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Another Casa Vieja Lodge Report

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Another Casa Vieja Lodge Report



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3/26/2009 1:29:33 PM


"A Brief Casa Vieja- Guatemalan fishing report from Captains, Anglers, and other unreliable sources" March 19-23 Anthony Michael from Little Rock, Arkansas, Lee Sprinkle, from San Diego, California. Fishing aboard the Rum Line with Capt. Chris Sheeder. Fishing the fly raised 84 had 30 bites and released 16. Anthony also got to Release a blue marlin around 400# on 50 # stand up. Paco Suarez and his wife Maria Suarez from Puerto Rico, Maria came along to learn how to hook her own fish, Chris says on day one she started, by day two she had it and never looked back. They fished conventional and raised 53 had 45 bites and released 26 sails. Paco also released one blue on stand up around 200#s. 3-14 through 3-17 finds Kirk and Kara Weisman fishing the Fly aboard the Intensity with captain Mike Sheeder. The group raised 85 sails, had 36 bites on the fly, and released 17 on the long wand. 3-18 through 3-20 finds Carlos Ortiz, Francisco Ortiz, Leonel and David Birt from Puerto Rico aboard the Intensity . The group raised 64 sails, had 47 bites, and released 25 sails on the fly. The group also raised 3 blues, had 2 bites, and unfortunately did not release one. March 18-19 finds Doug Walters, Joseph W. Allbritton, Joe M. Rabello, and Bill Pino, from Stuart, Florida, fishing aboard the Canaso with Capt. Chico Alveranga. The group raised 36 sails, had 29 bites, and released 15 on 20# standup. March 15-17 Aboard the Canaso Finds Al Cullere, Dennis Longstreet, and Bob Jones fishing with the Alveranga Brothers. The group. Raised 64, had 52 bites, and Released 29 sails. March 15-17. We have the Longstreet group aboard the "Twenty" with Captain Jason Brice. The group raised 61 sails had 49 Bites and released 24 sails on there 3 day trip. March 20-21 we have the Serodino group aboard the "Twenty" the raised 20 fish , had 16 bites, and released 14 fish. March 7-9. Mr Jim Stob, David Smith, Randi Liswer, and Joe Penar fishing aboard the "Release" with Capt Niko Melendrez. The group raised 47 sails, had 40 bites and released 26 sails. The group also released a nice Blue marlin. March 10-12. We find Michael Bohlson, Kurt Bohlson, and Seam Darbyshire. Aboard the" Release" the guys raised 50 sails, had 35 bites on the Fly, and Released 24 sails on the fly. Congradulations, Not a bad three days on the fly. March 14-17. I had the pleasure of fishing with long time client and friend, Mr. Nat Harris. We are fishing aboard the "Afinity" a 37ft" Knowles, while waiting for the delivery of the " Pelagian". Nat was able to release a number of sails on the fly but the highlight of the trip was a bite from an estimated 400 pound Blue Marlin that ate the fly in spectacular fashion. We ended up jumping the fish off, but reieved an incredible visual display for the little time we had the fished hooked. Definately the stuff you come to see and experience. March 21-23. I had the pleasure return clients who I had not seen since my days on the "Intensity" back in 2002. Dr. Robert Harlin, his" three" sons, Robert Jr, Daniel Harlin, and Capt. Ken Carter. The guys raised 43 sails in there 3 days, had 33 bites and Released 21 sails. We also raised 3 blues had 3 bites and unfortunately did not catch one. Captain Erik Lorentzen "Pelagian" Casa Vieja Lodge, Guatemala

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All Contents Copyright (c) 2019 Bongiovanni Research & Technology, Inc.