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Snook On thr Flats

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Snook On thr Flats


Capt Jim Hale

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3/26/2009 2:10:15 PM


Snook on the flats March 20 2009 It is good to see spring time is here, hopefully the cold windy days are gone for this year (I should not have said that!). This week the fish woke up and showed up in big numbers. Water temperatures were in the mid 70s finally and calm mornings brought back happy early morning Tarpon of all sizes, we got several bites on fly but brought no fish to the boat. The Tarpon were rolling and gulping air all through Everglades National Park, we also found Redfish tailing in small schools and eating near the boat like starved rats, with a ton of Snook hanging out in skinny water ambushing small schools of Mullet. This week A.C.Nelson from Brownsville Texas fished with me and caught his first Snook on Fly with some nice Reds also. This week we also had our first rain of the year, it washed away all the dust and salt build up here in South Florida, it actually did more than that, it brought down the water temps that were in the mid 70s down into the 60s again and all the fish that were eating well, kind of shut down on the eating mode, …they were still there but not as happy. I am hoping for calm and warm conditions which will bring great fishing….(be careful what you wish for!) .The next calm warm days we have I am anticipating a strong showing of Permit and Bonefish will on the flats. Good luck! Capt. Jim Hale 786-255-1788 www.floridasportfishingcharters.com

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All Contents Copyright (c) 2019 Bongiovanni Research & Technology, Inc.