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March Galapagos Marlin Report

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March Galapagos Marlin Report



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4/10/2009 2:43:16 PM


Galapagos Marlin Report March started as a fantastic month and showed some very solid fishing. The water remained warm and fluctuated only from 80 to 85 F on average. Most days showed flat calm seas and a few had low chops but nice weather nevertheless. Many anglers experienced their first marlins. The reports from March 16 to March 27 were submitted by Pete Santini aboard the Sea Hands. March 29th on were submitted by myself. March 16, 2009, Pete Santini was kind enough to submit his report aboard the Sea Hands. Fishing on Rosa Blanca`s main bank Pete reported raising 21 stripes and a blue marlin on lures. He had 12 bites and released 3 stripes and 1 blue estimated around 400lbs. March 17, 2009, Santini aboard the Sea Hands reported a beautiful day on the ocean. Fish were difficult to hook. 15 raises, 8 bites and 1 release were the product of high surface temperature according to Pete. March 18, 2009, According to Santini on the Sea Hands conditions remained the same on Rosa Blanca Banks. He reported raising 22 fish on lures with 11 bites and 3 releases. The highlight of the day aside from the marlin was a few big eye tunas caught that made for a good dinner. March 19, 2009, taking a break from the marlin Santini took his clients to Mac Gowen Reef for a day of wahoo and tuna fishing. The biggest tuna was a 65lb big eye. The fishing for wahoo and tuna is second to none in Galapagos. March 20, 2009, Santini took his clients to Rosa Blanca banks for a “reel” treat! An incredible day which is common in the Galapagos showed the Sea Hands 47 raises with 28 bites and 5 releases. Many tailers were reported cruising the waters of the bank. March 22, 2009, the Sea Hands reported another spectacular day on the Rosa Blanca banks raising 50 stripes and 2 blue marlin. A total of 32 amazing bites on lures which included a double header of blue marlin estimated 350 and 450# each plus 3 stripes released. March 23, 2009, the Sea Hands had another double digit day with 24 raises, 15 bites and 2 releases of striped marlin. March 24, 2009, Santini reported 18 raises, 9 bites and 1 release. March 25, 2009, the Sea Hands raised 22 stripes with 13 bites and released 2. March 26, 2009, Santini reported a flat calm day with greenish water on Sothern side of Rosa Blanca`s main bank. The Sea hands experienced another stellar day with lots of marlin with 35 raises on lures, 15 bites and 2 releases. March 27, 2009, the Sea Hands raised 14 stripes, had 9 bite and no releases. Santini added that this was the only day he got skunked on catches this year. March 29, 2009, we set out aboard the Johanamar arriving on the Rosa Blanca banks around 2 pm. It was a late day charter and I played mate for my client Ron Lidjahl. Ron had never fished for marlin in the pacific before and it would be in Galapagos that he would catch his first striped marlin ever! A nice stripey around 200# on 40# tackle. We raised 5 stripes had 4 bites and released 1. March 30, 2009, aboard the Blue we set out with Ron again on a flat calm day. Today we were going to attempt to help Ron catch another stripey on light tackle with ballyhoo. Ron hooked a stripey himself and caught it as we went on to land the second of a double header. Once we had a couple of stripes on standup it was time to switch to fly fishing. Ron had been dreaming of catching marlin on fly. He came darn close as he managed to have 3 bites on fly. Unfortunately they all came loose. The final numbers for the day were 13 raises 5 bites on standup gear and 3 bites on fly with 2 releases on standup. The highlight of the day was a sighting of 3 spearfish on top water. I have never seen spearfish in the Galapagos before. March 31, 2009, Jeff Morrow and his Son Slayton, Jim Sutton, Jim Shumacher and his son Austin and Caleb Massey would fill the Blue for an adventure. We fished Rosa Blanca`s main bank and raised a double on blues and 7 stripes. We released 2 stripes out of 5 stripe bites and 2 blue bites. Junior anglers Slayton Morrow and Austin Shumacher would release their first marlins ever! April 1, 2009, Onboard the Blue we set off with the same group to Rosa Blanca`s first bank. Water was very calm and a few fish were seen on the surface as well as birds and marine life. We raised 9 stripes had 6 bites on ballyhoo and released 4 stripes. The highlight was a very stubborn stripey on 50# that Austin Schumacher released estimated around 200#. April 2, 2009, This was the final day aboard the Blue with the Morrow group as we set for Rosa Blanca`s first bank. After raising only 1 stripey we made the 4 mile crossing to Rosa Blanca`s main bank. It wasn`t long after finding the birds and trolling a nice current rip that a blue marlin estimated 500# would engulf the ballyhoo on a 30# rod equipped with 40# line. Caleb Massey took the rod and put on a powerful performance by bringing the fish to leader in 1 hour and 3 minutes. Because the leader was only 150# the fish could not be wired properly for a picture so Caleb went on to fight it another 2 hours and 30 minute getting the release 1 more time. Finally the line broke on a last ditch effort to get the fish to the boat for pictures. 2 more stripeys were raised in a short amount of time left before we had to head for port. It was Caleb`s biggest fish marlin! Thanks to Pete Santini for all his information. Folks, there is very good fishing year round in the Galapagos. Please do not hesitate to book if you want to be part of current history`s best marlin fishing on the planet! Sportsmans Addiction 123 N Krome Ave Suite 200 Homestead FL 33030 305-396-6629 305-926-7423 cell www.sportsmansaddiction.com mj@sportsmansaddiction.com

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