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Go Sailing Website Details
Getting tired of your same old boring desktop wallpaper? Take a tgw.net wallpaper for a test drive! All our desktop wallpapers come in three sizes & have been specifically designed to make your desktop look great! We have chosen simple images so your desktop remains uncluttered; leaving your shortcuts visible & easy to see. All pictures are high resolution & are free for personal use. Just click on the size you need & you're on your way. If you're not sure how to in...Click details for more information.

RulesMaster Cyberfleet: Free screensaver Website Details
RulesMaster's "cyberfleet" on your PC: realistic three-dimensional models of Saskia the sailing vessel, Tillie the harbor tug, Derek the multipurpose suction dredger, and many more. A bit of fun, and each vessel shows the correct placement of lights to reinforce your knowledge of the COLREGS, the "rules of the road" for boating. Also on our site: a free trial version of RulesMaster FlashCards, a COLREGS Pop Quiz so you can test yourself or your friends, and interactive tours of our software products....Click details for more information.

The John Groves Studio Screensaver 1384k Download Website Details
Experience the romantic age of sail through the art of John Groves RSMA, the internationally recognised marine artist. This is a free screensaver which includes twenty paintings from the online Studio Gallery. Visit the Studio Gallery to get the latest versions of this screensaver....Click details for more information.

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