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Powerboat Racing

American Power Boat Association http://www.apba-boatracing.com/
APBA sanctions numerous racing events for offshore boats, hydros, tunnel hulls, drag boats, and even radio control. ... Read More

Formula250 & Formula500 Powerboat Racing Website http://www.formula250.org
Formula250 / Formula500 European Outboard Racing series. Hydroplane Racing Powerboat Racing Series, Governed by the U.I.M. Inlcudes worldwide for sale section, where users post their own adverts & photographs. Forum discussion pages, calendar, race results and photo-gallery. ... Read More

GT Pro Powerboat Racing http://www.dillon-racing.com
Here's an easy entry into outboard powerboat racing for residents of the upper Midwest, or anybody willing to make the trip. GT Pro is an APBA racing class that utilizes small tunnel, v-bottom and mod-vee boats powered by 30/35 HP OMC fishing motors. GT Pro is raced along with other OPC classes in events conducted by the Twin City Powerboat Association (http://tcpba.org/). This is FAMILY FRIENDLY, FAMILY ORIENTED recreation. It's simple, it's inexpensive and it's fun. You can buy a boat, or you can build your own. I have the boat building plans for you at dillon-racing.com. Makes a perfect parent/child project. Or if you prefer to buy a boat, I can tell you where boats are for sale. Open to drivers as young as twelve-years-old. But with speeds approaching 50 mph, this is not just a kids class. Visit dillon-racing.com for the full story, and start your racing dream today. Come race with us, or start a GT Pro class in your Region. ... Read More

Lake Superior charter fishing Duluth Minnesota http://alakesuperiorfishingcharter.com
Lake Superior charter fishing - Happy Hooker charters of Duluth Minnesota ... Read More

Powerboat and Tunnel Boat Racing http://www.aeromarineresearch.com
Sharing of high performance tricks and secrets, including the Tunnel Boat Performance Newsletter, 'Tunnel Boat Design Program' boat design software, the 'Secrets of Tunnel Boat Design' book, 'History of Tunnel Boat Design' book, 'History and Design of Propellers' book and 'Propworks2' software. ... Read More

Project Raceboat http://www.project-raceboat.com
A Marketing Tool for High-Speed Business and Entertainment / High Technology - Top Speed - Hot Fashion ... go Lifestyle! ... Read More

Suncoast Offshore Grand Prix \\\ Sarasota, Florida /// July 2001 http://www.suncoastoffshore.org/
And they're off! The 17th Suncoast Offshore Grand Prix, promises to be what everyone has come to expect. The speed, the thunder, the Powerboats! View the race up close. Race fans will be treated to two full days of offshore racing. ... Read More

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