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James River Batteau Festival



The James River Batteau is a flat bottomed boat which was used to transport tobacco from areas of Central Virgina to Richmond during the late 1700's. The boats were generally from 6-8 feet wide, 40-50 feet long and were constructed of white oak. For the past 15 years the James River Batteau Festival has been held in June to celebrate these boats and the important role they played in Virginia history. The public is invited to come and see the boats at any one of our 8 festival sites. Anyone interested in constructing a boat and joining the festival can get started through this website.

The 2000 James River Batteau Festival will be held Friday June 16th through Saturday June 24th. Friday evening there will be dinner, music and other activities on Percival's Island in downtown Lynchburg. Saturday the batteaux will depart at 11:00 AM for the 8 day, 120 mile adventure down the James River. This year it is expected that about 15 batteaux will participate in the festival. The flat bottomed boats will relive the river trade of the 1700's when the James River played a major role in getting tobacco and other goods to Richmond.

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