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21st Century Sailing Simulator V2.0 Website Details
21st Century Sailing Simulator Raytheon Pathfinder RL70 Radar Simulator We're builders of great simulation and game software since 1996. Our latest software is the best: 21st Century Sailing Simulator. Version 2.0 has proven to be very popular among sailing enthusiasts and newcomers alike. The realism, attentio...Click details for more information.

sail simulator 50k Download Website Details
Wanted: distributor USA for winning Sail Simulator software And WinGPS navigation software Stentec software “software for sailors” presents new versions of very successful nautical software. (note: Sail Simulator 3.0 is the best sold simulating software of its kind) After a most successful launch into the European marketplace we will create a win-win situation for your market. The two products are Sail Simulator 4.0 and WinGPS Pro 3.1, both products are of very high quality and very compe...Click details for more information.

Sail Simulator 4.0 alpha Website Details
The new Sail Simulator 4 has by that become a program you won't get bored of very quickly. A must for every aquatics sportsman. The most important points in a row: <li>Very realistic simulation <li>Multiplayer also via Internet <li>Simulation engine integrated with DirectX <li>Force Feedback control <li>Hardware accelerator support <li>NMEA-linkage with GPS-navigation software ...Click details for more information.

Sailing Dynamics Instructor 2000 Website Details
For Windows 95, 98, NT and Power Macintosh. Novice and intermediate sailors can learn the fundamentals of sailing, rules of the road, and fine points of sail trim. As you build skills, progress to racing basics. Practice sail shaping and boat handling techniques. Brush up on the 1997-2000 Racing Rules. Includes expanded interactive sailing skill and racing tutorials, sailing simulator, and racing simulator. New Just Sailing option. Sail Optimists, catamarans, skiffs, dinghies, keelboats, cruising sloops, an...Click details for more information.

Seamulator 2008 Website Details
Seamulator 2008 is a highly realistic 3D simulation for practicing boat handling and the training of the rules of the roads . It features real world scenarios and training parcours, adjustable weather conditions like fog and rain, adjustable day and night time and realistic performance characteristics of sailing boats and motorboats. ...Click details for more information.

SeaWar : The Battleship Website Details
SeaWar: The Battleship is the coolest 3D battleship game ever made. It looks like beautiful toy and leaves desire to play again and again. Fine tuned ships sway among moving sea waves. Outburst at left, ahead and sudden bright explosion in the middle of ship.. A puffs of smoke and dead ship-frame at the end -it's the greatest! SeaWar: The Battleship features 4 episodes with own ship sets, networked play, embedded chat and unforgettable gameplay.<br> <a href="http://www.terragame.com/SeaWar/SWscr1.jpg" ti...Click details for more information.

Star Defender 2 Website Details
Star Defender II is a Space Shooter Arcade. It is developed like an advanced clone of old classic Galaga. The game includes seven missions with a Boss at the end of each. Your ship is controlled by your mouse. It moves along the lower line of the screen shooting with the bullets and missiles! Again in this fabulous Shoot'em up game you will get a chance to destroy the armies of the invaders and to save the Galaxy!...Click details for more information.

Virtual Sailor Website Details
Virtual Sailor simulates the complete sailing experience by enabling the user to enjoy the entire marine environment from a sailor's perspective. Players will experience accurate wind and wave dynamics with this program, which has many special effects for simulating a day or night marine environment. There are huge land and sea areas that were developed using real topographic data. You can even simulate a race with other boats that includes wind shadow effects. ...Click details for more information.

Virtual Skipper Website Details
With VIRTUAL SKIPPER, Take control of a 24 ft boat or of a 70 ft racer and challenge the best skippers in the world! Virtual Skipper, the 1st true 3D regatta simulator, allows you to steer and tack to win. Follow the wind shifts, using the breezes, lulls and currents all faithfully reproduced on the most prestigious stretches of water in the world. Play in single mode against the computer or in multiplayer mode, on the Internet or on LAN, to face real opponents. You really will need...Click details for more information.

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