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Chief Engineer Steam/Motor/Gas Turbine

Ad Placed On: 10/9/2008

Jeff Cimmarusti










Jeff Cimmarusti 39 Olive St. Oak View, CA 93022 (805) 340-2679 jeffcimm@yahoo.com Work Experience: U.S. Merchant Marine Chief Engineer with twenty-five years experience working as an Engineering Officer on steam and diesel powered ocean going vessels. Twelve years plus sailing as Chief Engineer on steam ships. Proficiencies include the overall management and operation of vessel engineering departments; Maintenance, repair and overhaul of main propulsion and auxiliary machinery; Ordering, receiving and maintaining spare parts, fuel oil and lube oil inventories; Ensuring compliance with regulatory standards and requirements of the U.S. Coast Guard and the American Bureau of Shipping. Also, directed and oversaw training of department personnel in proper machinery and system operations, maintenance, emergency response and safety practices; Promoted teamwork in individuals of diverse backgrounds while maintaining a communicative work environment with an open door management style; Composed, submitted and maintained comprehensive documentation including voyage letters, maintenance and machinery histories, engine room logs, performance reports, work orders, and shipyard specifications. Extensive experience with all phases of shipboard steam plant and auxiliary machinery operation, monitoring, maintenance, troubleshooting and repair. Included equipment: Main propulsion and auxiliary boilers; Main propulsion and auxiliary turbines; Auxiliary and emergency diesel engines; Steam turbine and diesel generators, Electrical switchboards, circuits, and power distribution; Motors and motor controllers; Centrifugal, reciprocating and positive displacement rotary pumps; Air compressors, fans and blowers; Hydraulic and pneumatic equipment and controls; Process control valves, regulators, instrumentation and meters; Air conditioning and refrigeration plants; Distilling units; Shipboard sewage treatment plants and pollution control equipment including oily water separators and oil content monitoring devices; Mooring winches and windlasses; Fuel oil, lube oil and various heating & cooling systems; Engine room control consoles and combustion control equipment. Practical skills include; PC literate, MS Office, Word, Excel, Outlook, AMOS-D, and MAXIMO programs; Set up and operation of machine shop equipment and tools including lathes, milling machines, drill presses, pipe benders, grinders, saws, and all related hand tools; Precision measuring and inspection tools including micrometers, calipers, indicators and gauges; Burning and welding equipment including arc welding, oxygen & acetylene and plasma cutting; Electrical troubleshooting and inspection instruments including VOMís, amp meters, resistance testing, PLC and transmitter programmers; Rotating machinery shaft alignment and vibration measuring devices. Well versed with the use of condition monitoring, predictive and preventative maintenance routines. Licenses Held: U.S. Coast Guard: Chief Engineer of Steam, Motor, or Gas Turbine Vessels of any Horsepower. U.S. Coast Guard: STCW 95, Chief Engineer. ACCA: Refrigerant Transition and Recovery, Universal Certification. City of Los Angeles, Dept. of Building & Safety: Steam Engineer; Unlimited, Turbine Endorsement. Work History: 4-91 to 7-07: Horizon Lines: Initially hired as a Port Engineer responsible for implementing and overseeing shore side repairs on Horizon Lines vessels during port calls (voyage repairs). Duties included: Estimating repair costs, scheduling repairs with various vendors and ship repair contractors, monitoring repairs and negotiating final repair bills; Coordinating, observing and assisting with U.S. Coast Guard and American Bureau of Shipping surveys and inspections; Additional support to vessel engineering as needed. After serving as Port Engineer for approximately one year, went back to sea as First Assistant Engineer, then Chief Engineer on several of the companyís vessels. 1-88 to 4-91: Maine Transport Lines: Served as permanent Second Assistant Engineer, First Assistant Engineer and Chief Engineer on the companyís VLCCs (Very Large Crude Carriers) engaged in the Alaskan oil trade. Operation, maintenance and repairs of special equipment included large steam powered cargo oil pumps, inert gas systems, and crude oil wash systems. 1981 to 1987: Sailed as relief Third Assistant Engineer and relief Second Assistant Engineer on various steam and diesel powered ocean going vessels. See following page for a chronological list of maritime employment. 7-77 to 1-78: Librascope Division of Singer, Glendale, CA: Numerical Control Mill Machinist. 2-74 to 7-77: Bell and Howell, Pasadena, CA: Completed a Machinist Trainee Program, progressed through the drilling, lathe and milling departments, advanced to a Numerical Control Mill Machinist position. Education: 1981 Graduated, Calhoon MEBA Engineering School, Baltimore, Maryland (Earned three of the four scholastic awards presented to each graduating class). Fall 1973-Spring 1974, Completed Machine Shop Technology Courses, Pasadena City College. 1973 Graduated, Temple City High School, Temple City, California. Continuing Education: Advanced Fire Fighting; Calhoon MEBA Engineering School, Easton, Maryland HazMat Technician; Calhoon MEBA Engineering School, Easton, Maryland Shipís Management; Calhoon MEBA Engineering School, Easton, Maryland Refrigeration; Calhoon MEBA Engineering School, Easton, Maryland Computer Electronics; Calhoon MEBA Engineering School, Easton, Maryland Electrical Troubleshooting; Calhoon MEBA Engineering School, Easton, Maryland Diesel Engineering; Calhoon MEBA Engineering School, Easton, Maryland Gas Turbine Engineering; Calhoon MEBA Engineering School, Easton, Maryland Engineering Seminar; Calhoon MEBA Engineering School, Easton, Maryland AMOS-D Software; Calhoon MEBA Engineering School, Easton, Maryland MAXIMO Software; Pacific Maritime Institute, Seattle, Washington Security Officer; Pacific Maritime Institute, Linthicum Heights, Maryland Maritime Related Employment: Vessel: Company: Type, Horsepower: Position: From: To: H/L Consumer Horizon Container, Steam, 28,000Chief Eng. 9/04 3/07 H/L Enterprise Horizon Container, Steam, 26,000Chief Eng. 3/03 8/04 CSX Challenger CSX Container, Steam, 26,000Chief Eng. 2/97 1/03 S/L Hawaii Sea-Land Container, Steam, 26,000Chief Eng. 1/94 12/96 S/L Liberator Sea-Land Container, Diesel, 27,0001st A/E 5/92 11/93 (Shore Side) Sea-Land Port Eng. 4/91 4/92 BT San Diego MTL Tanker, Steam, 28,000 Chief Eng. 12/90 2/91 BT San Diego MTL Tanker, Steam, 28,000 1st A/E 11/90 12/90 BT San Diego MTL Tanker, Steam, 28,000 1st A/E 3/90 8/90 BT San Diego MTL Tanker, Steam, 28,000 2nd A/E 2/90 3/90 BT San Diego MTL Tanker, Steam, 28,000 1st A/E 5/89 8/89 BT San Diego MTL Tanker, Steam, 28,000 2nd A/E 3/89 5/89 BT Alaska MTL Tanker, Steam, 28,000 1st A/E 12/88 1/89 BT Alaska MTL Tanker, Steam, 28,000 2nd A/E 9/88 11/88 BT Alaska MTL Tanker, Steam, 28,000 2nd A/E 5/88 5/88 BT San Diego MTL Tanker, Steam, 28,000 2nd A/E 1/88 3/88 S/L Lark Sea-Land Container, Steam, 26,0002nd A/E 10/87 12/87 Cape Breton APL Break Bulk, Steam, 18,0003rd A/E 10/87 10/87 Beaver State Apex Tanker, Steam, 26,000 2nd A/E 9/86 3/87 BT Alaska MTL Tanker, Steam, 28,000 2nd A/E 8/86 9/86 BT San Diego MTL Tanker, Steam, 28,000 2nd A/E 2/86 5/86 Sheldon Lykes Lykes Bros. Container, Diesel, 17,0003rd A/E 5/85 9/85 President Tyler APL Container, Steam, 26,0003rd A/E 2/85 3/85 President Madison APL Container, Steam, 26,0003rd A/E 12/84 2/85 President Madison APL Container, Steam, 26,0003rd A/E 6/84 9/84 Santa Mariana Delta Passenger, Steam, 15,0003rd A/E 8/83 8/83 Seattle Sea-Land Container, Steam, 7,500 3rd A/E 3/83 7/83 S/L Patriot Sea-Land Container, Diesel, 27,0003rd A/E 1/82 3/82 Marine Chemical TransporterMTLTanker, Steam, 7,500 3rd A/E 9/81 9/81 Keystoner Keystone Tanker, Steam, 10,000 3rd A/E 7/81 9/81 Sea-Land Services/CSX Lines/Horizon Lines: Elizabeth, NJ MTL, Marine Transport Lines: New York, NY Apex Marine: New York, NY Lykes Brothers Steamship Company: New Orleans, LA APL, American President Lines: San Francisco, CA Keystone Shipping Company: Philadelphia, PA Note; Horizon Lines was formerly Sea-Land Services. During my employment period the company changed names from Sea-Land Services to CSX Lines then to Horizon Lines. There were two changes in ownership. The company remained essentially the same with no changes to permanent vessel crew and few changes to shore side support personnel. References available on request.

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