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ABS CONSTRUCT Website Details
ABS CONSTRUCT is a construction scantlings program based on the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) Scantlings for Offshore Racing Sailboats. The scantlings are to be used for all offshore racing yachts and may be applied to cruising yachts as a minimum specification as well. The program is very useful as an engineering tool for any designer that is not familiar with determining hull thickness requirements for fiberglass (incl...Click details for more information.

Autoship Website Details
Hull Design & Surface Modeling Program<br> Autoship 8 features: <li> 3D surface modeling, 4 simultaneous views or single view </li> <li> Multiple Zoom and Pan Curvature displays for curves and surfaces, Ten levels of Undo and Redo </li> <li> Hierarchical groupings of objects, Quick colour rendering <li> Metr...Click details for more information.

Autostructure 1.0 Website Details
Internal Structural Design Software<br>Key Features of Autostructure 1.0: <br> <li> The Ship hull data is taken directly from the Autoship project file via a COM server </li> <li> Shell plating data from Autoplate can be imported into the Autostructure database </Li> <li> Database setup and management is handled in a separate program, Project Manager </li> <li> Incorporates a modern tree-view browser to...Click details for more information.

Autoyacht Website Details
Autoyacht combines many of the excellent features of our world renowned hull design and surface modeling software, Autoship, with certain functions specifically suited to yacht designers. ...Click details for more information.

BevelGage Website Details
BevelGage™ for Boatbuilders is an enhanced version of the BevelGage program with a number of specialized functions for those in the boatbuilding, marine design, and woodworking trades. The emphasis is on wood, but many of the functions apply to other materials. It includes functions for display and automatic fairing of 2-dimensional curves, for predicting the elastic springback of steam-bent and laminated parts, calculations for solid and laminated beams, wood dimensional change, sp...Click details for more information.

B-PLATES Website Details
B-PLATES is a flat plate development program that is designed to read PROLINES designed hull shapes directly as they were saved in PROLINES format (.phl files). B-PLATES uses the same NURB mathematics to generate flat plates either along chine lines on the hull or at uniformly distributed spacing. This makes it possible to transform an other wise round hulled sailboat into a plated chined hull approximation t...Click details for more information.

Carene 40/50 Website Details
Two shareware (free to non-commercial users) versions featuring hardchine designs, one for boats with transoms, one for boats without. <p>Carene is a CAD software for designing boat hull. <br> Sailcut is a CAD software for designing boat sails. ...Click details for more information.

Excel and MathCAD Templates Website Details
Structural and stability analysis templates for boat and yacht designers, naval architects, marine engineers, ocean engineers, structural, civil and mechanical engineers. Including tank properties, area properties, Curves of Form Data, stability criterion, section modulus calculations, trim and stability sheets, time logs, weights and moments analysis and others....Click details for more information.

FOIL 97 Website Details
FOIL was created to design 2D FOIL shapes such as the standard NACA 0012 or NACA63010. Unfortunately, common sailing jargon uses the term foil to refer to the entire planform shape of a keel or rudder. This is INCORRECT - the FOIL shape is the Aero or hydrodynamic shape that runs chord wise fore and aft across the keel or rudder span. FOIL has a very high pedigree, because it was created as a development of a...Click details for more information.

HST Website Details
<p>The HST Program is for Hydrostatics, Stability and Tank Capacities. The program prepares tabulated results of hydrostatic particulars at a range of draughts and trims and fixed or free to trim GZ and KN stability data Downflooding points may be entered to establish their angles of immersion. The program also compiles tank capacity tables for soundings or ullages, suitable for inclusion in tank calibration books. Centre of gravity, free surface moment , trim and list corrections can also be calculated.</p...Click details for more information.

Main features : <li> design of any kind of ship forms <li> interactive hull form modification <li> on-line basic hydrostatics calculation <li> DXF & IGES export/import <li> printer/plotter outputs </li>...Click details for more information.

Hullform Website Details
Hullform is the name given to a family of hull design programs. They all allow both lines fairing (to generate a fast and easy-to-build hull) and hydrostatics (to make sure it floats - and more). There is a version tailored to the needs of any user, from a dabbling amateur to a professional naval architect in a large shipbuilding company. ...Click details for more information.

LOFT 97 Website Details
LOFT 97 provides the designer the ability to design conventional keels and rudders with straight leading edges and curved trailing edges. To design a keel or rudder the designer selects the NEW DESIGN from the FILE menu. LOFT then asks for the dimensions of the keel or rudder. It requests root and tip chord lengths, the span (height) of the keel or rudder, the percent thickness of the root and tip chords, the...Click details for more information.

Maxsurf 43k Download Website Details
Maxsurf is a complete design, analysis and construction system for all types of marine craft. Featuring fast, interactive graphics, Maxsurf provides a completely graphical approach to hull modeling, analysis and generation of geometry for construction. An unlimited number of B-Spline or NURB surfaces can be used to create a wide range of shapes with great accuracy. Maxsurf utilizes rendering, animation and color displays to highlight surface shape and curvature. A built in calculation sheet lets the user in...Click details for more information.

MultiSurf Website Details
Marine design and 3D modeling with Relational Geometry. <br>Relational 3D design for complete marine design (hull, deck, keel, interiors, super structures)...Click details for more information.

Powering Program Website Details
<p>The Power Prediction Program calculates the calm water resistance and effective horsepower, including parametric variations and the effects of appendages, for a range of craft.</p> <p>The calculation methods available include:</p> <p>Ship forms: Merchant ships, single or twin screw, Tugs & Trawlers, BSRA methodical series.</p> <p>High speed forms: NPL round bilge, Series 64 round bilge, SSPA round bilge, Davidson Regression, Savitsky planing hulls, Wolfson Unit Regressions.</p> <p>Sailing yac...Click details for more information.

Prolines Website Details
Prolines is a boat-hull design and analysis program. It creates hull design using NURB surfaces, and computes hydrostatics, stability, and drag characteristics of the boat hull (see screen shot). Once the hull is designed and analyzed, the hull dimensions or offsets can be exported as a 2D DXF file or printed on a normal printer. This demo version does not permit saving any design files or exporting any calculations or DXF files. It is otherwise fully operational. The full-versio...Click details for more information.

Prop Scan Marine Propeller Software Website Details
Prop Scan propeller software can increase boat speed, reduced fuel consumption and eliminate propeller vibration. Prop Scan propeller software is powerful, accurate, intuitive and can help to solve any propeller problem. ...Click details for more information.

Propeller Design Program Website Details
The Propeller Design Program predicts basic propeller performance using design and off-design methods, from standard series charts for both conventional and ducted propellers. The data used are entirely non-dimensional and so may be applied to any size of vessel. Data cover the full Wageningen B-series of 2 to 6 bladed propellers, the Gawn series of high speed, 3 bladed propellers, and the Kaplan series in nozzles....Click details for more information.

PropWorks2 11k Download Website Details
Speed prediction and propeller selection for high performance outboard and I/O hulls. Complete database of all major outboard specs; calculates effects of propeller "cupping", "slip"; easy "dial-in" RPM settings; engine gear ratios are built in by selecting motor from database....Click details for more information.

Sailcut 2000: Software for designing sails Website Details
Sailcut 2000 is a handy software for designing triangular or quadrangle sails with proper control of its shape. Sailcut 2000 develops the 3D panels on flat sheet which can be printed, output to DXF files for re-use with any CAD software or output to ASCII files for exploitation with a spreadsheet. Sailcut 2000 supports 3D Virtual Reality output compliant with VRML 2.0 standard to visualise your boat or sail with a web browser. ...Click details for more information.

SeaSolution software family Website Details
Cad software for ship design and production. Design from scratch. Type of the ship, main dimensions, center of buoyancy, volume, design speed and other initial values can be used for ship surface definition. Ship profile line and decks plans will be also taken into account together with initial general arrangement drawings. In design process we will carefully follow all of these initial data. Even on this early design stage customer will have final ready for production ship surface. ...Click details for more information.

SIC HydroStatics Analysis Website Details
The goal of SIC HydroStatics Analysis application is to be able to convince some naval architects that it is worth for them to use and stay into CATIA V5 for basic, simple, daily design tasks, rather than interfacing to NAPA or Tribon or PROTEUS. They would only need to go to these dedicated packages for more advanced, sophisticated naval calculations....Click details for more information.

Stability Test Pro Website Details
Stability Test Pro is an integrated application designed to help Naval Architects manage and assess stability test (incline experiment) data. The program can be used in the office to quickly process stability test data. Or, more importantly, Stability Test Pro can be used onboard vessels during stability tests to quickly generate an estimate of the lightship weight and center of gravity BEFORE concluding the stability test. This ...Click details for more information.

Tunnel Boat Design Programę Website Details
The most advanced computer design analysis and performance prediction software available anywhere! Dozens of new features and design options, and all the functionality of Windows 98. Your tunnel hull design analysis can consider the performance and stability effects of Center Pod, sponson steps (1 or more steps), different aerofoil configurations, cockpit enclosures or configurations, even single or multiple drive train configurations. ...Click details for more information.

Wings Website Details
WINGS is a powerful keel and rudder design tool that is capable of creating virtually any shape keel or rudder. In particular, WINGS is capable of creating bulbed keels with integral struts. Any keel or rudder may be comprised of two foils, one at the root and one at the tip and then uniformly blended such that the foil section at the middle of the keel or rudder span is made up of 50% of the root shape and 5...Click details for more information.

Yacht Design Website Details
Yacht Design is a tool that helps you get a feeling for the sailing characteristics of a sailboat. It uses 3D color bar graphs for comparing sailboats. Yacht Design computes a boat's sail area displacement, displacement length ratio, hull speed, ballast displacement, motion comfort, and screen numbers. All the formulas are fully explained under Help. The shareware version has a small database with some menu items grayed out. The registered version has a database of more than 1,000 yachts...Click details for more information.

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