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Guatemala Sailfish School March 24-27

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Guatemala Sailfish School March 24-27



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3/30/2009 1:27:42 PM


Guatemala Sailfish School Report March 24, & 25 2009 March 24, 2009: Today Lucien Lafond from Islamorada FL and Normandy France, fished aboard "Finest Kind " with captain Ron Hamlin while Danny Cline and I fished with captain Chris Sheeder aboard "Rum Line". After a great breakfast at Casa Vieja Lodge we boarded the van , which was full of other anglers who were staying at the sold out CVL for the short two minute ride to the Marina Pez Viela. We left the marina at 6:45 in sunny calm conditions for the 50 minute run to where we began fishing. The Finest Kind had a slow day with Lucien only having shots at 4 total sailfish all day. Mean while aboard Rum Line Danny and I had a little better fishing, we raised 20 sailfish, teased 10 in to bite the fly, and then we caught seven sailfish on fly including a double header of two fish in the 120 pound range. March 25, 2009: Today we switched boas and crews, Lucien fished with captain Chris Sheeder aboard "Rum Line" while Danny and I fished with captain Ron aboard "Finest Kind". Fishing conditions were good with calm seas and sunny skies, and some aggressive big sailfish. Lucien caught two really large sailfish (well over 110 pounds) on 20 pound tippet and then he was treated to a very special thing. Lucien Lafond, sailfish school student, caught and released a 250 + pound Blue Marlin, which just happened to be the 1,000th Blue marlin caught in Captain Chris Sheeder's long career. Congratulations to Lucien and Chris, great job. Mean while aboard Finest Kind with Captain Ron Hamlin, Danny and I caught 5 sailfish on fly from 6 bites. It was great fishing with captain Ron again for the first time in about 10 years, I am very happy that Ron is now fishing with the Casa Vieja Team, It is great fishing with my old friend. Tomorrow James Garrity from Alaska and my friend Jerry Gibbs will begin fishing another sailfish school, stay tuned for more reports and pictures. Wish you were here, I love this job! Regards: Jake March 26, & 27 2009 Greetings from Casa Vieja Lodge, Guatemala: March 24, 2009: James Garrity from Anchorage Alaska as well as Jerry Gibbs (retired fishing editor of Outdoor Life magazine) from Maine, are here for the next 3 days to attend my Sailfish School. We fished aboard the Casa Vieja Lodge fleet vessel 'Finest Kind" with captain Ron Hamlin. After an hour and fifteen minute run out we began pulling teasers as we headed further off shore. Jerry caught the first two sailfish before 10:00 AM and posed for a Guatemala Lap Dance with his first Sailfish. Then around mid day James caught and released the second sailfish to bite his fly. Late in the afternoon Jerry caught and released our fourth Sailfish of the day. Fishing was slow but steady, we got 5 bites from 10 raised fish and released a total of 4 sailfish on fly. We had a lot of fun fishing with captain Ron, tomorrow we will fish aboard Rum Line with captain Chris Sheeder. March 27, 2009: Today Jerry, James, and I left the dock aboard Rum Line with captain Chris at the helm, we ran for an hour and a half before putting out the teasers ans looking for sailfish. The first fish of the day was a hot fish caught by James, he fought that 100 pound plus fish in and got his first Guatemalan lap dance. I then caught a large and red hot lit up sailfish on fly before fishing just died. We fished fo r4 hours before we raised our next fish, a hot big, lit up fish which put on a great show for James before being released. Jerry Gibbs then caught a nice fish and then I got another monster just before heading to the dock and back to The Casa Vieja Lodge for a swim in the pool and a great meal. Today we raised 10 sailfish got 6 bites, and released 5 sailfish on fly. I love my job, more reports to follow. Regards: Jake Captain Jake Jordan Jake Jordan's Fishing Adventures PO Box 309 (US Mail) 223 Lemonwood Drive (Freight) Havelock NC 28532 252-444-3308 Home/Office 305-872-6060 Cell

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