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United States Coast Guard Captains Courses




To register for a class and to see our complete course schedule visit http://www.safeboatingamerica.com

Have you been intimidated at the thought of earning your Captains License? Have you been turned off by those obnoxious “slick” guys at the boat show trying to convince you to pay them almost $1,000 to sit through one of their lengthy and boring courses taught by less-than-professional instructors?

Safe Boating America's licensed, competent and truly professional Master Captains teach the course in an extended two-weekend format. You can earn your OUPV (six-pack) license in just two weekends and for as little as $450!

No need to take the test at the Coast Guard Regional Exam Center - the final exams and courses are administered in our classroom in Bethpage. Our unique course curriculum, expert instruction and state-of-the-art teaching facilities all contribute to the phenomenal education you can expect when attending our courses. Many of our courses are geared towards the student who doesn’t want to take time off their “day job” to earn their license. A typical “six-pack” course is conducted as follows:

Thursday and Friday evening, 6-10PM
Saturday and Sunday 8AM-6PM
Two consecutive weekends

Don't learn from amateurs. Our courses are taught by USCG LICENSED MASTER Captains with years of teaching experience. The course fee of $450 INCLUDES EVERYTHING you need to earn your diploma and includes all testing fees. THE TEST IS ADMINISTERED BY US AT THE COURSE LOCATION!

We are a professional organization with professional Instructors and a leader in the boating education industry- we only benefit from your success. Already have your “six-pack” license? Take our Masters upgrade courses in just ONE WEEKEND for $250! Add a sail or towing endorsement in just one evening for $100! Visit http://www.safeboatingamerica.com for a full schedule and register now! Or, call (516) 216-4410.

All USCG approved license training courses conducted by Safe Boating America as licensed, Zenith Maritime LLC

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