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Guatemala Sailfish School March 21-23

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Guatemala Sailfish School March 21-23



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3/24/2009 10:16:29 AM


Guatemala Sailfish School Report March 21, 22, 23, 2009 Greetings from Casa Vieja Lodge, Guatemala: March 20 I took a day off and rested while getting ready for 10 days of fly fishing for sailfish. When the boats came in after five PM I spoke with quite a few Casa Vieja Lodge clients regarding their day of fishing. The boats fishing with bait caught between 5 and 17 sailfish and several Blue Marlin were caught by the fleet. I was planning to fish my first 3 days (March 21, 22, 23) aboard Intensity with Captain Mike Sheeder and Flaco, he had been fly fishing with a good client for the previous 3 days and did well. On March 20 they caught 10 sailfish on fly. March 21: Today is the first day of a sailfish school with Lucien LaFond from Islamorada FL and France, along with my friend Danny Cline from West Virginia. We fished aboard Intensity with Captain Mike Sheeder today, we were fishing 7 miles off of the beach in calm seas with sunny skies. The fishing was slow today, we raised 10 sailfish to the teasers, 4 of which teased to the boat, two ate the fly with DAnny loosing the first one about 6 foot from landing it. The second bite was during my time up, that 90 pound Sailfish ate the ping Cam Sigler fly and 1 minutes later I released that tagged sailfish. Score for today two bites one caught sailfish, a slow day. Danny Cline Jumped first fish of the day March 22, 2009: Today Lucien, Danny, and I left the dock aboard Intensity at 7:00 AM and headed south east for 45 minutes where captain Mike spotted several free jumpers in the area. Lucien caught the first sailfish on fly, an 85 pounder which we tagged and then the hook came out before I got a picture for Lucien. We had raised 12 fish before noon with Danny catching one and then each of us missed a bite before Lucien caught a red hot 60 pounder, his second ever PAcific Sailfish on fly. The final score today was 17 sailfish raised, seven teased in and bit the fly, with three tagged and released for the day. These sailfish are here but they are very finickey, one boat caught 17 on bait today, I am complaining about only catching 3 sailfish on fly today. Any place else in the world this would have been a great day of fly fishing. Lucien LaFond Guatemala Lap Dance March 23, 2009: Today we left the dock at 6:45 am and headed 12 miles off shore in search of the elusive non finicky sailfish which would eat our flies. Flaco and Puse, our mates aboard intensity put out the teasers, and we raised a sailfish right away. Danny hooked, fought, landed, and tagged the first fish. Later in the day after lots of fish which would not bite, Danny caught his second fish and then an hour later Lucien caught the third fish of the day. 30 minutes before a double header teased up and I got a nice 100 pounder to eat my fly, Danny tried to hook the other fish to no avail and then I wound in, tagged, caught and released this fourth fish of the day from 20 fish raised and 6 bites. Still seems slow to me but it is getting better each day. For the first 3 days were rleased 8 sailfish from fifteen bites. Tomorrow Licien will fish alone with Captain Ron Hamlin aboard "Finest Kind" while Danny and I will fish with Captain Chris Sheeder aboard "Rum Line". The following day we will switch boats and try again. I am sure that the fishing is improving and we are getting ready for some awesome fly fishing for sailfish here at Casa Vieja Lodge. More Reports to follow, wish you were here. By the way, there is a fly fishing tournament coming up in April here at Casa Vieja Lodge. This will be the Stu Apte annual fly tournament which used to be held in Costa Rica and I am sure it will be a very good event. For more information check out this website. I just got this E-mail from the folks at South Fishing who are hosting the event. If you have any interest contact them directly or call Casa Vieja Lodge. We need four anglers, fishing two to a boat with one observer. We have the observers covered. The rate is $4,775 per angler for 5 nts/4 days of fishing (one pre-fishing day and three days tournament angling). Now if they donít want to pre-fish, the rate is $3,855 each. All the details are on the webpage: www.stuapteflytournament.com Casa Vieja Lodge Guatemala www.CasaViejaLodge.com (866) 846-9121 123 N Krome Ave Suite 200 Homestead Florida 33030 mj@casaviejalodge.com

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All Contents Copyright (c) 2019 Bongiovanni Research & Technology, Inc.