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Alton Lake Sailing Association http://home.postnet.com/~cfischer/alsa/
Alton Lake Sailing Asociation (ALSA) is located on the Mississippi River just north of <b>St. Louis</b>. ALSA is a non-profit sailing organization that has been around since the early '60s. Membership hovers around 30 families who sail a variety of boats including beach cats of all types/sizes and various one-design monohulls. Situated in an area that floods regularly ALSA uses a low overhead approach to it's facilities. We don't have much, so we don't loose much when it floods. ... Read More

American Sailing Association http://www.asa.com/
ASA means more than certification and educational excellence.Rental and Charter Discounts,Travel Discounts, Car Rental Discounts, Magazine Subscriptions, Vessel Assist... ... Read More

Australian Jetsprint Racing http://www.jetsprint.org/
Jet boat Sprint Racing. It began in New Zealand before then spreading to Australia and now also in the US. The sport now attracts crowds of many thousands of people at a single event. The sport of Jet Sprinting is very similar to that of car racing except, it takes place on the water track. Each boat has a crew of two - a driver and a navigator. A typical race may involve memorizing a sequence of 30 or more direction changes on a course, which is the role of the navigator.. ... Read More

Beneteau Owners Association http://www.beneteau-owners.com
The Beneteau Owners Association is a non-commercial site for owners, sailors, charterers, and admirers of Beneteau sailboats. It exists simply for the fun & love of Beneteau sailboats, and to make it easy for this community to share information with each other about these boats. We don't take any ads or advertising revenue, we don't sell anything, we don't have membership fees, no commisions for the ads, nothing. We just do it for the fun of it. ... Read More

Boat Owners Association of the U.S. http://www.boatus.com:/default.htm
Founded in 1966, Boat Owners Association of The United States is the largest organization of recreational boaters in the USA - with over 500,000 Members. Today, the Association provides a vast array of services including representing the interests of boat owners on Capitol Hill; insuring over 4 billion dollars worth of Members' boats; operating the largest On-the Water towing network in the country; and providing discount boating equipment through the Internet, Mail Order and Marine Centers from coast to coast. ... Read More

British Sharpie Owners Association http://www.sharpies.org.uk
UK Owners Association for the International One Design Twelve Square Metre Sharpie. ... Read More

Brookville Lake Sailing Association http://home.fuse.net/blsa/BLSA.htm
Sailing in<b> Southeast Indiana </b>on Brookville Lake ... Read More

Catamaran Racing Association of the Chesapeake http://www.baywindusa.com/crac/
Established in 1973, the Catamaran Racing Association of the Chesapeake (CRAC) is the Chesapeake Bay's sailing club devoted to promoting small catamaran sailing, open-class catamaran racing and, most of all, helping prospective and novice sailors enjoy the sport. You don't have to be a hard core racer to benefit from membership in CRAC! Although, many of us love to race our fast sailboat, we all have a passion for just getting out on the water and the thrill of sailing catamarans ... Read More

Chesapeake Bay Yacht Racing Association http://www.cbyra.org/

Dixie Inland Yacht Racing Association (DIYRA) http://www.ppyc.org/diyra/
The Dixie Inland Yacht Racing Association (DIYRA) was organized to promote the sport of sailing on southeastern inland lakes through sailboat racing, educational activities, and providing a member forum. DIYRA is a member of the United States Sailing Association (US Sailing) and is located within US Sailing's Area D. ... Read More

Dutch CatSailor http://home.wxs.nl/~malkema/
Welcome to the Dutch CatSailor website. On this site we are trying to give you some information about catamaran sailing in the Netherlands for Dutch people, but also for foreigners. For really up to date news about cat sailing in the netherlands check out the Coast Sailing Club Noordwijk website.<br> On this site there is lots of info about events both local as internationally. ... Read More

Electric Boat Association http://www.electric-boat-association.org.uk/
The Industry Group comprising representatives of UK companies and authorities involved in every aspect of the construction and infrastructure for electric boating. <li> New products are viewed and reviewed <li> Stands are taken at exhibitions and rallies <li> The EBA participates in the production of electric boating and related standards <li> Publicity for electric boating is stimulated ... Read More

Glenmar Sailing Assoc. http://www.glenmarsailing.com/info.html
<b>Eudowood, MD </b> ... Read More

Hanse Owners http://groups.yahoo.com/group/HanseYachts/
As the proud Southern California/West Coast Mexico dealer for Hanse Yachts, Bower and Kling Yachts would like to encourage people to discuss all things relating to Hanse. Please feel free to ask questions, give opinions, and make comments. You can post pictures, schedule trips, and make new friends in this forum. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us. To learn more about Hanse Sailboats please visit our website at www.yachtworld.com/bowerandkling or go to the yahoo club. ... Read More

Hawaii Youth Sailing Association http://www.holoholo.org/hysa/
Hawaii Youth Sailing Association supports island-wide youth sail training, continuing education,and racing competitions. We coordinate and oversee a number ofregional sailing programs to facilitate organized events (racesand seminars) and coordinate information throughout the year andamong the various available programs. Sailing in three primary classes: LASER | EL TORO | TOPPER ... Read More

International FJ Organization http://www.sailingsource.com/fj/
The International FJ is a doublehanded, ISAF International Class, trapeze planing dinghy. It is small, light and fast, suitable for virtually any combination of skipper and crew, from couples, to parent/child teams, and siblings.<p> The FJ is very a competitive one-design boat, meeting strict Class Rules. The fact that the FJ is a one-design means that the boats are raced boat for boat, without handicapping. The light weight of the boat, combined with the trapeze as a hiking aid, means that a small crew can sail the FJ very effectively, and the relatively small size of the spinnaker is ideally suited to less-experienced or younger crews as well. ... Read More

Lake Monroe Sailing Assoc. http://www.bloomington.in.us/~lmsa/
LMSA is located in the rolling hills of southern Indiana at the Moores Creek Sailing Marina on <b>Lake Monroe.</b> LMSA offers club membership, wet storage in slips and on buoys, dry storage in secure fenced areas, marina facilities, a shelter house, camping areas, shower house, childrens playground, and club activities to the sailing public. ... Read More

LakeMonroe Sailing Association http://www.members.aol.com/Dudley49/LMSA.html
LMSA is a sailing association based on Lake Monroe in <b>Sanford, Florida</b>, approximately 25 miles northeast of <u>Orlando.</u> The lake is transected by the St. Johns River as it flows north to Jacksonville and empties into the Atlantic. Although the river is navigable all the way to Jacksonville, it takes several days by sailboat even under power. The majority of our members are trailer sailors. We support many regattas throughout the state and have a corps of racers that try to make as many as possible. ... Read More

Metal Boat Society http://www.metalboatsociety.com/
The Metal Boat Society is dedicated to providing the information that metal boat owners and builders need to get the most out of their boats. One of our goals is to improve the exchange of information. Forums are a way for you to get the answers to your questions about design, construction, and maintenance of metal boats. ... Read More

National Sonata Class Association http://www.sonata.org.uk/
<center>The National Sonata is a 'one-design' racing and cruising boat designed by David Thomas.<br> This web site is created by members of the Sonata Class Association: a not-for-profit body with no commercial ties. <br> We hope you enjoy the site.</center> ... Read More

Nautical Endeavors http://www.nauticalendeavors.com
Nautical Endeavors was founded in early 1997, as a nonprofit, publicly supported institution under section 501 (c)(3) of the internal revenue code. Boat donations to Nautical Endeavors from individuals, foundations, corporations or estates are fully tax deductible to the extent provided by law. Donations go to benefit groups like the wild dolphins project, save the manatee club, sea scouts and others. ... Read More

OceansWatch http://www.oceanswatch.org
In co-operation with the world's academic, humanitarian, diving and yachting, communities OceansWatch undertakes marine conservation projects and offers humanitarian aid to coastal communities in developing countries. ... Read More

Oceanz 1 Ltd: Importer of Topper single hulled small sailboats New Zealand http://www.oceanz1.homestead.com/sailboat-pages/TopperTOPAZsailboats.html
Oceanz 1 proudly present the Topper Topaz range of small sailboats in New Zealand. The Topper Topaz is the first range of small sailboats in New Zealand to be built utilising the latest thermoplastic production techniques. Topper International’s unparalleled expertise in thermoplastics has meant that the very latest advances in material technology have produced a uniquely strong, lightweight, stiff and durable hull. These pioneering techniques result in a super tough, low maintenance hull at low cost, meaning the Topaz range retails at significantly less than you might expect. ... Read More

PD Racer - simple entry level boat for adults http://www.pdracer.com
Simple cheap sailing boat - one adult for racing, two adults plus for recreational sailing. ... Read More

Residential Boat Owners' Association http://members.tripod.com/~RBOA/
The Residential Boat Owners' Association exists to act in and to further the interests of boat dwellers on the coasts, rivers and canals of Britain. Maybe you'd like to live afloat but you don't know where to start, our FAQ covers the most common questions we get asked about living on a boat. You can also find details about our work, the benefits of membership and how to join plus a diary of events. ... Read More

Santa Cruz 27 National Association http://santacruz27.com/sc27class.htm
The Santa Cruz 27 is honored in the American Sailboat Hall of Fame at the Museum of Yachting in Newport, Rhode Island, as one of the most influential yacht designs in American sailing history. <br> This association is the foremost with regards to Santa Cruz 27 sailboats. Truely a historical importance in relation to sailing. ... Read More

The Hurley Owner's Association http://www.go.to/hurleyowners
Hurley Marine, Ltd. was one of the UK's larger boat builders. This site is devoted to Hurley's range of sailing yachts, and especially to the Hurley 22, of which over 1200 were built and which - amazingly - has been in more or less constant production for the last 35 years. With so many around, the 22 especially is a popular second hand boat and an excellent entry into the world of sailing & cruising! <p>The Hurley Owners Association aims to connect Hurley owners with each other, to foster contacts and share experiences. We also want to offer prospective Hurley buyers a source of good, practical information. The web site is not just our signpost on the Internet, but also stores a lot of articles, old brochures and owner expertise. As we are always looking to extend the archive with new information, please let us know if you want to contribute old brochures, photos or simply your own Hurley stories. ... Read More

Topper Topaz Sailboats for Sale in Australia http://www.toppertopazsailboats.com.au
J&J Lester: Importers of the Topper Topaz Range of Sailboats to Australia. Topaz TAZ, Topaz UNO, Topaz RACE X, Topaz VIBE, Topaz XENON & Topaz OMEGA. The entire range all represent; unrivalled construction quality, superb boat design and fast, fun & forgiving performance. Topper Sailboats appeal to beginners and experienced racers alike, because all of the boats have impeccable handling and offer exciting levels of controllable performance. This is why Topper International has such a popular following amongst schools and clubs as well as families that are in the know. View fully rigged yachts at: 125 Olympic Circuit Southport Gold Coast Queensland Australia ... Read More

VESSEL ASSIST Association of America http://www.vesselassist.com/
<b>The Boat Owner's Auto Club</b> If you are not a member of VESSEL ASSIST, and you need to get towed, it can cost you hundreds, even thousands of dollars! Members can get complete coverage. Only $10 per year for members! You get emergency roadside assistance for your boat trailer! 20,000 towtrucks standing by for your call 24 hours a day! ... Read More

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