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Synthetic Teak Decking Alternative

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Synthetic Teak Decking Alternative



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6/15/2010 12:45:25 PM


DEK-KINGŪ is an excellent, high quality composite synthetic teak decking alternative. Our product looks and feels like real teak. Our marine decking has non slip qualities even when wet, does not turn grey, dry out or crack and requires very little maintenance. Install it on your deck, foredeck, tender garage, swim platform, boat flooring, bathing platform or stairs. Our decking material can also be used on pool decks, balconies, Spa areas and in industrial areas where excellent non slip flooring is required. Due to its flexibility, our teak decking will conform to surfaces which are not flat. It can be fixed to almost any surface including GRP, Steel and Timber. All you need to complete the installation is a sharp craft knife, an adhesive spreader and patience! We have all tools required, in stock. You will discover that our boat decking material - DEK-KINGŪ is impressively non-slip, even when wet on all boat decks. A range of profiles is available all finished with anti slip surface and a 'Scotchbrite' finished base allowing the adhesive to bond the DEK-KINGŪ and deck securely. DEK-KINGŪ teak installation is ideal for either boatbuilders or DIY (Do it yourself installations). It is supplied in easy to manage strips or 10m coils and is extremely easy to install. Extrusions are generally supplied in 2.25m legths. 9 x 2.25m lengths will cover 1 sq meter and 1 x 10m coil will cover 0.5 sq meters. You can order Pre-fabricated mats - supplied ready to fit and made to your template, Pre-made Standard Size Mats, or Full Fit -our fitters will fully install your new decking. We also supply our product to boat, cabin cruiser, sailing boat, yacht and rib manufacturers. DEK-KINGŪ is also used by designers and ship yards when building refitting super yachts. Other popular uses of our decking profiles are: In environments where health and safety in public areas and workplaces are of paramount importance and where you need to ensure that you use the flooring that provides the highest levels of grip when wet. DEK-KINGŪ provides unique marine industry standard non slip wood effect surfacing for swimming pool deck areas and is perfect for spa areas and balconies. We also supply two types of adhesive for installing our deck flooring material, Stelmax and Sealrack 750. Stelmax adhesive is used to join the strips of DEK-KINGŪ together and is supplied in a 135ml tube that will bond approximately 2 sq meteres of tongue and groove joints. Sealtack 750 is a high tack MS-Polmer adhesive used to bond DEK-KINGŪ to the required surface and has a shelf life of 15 months in unpoened packaging. Sealtek 750 is supplied in 600ml Sausages that will bond approximately 0.6 sq meteres of our decking. Our product is easily washed by soap and water or by power washing it. Throw at it it Red wine, food coluring, grease -and it will not stain. DEK-KINGŪ marine flooring is fast becoming the must have marin teak decking surface for yachts, boats, motor cruisers, Ribs and light craft. This fresh contemporary decking finish does not look out of place on any calibre of boat. With a proven track record and many sea trials under its belt, our DEK-KINGŪ system is probably the safest, low cost, low maintenance surface that money can buy. Visit our website at http://www.teakforboats.com

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All Contents Copyright (c) 2019 Bongiovanni Research & Technology, Inc.