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AlsScore - (Laser Class) REVIEW Website Details
Program installed properly, but the installation is a little confusing without the manual, which is only available from the disk, after installation! Program runs under the Windows environment, but is not a true Windows program. Manual is provided as WORD document. Each Fleet at a regatta is either stored on a separate data disk, or a separate file on the hard drive is established. (The program comes with utilities to make this straightforward.) Th...Click details for more information.

Bosun's Mate Website Details
Bosun's Mate is an easy-to-use regatta tracking system. While it is flexible enough for most regatta applications, it requires only a minimal setup effort. Bosun's Mate is organized around the concept of race-series and supports separate results-reporting for races that have participants from more than one club. <p> Bosun's Mate has been in development for more than a year. In the 2000 racing ...Click details for more information.

GPS courseplotter Website Details
Program for calculating race buoy positions given the wind direction. As a race-director you now don´t have to worry about changes in the wind-direction - just enter the new wind-direction into the GPS CoursePlotter and move the buoys to the new positions that are instantly calculated....Click details for more information.

JavaScore 2 Website Details
Java based program. Is downloaded as 2.7MB file. Program requires Java 1.2 or 1.3 (JAVA2 Version 1.2 or 1.3, best to just use Version 1.3) also be present or installed. This program is free and can be linked to from Java Score web site. Size of JAVA file for downloading is 5.1 MB. <p> Program will run on any Windows 95/98/ME/NT4/2000 system as well as on Mac OS X, Solaris, Linux, Unix and other Java-enabled platforms. The ...Click details for more information.

Navy Scoring Program Website Details
Ver 3.9 dated 3/12/00 of the REGATTA scoring program (a.k.a "Navy Scoring") contains the following change:<br> <li>) Corrects a Y2K bug so that the year prints out in two digits. It also includes the following changes from Ver 3.87 dated 4/15/99 which was released to ISSA (High School), but not the ICYRA:<br> <li>) Permits Scoring under ISSA procedural rules. DSQ & DND...Click details for more information.

Race Log Website Details
Race Log is a comprehensive scoring program for one-design sailboat racing - covers all scoring methods. The Race Log website includes hosting of results and automatic uploading of results directly from Race Log. Race Log also includes extensive regatta management tools for registering sailors, payment reports, mailing labels and more. For more information and free download of fully functional version of Race Log, go to http://www.racelog.com....Click details for more information.

Sailing Results System Website Details
The Sailing Results System is an MS-DOS program that takes the hassle out of calculating the results for a dinghy sailing race. The program uses the Royal Yachting Association Portsmouth Yardstick (PY) handicap method for calculating race results. The program will run under Windows 3.1/95/98/NT and OS/2, in a DOS session window or screen.<p> <li>Free <li> Easy to Use <li>Small and Efficient <br> The main program file is only 105k in size (70k zipped)....Click details for more information.

Sailing Results System Website Details
Small basic program for that uses the Portsmouth system. The program is DOS based, ran well on Windows 98, and does not support a mouse. A race timer function is built in and the author is good to note that this does not replace a watch timer! Results can be viewed on the screen, printed or exported as a comma separated variable, ASCII (.asc) file. The program only supports the Portsmouth formula, it does allow varied handicap numbers for the sa...Click details for more information.

SailWave Website Details
Sailwave is a widely used sailing scoring program for Windows®. It is completely free, easy to use, has excellent web publishing tools and can handle most multi-fleet scenarios.<br>A SELECTION OF SCREEN SHOTS...Click details for more information.

Victory ! Website Details
Program is installed by running downloaded setup program. The installation program is really excellent permitting a lot of flexibility. The program is extremely well organized and the graphics are very good. Only a 4 boat demo version can be downloaded. A "key" has to be purchased to allow more than 4 boats. Like most European based programs the emphasis is on one design sailing. Events can include participant categories (women, youth, etc.) and fi...Click details for more information.

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