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Pontoon Boat for Sale

Ad Placed On: 7/11/2009



Joe Shulla






Pontoon Porch LLC


Pontoon Porch


Starting at $18,500


Madison, Wisconsin Boat Manufacturer Implements New Design Transforming the Pontoon Boat The boating company Pontoon Porch LLC in Madison is manufacturing a new type of boat. The manufacturers are calling the new boat a “Pontoon Porch.” The boat is a screened porch that moves like a pontoon boat. The boat has the mobility of a classic pontoon boat with the added benefits of a screened porch. The new design offers protection from the sun and insects and provides boaters with a true living space out on the lake. Madison, Wisconsin July 8, 2009 – The company Pontoon Porch LLC has created a new boat design that is both a screened porch and a pontoon boat. They are calling this new boat a “Pontoon Porch” and it is revolutionizing the way people are enjoying the lake. The owner and creator of Pontoon Porch LLC Joe Shulla, states that “this new boat is the perfect combination of a pontoon boat and a house boat and can be utilized on small and medium sized lakes throughout the United States.” The Pontoon Porch is a customized floating screened porch that moves like a pontoon boat. The Pontoon Porch has the mobility of a pontoon boat with the added benefits of having a screened porch and an outside deck. It offers boaters protection from the sun, insects, wind, and rain, while allowing the freedom to move effortlessly on the water. With over forty years of woodwork engineering Shulla has created a quality handcrafted knotty pine exterior and interior esthetically pleasing to all that experience the Pontoon Porch. The solid steal frame and custom pontoons provide more stability and buoyancy then a typical pontoon boat. The stability and design of the boat makes it accommodating for children, adults, elderly and handicapped. The Pontoon Porch comes in various sizes depending on the needs of the clients. It is great for entertaining out on the lake or for admiring nature lakeside. Joe Shulla states, “My boats provide something for everyone, if you love the outdoors this is perfect, if you prefer to stay on your porch without the bugs, this is perfect too.“ The Pontoon Porch provides a comfortable living area on the water or dockside and is a great alternative to building a permanent structure on the lake. When anchored, the boat feels similar to a screened in porch attached to your lake house except that it’s located on the lake. The Pontoon Porch is a unique boat that allows comfortable access to the lake. The boat’s stable design and protection against the elements makes it ideal for people who want to relax and take true advantage of their lake property. For additional information, please visit http://www.pontoonboatcustoms.com or call 608-575-2550. About Pontoon Porch LLC: Pontoon Porch LLC is a boat manufacturer and operator based in Madison, Wisconsin, specializing in pontoon boats. Pontoon Porch Sales manufactures it’s Pontoon Porch Boat product line in Madison. . Pontoon Porch Rentals operates a popular Pontoon Boat Rental business located at the East Side Club in Madison on Lake Monona. Contact: Joe Shulla Pontoon Porch LLC 608-575-2550 http://www.pontoonboatcustoms.com

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