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AstroNav Website Details
AstroNav will combine multiple sights using a voyage plan. The comprehensive list of bodies extends beyond Barnard's Star and includes the best constellation outlines available. Data includes Eclipses, Moon phases, Star Charts and Twilights. It will also print conventional Nautical Almanac pages as backup while the voyage plan is a sophisticated tool in its own right....Click details for more information.

Capn Voyager Website Details
The Capn is without a doubt the most powerful, versatile, complete and easy to use program ever developed for use by both professional and recreational mariners.Proud to be the US Coast Guard Electronic Charting System...Click details for more information.

ChartPlanner Website Details
ChartPlanner is a nautical data catalog which allows voyage planning and easy chart selection. ChartPlanner contains coverage information on with Admiralty charts, ARCS, pilots, ALRS, Imray charts, S-57 ENCs etc. ChartPlanner has a ports database of over 4000 ports and allows great circle calculations. ...Click details for more information.

dKart Explorer Website Details
dKart Explorer is a multipurpose GIS software combining maritime navigational system (ECS) with electronic catalogue of charts, books and publications. It may be recommended as a basic yet advanced tool for any mariner looking for electronic navigation without spending a fortune on software and equipment. ...Click details for more information.

dKart Navigator Website Details
Electronic navigation chart system (ECS) for marine applications. Handles S-57 edition 3 and S-57 version 2 (DX90) vector chart data as well as C-MAP CM93. Uses extrnal navigation devices messages for own position, track, couse and speed plotting. Includes a number of useful facilities that speed up situation judgement, increases safety at sea and so on...Click details for more information.

Garmin International Compatible Software Website Details
Updates & Downloads This download area offers free firmware upgrades for select GARMIN units....Click details for more information.

Global Navigation Software Company Website Details
Producer of NavPak & MapSetup NavPak is a navigation program for Windows 95, 98 and NT, available in Professional and Lite editions. Both editions feature high speed graphics, which handle a wide variety of chart formats. ...Click details for more information.

GPS Courseplotter Website Details
The GPS courseplotter is the fastes race track laying program ever. As a race-director you now don´t have to worry about changes in the wind-direction - just enter the new wind-direction into the GPS CoursePlotter and move the buoys to the new positions that are instantly calculated! ...Click details for more information.

Jeppesen Marine Website Details
Jeppesen Marine develops high quality electronic charting software, digital nautical charts, and chart training software for recreational and professional mariners alike. <p>eppesen Marine's Products include MarineMap navigation software, RasterPlus brand digital nautical charts, and ViewPoint Plus c...Click details for more information.

Magic Instinct Software Website Details
Olex and Nautilus 3D, navigation software with real time bathymetry...Click details for more information.

Marine Map 3.2 Website Details
Jeppesen continues to provide the most features and most user friendly PC marine navigation software available with Marine Map 3.2 ...Click details for more information.

Max Sea Software Website Details
MaxSea Navigation software products are available for recreational boating, racing and commercial fishing and shipping. They have been repeatedly proven by thousands of MaxSea boaters sailing the seven seas. ...Click details for more information.

Navigate! '04.26 Website Details
Freeware coastal and celestial program. This program runs on the graphic calculator from the Ti 83 and Ti 84 series from Texas Instruments. Includes a 30 page user guide. ...Click details for more information.

Navigator software Website Details
Celestial and chart navigation package, with: - Perpetual Nautical Almanac - Prints Nautical Almanac pages - Accepts GIF and JPEG images as charts - Vector and raster charts - GPS interface - Star finder - Only US$ 25 ...Click details for more information.

NavTools Lite Website Details
NavTools Lite is designed as a complete (Astro) Navigation system for merchant navy vessels, to be used as a backup to existing GPS / ECDIS systems.<br> <p> Features include:<br> <li> Waypoint navigation (Unlimited number of waypoints) <li> Calculating ETA / Required speed / Required engine rpm <li>Internal astronomical almanac with sun, moon, all planets and 61 stars <li> Starfinder, ...Click details for more information.

NavTrek 97 Website Details
Nobeltec makes a trio of navigation tools for your PC. <p> Visual Navigation Suite 5.0 is here! All the power of the original - but a whole lot better! VNS 5.0 builds upon the original version, with enhanced features and support for Passport World Charts. <p> Passport World Charts are the newest and most complete collection of charts available for boaters worldwide. Passport World Charts are vector-based an...Click details for more information.

RayTech Navigator Version 2.01 Website Details
RayTech Navigator is a unique PC software solution providing simple and powerful navigation to meet the needs of every mariner. Drawing on over 75 years of experience in building electronic navigation products Raytheon is proud to offer the latest in state-of-the-art On Board PC navigation. <pre>Version 2.01 Navigator features: Improved Weather Animation controls ...Click details for more information.

Seamanship International - Tides, Celestial Navigation and Passage Planning Website Details
<html> <head> <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=windows-1252"> <meta name="GENERATOR" content="Microsoft FrontPage 4.0"> <meta name="ProgId" content="FrontPage.Editor.Document"> <title>Seamanship International</title> </head> <body> <h2> Our site is here: <a href="http://www.seamanship.com"><font face="Verdana">Seamanship International</font></a></h2> <ul> <li><b>Chief Mates Assistant: </b>Ship management software for senior ship's officers.</li> <li><b>2n...Click details for more information.

Tacsail Website Details
Sailboats are usually equipped with a limited number of electronic instruments which give you basic information about the boat's performance in real time. The ambitious sailor however needs somewhat more information than is usually given by such standard equipment. The TACSAIL software, connected to these basic instruments will enable you to achieve this. Apart from improving your situational awareness in real-time, the software also allows you to record all the data given by the instruments for later repla...Click details for more information.

TacticTool Website Details
TacticTool is a sophisticated tactical tool for sailboats. The software provides graphs of all essential data like Speed, Course, Windangle etc. In addition the software calculates VMG, Performance and Target Boatspeed based on polar data. The calculated data can be output in a customizable NMEA sentence to display on a repeater. In addition the software displays a rudimentary tactical display with laylines,heading and a simple electronic chart. ...Click details for more information.

TactiX.de Website Details
Easy to handle, very intuitiv competition sailing software for daysailing with small crew. Offers startline functions, windchart function, beating angle information, ims-comparison, performance and vmg-functions, and many more....Click details for more information.

Tridentnav ECS Professional / Tridentnav ECS Standard Website Details
Tridentnav Systems develops navigation software providing unique possibilities for the user to customize the screen layout. The program uses high-quality vectorized chart data in the new S-57 format, and supports AIS input as well as GPS, echo sounder, wind instruments etc. Both head-up and north-up chart orientation are available. A free Demo version is available for download via Tridentnav Systems web page....Click details for more information.

Visual Navigation Suite 6.0. Website Details
Visual Navigation Suite 6.0 builds upon the original version, with enhanced features and support for Passport World Charts <li> Support for Passport World Charts with Street, Roads and more. </li> <li> 3D Chart Support </li> <li> Weather Overlay </li> <li> Turn on/off data layers. </li> <li> Crystal clear chart presentation even when rotated. </li> <li> Now s...Click details for more information.

WayPoint for Windows Website Details
As in earlier versions, WayPoint for Windows v3.0 is an advanced ocean routing & navigation program for the Professional Mariner. It is designed to help manage and analyze your vessel's routes wherever you may sail. <p> Designed primarily with the Professional in mind, mariners of all skill levels will enjoy the benefits of working with this powerful navigation tool. ...Click details for more information.

WinAstro Website Details
Celestial navigation software that makes it easy to calculate your position. WinAstro helps you plan your sight and then carries out the sight reduction calculations, using a built-in perpetual almanac. Al;so included is Stellarium, planetarium software that makes it easy to identify the stars....Click details for more information.

WORLDTRACK Website Details
With WORLDTRACK, your customers can view the positions of your aircraft, ships, containers - or whatever mobile objects are central to your business - on a world atlas running at this site. <p> Whether you want to use WORLDTRACK as a standalone service or in conjunction with your existing web site, there should be no problems on the technical side. ...Click details for more information.

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