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Sailing Clubs - Private / University & College

College & University Sailing Clubs & Teams  

Barefoot Sailing Club http://www.mindspring.com/~barefootsailing/
The Barefoot Sailing Club was founded in 1971 to provide on-going sailing education for its members and the sailing community. The club offers a diverse racing and social schedule, as well as monthly programs on different aspects of the sport. Additionally, the club hosts the Barefoot Open Regatta each fall, which attracts many local sailors as well as sailors from around the Southeast. Also in the fall, the club sponsors a bluewater cruise, which usually takes place in the Gulf of Mexico.<b>Atlanta, Ga.</b> ... Read More

Butte Sailing Club http://www.buttesailingclub.info
The Butte Sailing Club, formed in 1987, is an organization dedicated to the enjoyment and promotion of the sport of sailing. <br> We support the U.S. Sailing Association (USSA), the Northern California Small Boat Racing Association (SBRA), and the Multihull Racing Association (MHRA). Our goals are to bring world-class sailing regattas to the area, provide junior and novice sailing instruction and, above all, have a lot of fun. Be you a novice sailor, or an old salt, this is the club for you. <b>Palermo, CA</b> ... Read More

Cal Sailing Club http://www.cal-sailing.org/
Welcome to the Cal Sailing Club! We're a non-profit sailing cooperative located in<b> Berkeley, California</b>, on beautiful San Francisco Bay. CSC provides the community an affordable means of learning about sailing and windsurfing at all levels. Joining the Cal Sailing Club is by far the least expensive way to learn to sail on the San Francisco Bay. It is also one of the best ways to learn to sail anywhere. CSC's first priority is to make sailing on the Bay accessible to a large number of people at the lowest possible cost, consistent with safety. ... Read More

Clear Lake Sailing Club http://www.clearlakesailingclub.org/
The Clear Lake Sailing Club, a 501(c)(3) organization, was formed in 1969 and is located in the Clear Lake area of Houston, Texas. CLSC is an association of small boat enthusiasts composed of people of various age groups who own boats, as well as those who do not. Non-owners participate in the club by crewing for boat owners, serving on race committee and attending social activities. Our club is geared towards the novice sailor, the dinghy sailor, and the sailor who doesn't want the expense of a yacht club. Our facilities are simple: We have a 16 foot 1978 model motor boat that is used as a committee boat/rescue boat. ... Read More

Columbia Corinthian Sailing Club http://www.us.net/birds/ccsc/index.html
The Columbia Corinthian Sailing Club is dedicated to the fine art of messing about in sailboats on the Chesapeake Bay. We're based in<b> Columbia, Maryland</b>, but Club members hail from Baltimore to Mount Airy. We offer year-round activities for cruising sailors. ... Read More

Columbia Sailing Club http://www.columbiasailingclub.org/
Columbia Sailing Club is located on <b>Lake Murray</b>, a man-made lake of 78 square miles with 520 miles of shoreline, a length of 41 miles and an advertised width of 14 miles The lake is contained by a large earthen dam which was the largest in North America at the time it was built in the '20s.<br>The Club's facilities include a well-protected marina, 4 launching ramps, a gin pole, and other sailing-related amenities. The marina, shown below, has 100 berths for sailboats from 22 to 33 feet in length. Land parking slips accommodate an additional 100 boats. ... Read More

djuice dragons  
Sissel Kyrkjebø to be the godmother of djuice <br> Sissel Kyrkjebø has accepted the invitation to be the godmother of the boat djuice that will compete in the Volvo Ocean Race 2001-2002, the yacht race that starts the 23rd of September this year. <p> djuice dragons set sail for their qualification race <br> djuice dragons sailed out of Miami on Tuesday May 15 after two and a half month's training on their identical Laurie Davidson-designed VO60s. The dragons are heading to Baltimore/Annapolis in leg one of their qualification race. ... Read More

Eagle Creek Sailing Club http://www.ecsail.org/
The Eagle Creek Sailing Club is a small sail boat (26' lake limit) club on Eagle Creek Reservoir, <b>Indianapolis, IN.</b> We are a club of about 200 memberships that has very extensive education (youth and adult) and racing (One-design, PHRF and Portsmouth) programs. A large shelter on the hillside overlooking our marina and the lake is home to our many well attended social events. . ... Read More

Fremont Sailing Club http://www.christman.org/fsc/fsc.html
The Fremont Sailing Club is an organization of approximately seventy-five families who have joined together to enjoy small boat sailing and related activities. These include regularly scheduled race events and special regattas at Lake Elizabeth in Fremont's Central Park. There are also less stressful planned outings such as camp-outs and cruises on other waters. Fremont's Central Park offers families a wide variety of activities for the sailor and non-sailor alike. ... Read More

Hillsboro Inlet Sailing Club http://www.netrox.net/~elbereth/hisc.html
The Hillsboro Inlet Sailing Club celebrated its 25th Anniversary during 1996. We are proud of our record of providing so many years of sailing comradeship to our members. With approximately 150 member families, we are able to provide a comprehensive racing program with fleets for the expert sailors and for the not-so-expert sailors. We have 36 scheduled races a year which include around the buoys, coastal and Wednesday night Beer Can races. We have a very active cruising program with 12 scheduled trips a year to far away places like the Bahamas or Key West and to some as close as Boca Raton's Lake Boca.<b> Lighthouse Point, Florida </b> ... Read More

Kingdom Yachts Sailing Club http://www.andrews.com/kysc/
Do you want to crew, find a crew, borrow a boat, sell a boat, plan a trip, take a trip, or have a party? The club's group of certified sailors can help you with all your sailing needs.<br> Sailing lessons are available from American Sailing Association Certified Instructors. Classes are small and you won't be stuck in a classroom. Lessons are taught on board from the start. So lets go sailing!KYSC is based in<b> Cumming, GA</b>, just north of Atlanta, ... Read More

Lake Murray Sailing Club http://www.lmsc.org/
Lake Murray Sailing Club is a private, family-oriented sailing club with excellent facilities on the shores of one of the Southeast’s finest sailing lakes. Two large sailing basins are easily accessible from the club’s location near Chapin, SC. The club occupies a pristine rural setting on nearly six acres and maintains the character of the region with pine-lined drives and grassy knolls. We welcome sailing enthusiasts of all ages and boats from dinghies to cruisers. ... Read More

Lake Worth Sailing Club http://home.att.net/~lwsc/
<b>Fort Worth, Texas</b> ... Read More

Looking for sail boat for brother in law with cancer  
Hi there, I'm looking for a sailboat for my dear brother in law. He has lung cancer and is now on disability. He has very little money. His dream is to own a sailboat. He is a carpenter and could fix one up if it needed some work. He has 4 young children and a wife. If you could help me find one please e-mail me. I would love to make his dream come true with your help. I live in Mayview, Mo. His name is Robert Bean, lives in Lexington, Mo. Thank you for your time. God bless you, Lisa ... Read More

Louisville Sailing Club http://SailLouisville.org/lsc/
Through the years the foremost sailing interest of the majority of active members has been directed to the racing of centerboard sailboats of various one-design classes. Thus the major activities of the club center around the races scheduled every Saturday and Sunday afternoon, June through October. <br>Most of the social activities of the club are focused on these same events along with celebrating the national holidays. Sailing lessons and instructions in the rules of sailboat racing are occasionally conducted by club members. ... Read More


Offshore Sailing Club  
Unlimited, Carefree Sailing in Florida, New Jersey & New york You are invited to join active adventurers like you - who love the water and fun outdoor activities. As an Offshore Sailing Club member you have free access to our beautiful club boats and the freedom to set sail whenever you like! Sailing is your ticket to a lifetime of happiness wherever the wind blows. Sailing lets you harness the clean, free energy of wind power and reduce your carbon footprint every minute you are underway. Sailing exercises your brain and body as sea life plays in your wake. Whether sharing with new found friends, treasured buddies or bonding with loved ones - there's just nothing better to do with your precious free time. ... Read More

Percy Priest Yacht Club http://www.ppyc.org
Percy Priest Yacht Club promotes sailing and sailboat racing on J. Percy Priest Lake in Nashville, Tennessee. Our site provides useful information and links for all sailors, regardless of where they sail. ... Read More

Sailingahead.com: Explore the World Offshore with Sailing Pictures http://www.sailingahead.com
Online sailing lessons and essential sailing Information for Beginners and advanced sailors, a cruide destination guide, book reviews and articles on gear and boats. ... Read More

San Jose Sailing Club http://sanjosesailingclub.com/
The Cruising Fleet evolved when members of the dinghy racing fleets moved up into larger sailboats, and joined others with similar cruising interests. <hr>The Trail & Sail Fleet includes swing keel, dagger board and water ballast trailerable sailboats. We are active on San Francisco Bay, lake cruising, and racing events throughout Northern California.<hr>The Dinghy Sailors Fleet includes sailing dinghies and small sailboats. The Fleet is active on local lakes, sailing, racing and helping each other with sailing and boat maintenance skills. ... Read More

Texas Mariners Cruising Assocation  

UK Sailing Index http://www.uksail.com/
Links to a variety of Britain's online sailing resources. ... Read More

Western Carolina Sailing Club http://www.wcsc-sailing.org/
The Western Carolina Sailing Club is a non-profit organization developed to promote the enjoyment of sailing and sailboat racing. The Club is family oriented and has sailing activities for all ages and levels of interest. Sailing beginners are welcomed into a fraternity of sailors that have a wide range of expertise and proficiency. WCSC provides the opportunity for everyone to enjoy this great recreational activity. ... Read More

WYRF(Women's Yacht Racing Fleet) San Diego http://www.wyrfsd.org/
The purpose of the Women's Yacht Racing Fleet is to provide opportunities that promote training, competition, and the image of excellence in women's sailing. Toward this goal, we hold several regattas each year designed to encourage women to take the helm. In addition to several races which make up the WYRF High Point Series, we also host the Women's Melges24 Southwest Classic, which was also the US Championship in 1997 and 1999. <p> In addition to hosting regattas, we also provide opportunities for our members to race in other important women's events in the region. We frequently send a boat to the Long Beach Women's One-Design Challenge, and to the biannual Bettina Bents US Women's Challenge in Newport Beach, both sailed in Catalina 37s. We have both hosted and participated in the US Women's Championship Adams Trophy Area J eliminations, and in the US Women's Op ... Read More

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