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Sailboat Maintenance and Repair

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Sailboat Maintenance and Repair


11/30/2000 12:18:04 PM

Date Topic Posts
4/4/2012 17:41   Www.northamericanboaters.com - Check out this new boating website www.nortamericanboater...Read More 1
10/11/2010 09:43   bright work - I am a new sailor. Just pulled the boat for the winter and have removed al...Read More 1
4/29/2010 06:05   Get Matched with Local Marine Pros - Having problems finding a reliable Boat Repair Cont...Read More 1
8/20/2009 13:26   Repairing rub rail - I have a older sailboat that has an aluminum rub rail that also act...Read More 1
6/5/2009 16:16   fire damage - I recently had an electrical fire on my 30 foot pearson and it seems that ...Read More 1
8/17/2008 02:48   Gunwale Repair - Hi, I'm planning on restoring a sailboat that was given to me. It's ...Read More 1
8/10/2008 08:49   keel repair - i have a 22ft columbia sail boat with water in it, i believe i need to res...Read More 1
7/23/2008 18:14   Marine Corrosion-how to prevent and eliminate it - It doesn't matter how small or large ...Read More 1
5/7/2008 10:30   JY 9 information - I recently purchase a JY 9 sailboat for my son to learn with. It did...Read More 1
8/12/2007 11:52   Dehler 34 Optima 101 - I'm looking for a detail of the rudder tube in my 1987 Dehler 34....Read More 3
8/4/2007 19:14   swing keel trouble - my swing keel on my 22' kells sailboat will not go all the way down...Read More 2
6/9/2007 10:30   Serious handling problem - I had my first sail on a boat that is available to me for the...Read More 2
2/19/2007 08:45   Looking For Sailboat, Sailing Lessons - I am looking for a sailboat in the Panama City, ...Read More 1
6/8/2006 23:38   Rigging Repair - Jib rigging is coming unstranded. Any ideas on how to replace it?...Read More 1
6/8/2006 23:38   Rigging Repair - Jib rigging is coming unstranded. Any ideas on how to replace it?...Read More 1
10/15/2005 23:56   Dehler 34 Instruction manual - Hallo Yacht man, Is any one has an instruction manual ...Read More 1
8/31/2005 09:46   bottom repair - i have a 1978 QUASAR and the bottom has cracks that go throught the gelc...Read More 2
5/30/2005 16:59   Sail track lubrication - I read somewhere that there is a special oil that can be applie...Read More 3
5/14/2005 23:03   Antifouling - I am trying to find out if there is any such (reliable) replacement to the...Read More 1
4/3/2005 16:27   Water Heater - CAn anyone help me? My son left the water heater on in my sailboat for tw...Read More 2
3/16/2005 11:03   AFFOARD HELP - Be Honest and It will Work… I have done it myself! Can you really make...Read More 1
7/21/2004 19:12   help - I have a question for anyone that knows about sailing dingy's. I recently purcha...Read More 2
4/2/2001 10:14   Boat Building - latley I have been thinking about building a motor sailer based on a fl...Read More 2

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All Contents Copyright (c) 2020 Bongiovanni Research & Technology, Inc.