium Product <li>1999 Royal Academy of Engineering Finalist <p>The AeroRig® is a performance cruising rig system that it is equally at home in all aspects of sailing ranging from confined coastal waters to blue water cruising. It is easily handled by one person with one sheet controlling the whole sail plan. Its self-tacking and soft-gybing characteristics, simple reefing at any sailing angle and light sheet loads introduce a safety level never before attained with conventional rigs. ... Read More

BackStay Cushions by RiggingWraps  
RiggingWraps BackStay cushions are designed to protect boat rigging, while providing comfort and safety. BackStay cushions protect feet from turn buckles, exposed cable ends and sharp cotter pins. In hot, sun exposed climates, they prevent discomfort from hot cabling. RiggingWraps BackStay cushions superior quality are mold, mildew, tear and fade-resistant. ... Read More

Boat Leather http://www.boatleather.com/
Boat Leather has specialized in providing attractive and functional leather coverings for boating hardware since 1986. We design our products to fit properly, function well and withstand the harsh marine environment. Our kits are intended for do-it-yourself people and utilize either hand stitching or Velcro fastening closures. Our products are 100 percent guaranteed. Boat Leather offers fast worldwide service and delivery. <p> <a href="http://www.boatleather.com"><img src="http://www.boatleather.com/images/bleathr.gif" width="234" height="38" alt="bleathr.gif (26636 bytes)" border="0"></a> ... Read More

BoatLines.com http://www.BoatLines.com
We are a group of boaters with great enthusiasm for the sport---both power and sail. We share almost a century of combined boating experience from the upper levels of class sailboat racing to mega-yacht maintenance and operation; from exciting fishing trips to zipping around inland lakes in runabouts.<p> Over the years, we have designed customized mooring and dock lines for boaters throughout Central New York. Anyone familiar with the weather in the Fingerlakes Region can tell you how sudden powerful storms can test a mooring and lines. Our custom mooring and dock lines have a proven ... Read More

Brion Toss Rigging http://www.briontoss.com/
We specialize in preparing cruising sailboats for offshore voyages, but we have worked with groups as varied as the U.S. Forest Service, the American Institute of Architecture, and the Seven Seas Cruising Association. So if you are interested in any aspect of rigging, you'll find something to interest you here. ... Read More

C.C. Rigging http://www.cc-rigging.com
Working Aloft Since 1994 and now based in sunny San Diego. Services include: Rigging Replacement, Spar Refurbishing, Main & Jib Furling, Surveys, Lifelines, Winch Servicing, Ports & Hatches, Windlass / Anchoring Systems, Windvanes, Autopilots, Watermakers. ... Read More

Marlow Ropes http://www.marlowropes.com/
One of the largest synthetic fibre rope manufacturers, Marlow employs over 300 people at its factory, in the South of England. Based on its original site of 12 acres, where cordage has been made since 1803, Marlow has built up a strong reputation in rope manufacture and is instantly recognised by the sailing world as the leading yacht rope manufacturer. ... Read More

Ocean Yacht Systems http://www.oceanyachtsystems.co.uk/
In the last year, Ocean Yacht Systems have further established themselves as the global leader in Superyacht Rigging. Illustrious projects such as Hyperion, Aphrodite II, Rebecca, Georgia, PlayStation and Mari-Cha III are just a few examples of Superyacht rigging packages delivered to meet the ever increasing demands of new Superyacht owners, offering a new standard of quality, reliability and superior finish. <p> We Design and Manufacture complete "state of the art" RIGGARNA DESIGN Rigging Systems, for an increasingly wide range of boats, ranging from 80 Metre (265 Feet) Superyachts, through high performance cruiser racers, Grand Prix and Maxi race boats, Volvo (Whitbread) 60, Americas Cup and other race and cruise boats down to 10 Metres (30 Feet). ... Read More

Pelican Rope Works http://www.thomasregister.com/olc/usrigging/peli.htm
<b><li>Marine Yactching & Recreational </li> <li> General Purpose Ropes</li> <li>Double-Braided Ropes</li> ... Read More

Rigging Only http://www.riggingonly.com/
Rigging Only is a division of the Rigging Loft Inc. which is a full service rigging shop owned and operated by riggers. Our technicians are out every day installing, trouble shooting, problem solving, and repairing rigging on boats like yours. All running rigging, standing rigging, life lines, wire splicing, and custom hardware are made right here in our shop. We know our products. At Rigging Only we're sailors too. We have the experience and appreciation for the demands placed on gear and people for both offshore and coastal cruising. ... Read More

Rig-Rite, Inc. http://www.rigrite.com/
RIG-RITE has engineered, manufactured, and distributed spars, rigging, and hardware for sailboats. Equipment from RIG-RITE and its subsidiaries has been standard equipment on yachts built by almost every major North American manufacturer, including: Sabre Tillotson-Pearson J/BOATS Cal O'Day Pearson Boston Whaler Cheoy Lee Bristol C&C San Juan Morgan Cape Dory Ericson ... Read More

Ronstan Sailing Systems http://www.ronstan.com/
Success and growth have come through the provision of winning products; products which are lighter, stronger, faster and better looking than the competition and which result from design, materials and manufacturing methods of the highest quality. Ronstan products have been race proven under extreme conditions to guarantee performance, reliability and value. Winning sailors and architects from around the world are turning to Ronstan for the ultimate in performance. ... Read More

ROPE LOCKER http://www.schoonerman.com/rope.htm
Like any rope locker, this one contains more than ropes! It has nautical terms, schooner information, knots, boat building and lots of good "stuff" for any old salt or wannabe. ... Read More

Ropetec http://www.ropetec.co.za/
Ropetec is an industrial rope access company. The company consists of various divisions providing comprehensive specialist teams for work in inaccessible locations. <br> Rope access techniques, developed by Ropetec, offer a cost effective alternative to conventional access systems, proved in over 9 years of successful application onshore as well as onshore. ... Read More

Sailing Supply Boat Shop http://www.SailingSupply.com
Many people stop by to see us in San Diego and are alwaysamazed at the inventory we have displayed and stocked in the shop. We have arranged our catalog very much like ourstore, grouping like itemstogether to make it much easier to use.Manufacturers:Harken, Forespar, Lewmar, Schaefer, Spinlock, Ronstan, Tylaska, Wichard, Davis Lines:Samson ... Read More

Spinloc http://www.spinlock.co.uk/
Here you can find the sailing performance solutions you need, and quickly, whether you race an extreme sportsboat or happen to be project manager for a Whitbread syndicate. All our rope holding and deck hardware solutions are carefully calculated for typical loads on your boat according to how you like to sail. They include the detailed specifications you need to help you select the right deck layout - with the help of the Spinlock Special Projects Team. ... Read More

STA-LOK TERMINALS http://www.stalok.com/index1.asp?Sector=Marine
Sta-lok Terminals are a range of High Quality high performance wire rope fittings for 1 x 19, 7 x 7, 7 x 19, and Dyform wire ropes. <br> The Sta-lok system is a simple mechanical method of terminating wire ropes, and has proven itself to be the most efficient method of terminating wire ropes. <br> The Sta-lok terminal is stronger than the wire rope. It will work under constant load and variable shock loading. In all situations the Sta-lok Terminal has proven totally reliable. The Sta-lok Terminal is manufactured from 316 stainless steel grade 1.4401, and can be fitted on site using very simple hand tools. All Sta-lok Terminals are reusable*. ... Read More

Sunfish Sailboat Rigging and Ropes http://www.mysunfishsailboat.com/main/category/sunfish-sailboat-parts/running-rigging
New England Ropes, Samson Ropes, Maffioli Swiftcord we got them all. For all your running, rigging and ropes My Sunfish Sailboat has got you covered. Also visit our site for regularly updated sailing sources. Learn how to tie sailing knots, up and coming products, event updates and more. ... Read More

The American Group http://www.theamericangroup.com
Samson engineers are using the same nylon, polyester, and polypropylene fibers together with newer developments in fiber technology like Kevlar, HMWPE (high molecular weight polythylene, such as Spectra and Dyneema) and Technora to produce ropes with characteristics specifically designed to enhance performance. Samson engineers continue to explore new fiber and rope construction technologies to meet the demands of the marine industry and recreational boaters alike. ... Read More

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