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Cutting Edge Propellers is a high performance propeller manufacturing and propeller repair company that produces only the finest stainless steel, race labbed propellers. We serve both wholesale and retail clientele. All of our propellers are manufactured 100% in the USA using ONLY virgin stainless steel. We repair propellers of all types and all materials up to 26" in diameter. Offshore, race labbed propellers our specialty as well. We also serve our wholesale service and dealers industry providing prop repair with complimantary pick up and delivery every 72 hours, within a 60 mile radius of Santa Ana, California. Props are repaired and returned in 72 hours during the peak season and once a week during winter. Located in Southern California, Cutting Edge Propellers was founded in 2009 by two partners with over 30 years combined experience in high performance propeller tuning, manufacturing, testing and research. Cutting Edge was founded with the goal of producing the finest, high performance propellers for the marine racing industry and performance boating enthusiast. With over twenty three different models of labbed propellers, Cutting Edge Propellers can support engine configurations ranging from 1300 H.P. single, twin and tri-engine applications down to 150 H.P. outboard engines and everything in between.
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