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Islamorada Tarpon, Permit and Bones

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Islamorada Tarpon, Permit and Bones


Captain Jim Hale

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5/13/2009 3:18:36 PM


Islamorada Tarpon Permit and Bones In mid May 2009 Finally the wind has died at least for now and we are getting mirror conditions early in the morning, these conditions are great for finding the large schools of Permit and smaller schools of tailing Bonefish that are cruising the flats of Biscayne Bay and in Islamorada. Yesterday we saw over 300 Permit floating in Biscayne Bay with plenty of shots at them but our anglers could not connect…In their defense the fish were a little spooky and the casts were a few feet from the mark. And on the ocean side we hooked a 50 lb Tarpon on a hand picked live shrimp but the poon spit the hook. Over the last week I fished the Key Morada fishing tournament at Hawks Cay on Duck Key to benefit the Crohns and Colitis foundation of America and had the pleasure to meet and fish with some very nice people. Anthony Conetta of Columbia Sportswear, John Arrastia, Jr. caught a 8 lb Islamorada Bonefish, Kristie Sanders caught a 31 inch 11 lb Redfish and to close it out David Vetter caught his first 2 reds on fly and a 40 plus pound Permit in the backcountry, thanks to all of you and hope to see you soon. On the ocean side flats from Biscayne Bay to Marathon and especially in Islamorada there is a great push of migrating Tarpon to be seen….caught is up to the Tarpon and angler, if you do go a very small fly is the best on a 12 wt fly rod with plenty of backing on the reel! We are feeding on the average 7 fish per day with some days up to 12 and landing 2 to 3 Tarpon a day up to 120 lbs. There are plenty of laid up Tarpon in the back as well these guys will eat flies live shrimp and crabs. In Flamingo there are plenty of Reds and Snook on the flats but some days they have had lock jaw but after the full moon they should eat well, This time of year we also have large amounts of Snook on (certain) beaches so that is always an option as well as mucho big Tarpon in the Gulf. Till next time….”Good luck” Capt. Jim Hale 786-255-1788 www.floridasportfishingcharters.com

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All Contents Copyright (c) 2019 Bongiovanni Research & Technology, Inc.