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FastYacht V++ Velocity Prediction Software Website Details
Available stand alone or in the FastYacht drawing context. Runs real-time while drawing and does global design optimization. Provides IMS, Whitbread 60 and America's Cup rating information. Runs all types of yacht types and rigs, from proa to BOC to Admirals Cup. It is a current standard among VPPs. FastYachtdominates among the winning boats. ...Click details for more information.

TacticTool Website Details
TacticTool is a sophisticated tactical tool for sailboats. The software provides graphs of all essential data like Speed, Course, Windangle etc. In addition the software calculates VMG, Performance and Target Boatspeed based on polar data. The calculated data can be output in a customizable NMEA sentence to display on a repeater. In addition the software displays a rudimentary tactical display with laylines,heading and a simple electronic chart. ...Click details for more information.

V-Charter Website Details
The Voyage Estimating module, also known as V-Charter, is a voyage simulation software package. It includes the integrated Worldwide Distance Tables and a link to the Fixture Notes. The Veson Voyage Estimating is unique in that it allows users to work on many estimates concurrently and compare them side by side. Estimates can also be combined to calculate the overall multi-voyage result. ...Click details for more information.

WinDesign VPP Website Details
<p>WinDesign is a yacht velocity prediction program (VPP).</p> <p>The hydrodynamic and aero- dynamic force models are based on years of naval architecture and yacht research experience and provide excellent estimates for a wide variety of yachts. Wave resistance, heel drag, induced drag, friction drag, and added resistance in waves are based on advanced formulations. Tank model test data, CFD data, sail coefficients from experiments or other data sources can be used to produce a variety of meaningful out...Click details for more information.

Yacht Design Software 20k Download Website Details
Yacht Design computes a boat’s sail area displacement, displacement length ratio, hull speed, ballast displacement, motion comfort and screen number. All these coefficients are explained in the program. It contains a large database of over 1,000 yachts. The user may add or delete boats from the database. After searching the database, graphs may be plotted comparing the coefficients of two to five yachts. The program has context sensitive Help, and is supported through e-mail. Requirements: IBM PC, 8Mb RAM,...Click details for more information.

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